Monk Changes | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour

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48 thoughts on “Monk Changes | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour”

  1. Gotta admit the video helped a lot. Thank you.
    The constant heavy job changes regarding MNK make me darn nervous.

    So far it was the only class that made me feel "busy" when playing. All others nearly made me fall asleep in dungeons.
    When I heared rumors that Endwalker got another complete overhaul like before I dropped the game, didn't even do ShBr post game. MNK got changed so much in so many weird weird ways over the years…

    First dot heavy, could heal, could support, could stun and debuff ( I liked the stun and Stonewall removal) but only had one AOE skill. Then stance dancing, then with the sub job removal suddenly our heal got weaker, the stun was dropped and stance dancing became the norm then GL4 came. That was scrapped, too real quickly in favour of the set now.
    And now this, hope this will finally be the last big change.

    Will miss the stun, shield removal and positioning, but the latter is muscle memory at this point anyway.
    Good luck and happy punching to all MNK players out there!
    I am still a bit salty that the team did not give us a suplex animation for the Phantom Train! Such a missed opportunity!

  2. Let's see.

    Brotherhood change is amazing it was really needed, the burst window of monks could be really wonky at time since it is dependent on how much chakra you could generate during that 15sec window. However you can still overcap your chakra which is sad in my opinion but not really a lot they could do there to find a solution for it, it'll be less random now and will greatly boost monks overall damage which is awesome.

    No changes for Riddle of the Earth, expected got reworked not long ago and in my opinion is in it's best form compared to before.

    Riddle of Fire is now 60 seconds and went from 25% to 15%. With lower cooldown expected.

    Riddle of Wind makes sense since a lot of Mnk's damage comes from auto attacks however it's just a press button to do damage on a 90seconds CD. Nothing crazy really.

    Anatman? Anyone? No? Ok. Not like it's on my skill bar anyway.

    Perfect Balance is a mess. The goal is I got it right now is to focus ourself on building the required chakra thanks to it. We are back to the 23 seconds pre pull meta with that 30 seconds duration. God why… I'm really not sure about this change ngl.

    Otherwise skills Six Sided Star on of the sickest looking gcd of the monk is still just a finisher with no other use than down time + placement. Sad.

    We got a garanted crit for the AOE rotation neat.

    Aoe is looking much better now, which was one of the worst point of monk actually so glad they decided to do something about it.

    FORMLESS FIST GIVEN ON EVERY ENDER THANK THE LORD. That should never have been a problem in the first place. But atleast it's fixed now.

    Celestial Revolution is literally wasted. It's just a filler literally. They didn't know what to do and just added a fancy button.

    Twin Snake is STILL gonna fall off during burst window. Dear god why.

    I expect Demolish dot to also fall off during opener / burst window too. It already does I don't see why that would change.

    Thunderclap amazing nothing else to say.

    Twin Snakes / True Strike loose their positionals. Personally I don't agree with it. Yes it is less of a pain to properly do your combos however eh. I know myself I'll be doing them out of habit. Wasn't necessary imo, it just dumb down the class for no good reason.

    I need to brush up an opener and see how it goes but like, I'm not sure whatsoever monk still feels like monk. Clonky until we get a rework mid expansion.

  3. It's a good thing MNK and SAM both use the same gear, because I definitely need to check out the job I started the game with, if only to do Tifa's coolest move from FF7R.

  4. Man, I love black mage but it feels kinda slow…
    [Little did she know, that switching to Monk from Black Mage would be a steeper learning curve than the Kangaroo Island Eagle Rock]

  5. A bit sad that positionals for true strike and twin snakes are gone since hitting those perfectly consistently distinguishes a good monk to an average monk. Also are fists now a trait or something? or is it totally gone.

    Bunch of new stuff tho like the pseudo aoe bootshine leaden fist. I get it, having to keep up with positionals on all things together with the new stuff can get overwhelming.

    I'm still sad about it.

  6. GL folks, the job became more complicated. If you hated positionals, nothing has changed as they removed positionals on the middle abilities of the three part combo, so essentially changes nothing. If you don't like the job now, you most CERTAINLY will not like it in Endwalker. Waiting so long to get to a proper finisher is also dumb. Anyway, in my opinion they made the completely wrong changes.

    Easy to see these changes are not it. Those that think it will be LIT! Just wait until you try it…

  7. Riddle of Wind on a 90s CD is baffling. It feels like a bandaide. Like Monk wasn't performing to par so they just gave this minor damage boost CD that won't line up with anything else to bring the numbers up.


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