Helping WOW Hardcore Raiders Clear Their First FFXIV Ultimate Raid – Xeno Healer POV

In this video Xeno an the Final Fantasy 14 Gang help the World of Warcraft gamers clear their first Ultimate Raid: The Unending Coil of Bahamut. UCoB is a level 70 Ultimate Raid introduced in the Stromblood expansion. This is an 18 minutes raid that used to be the hardest content in the game when it was introduced (it is still one of the hardest fights in FFXIV but job changes over the years made the dps check a lot easier to hit than it used to be).

Raid Squad:

Pozzeno (Gunbreaker, Raid Leader)
Max / Limit Maximum – (Dark Knight, GM of Complexity Limit)

Healers :
Xeno (White Mage, Impostor Bald Healer)
Arthars (Scholar, Impostor Almost Bald Healer)

Max / Ninja Max – (Ninja, The Mudra Messiah Serahline)
THD (Black Mage, Limit’s Best Bozja Gamer)
Avade (Red Mage, Member of Complexity Limit)
Top Secrets (Machinist, Mysterious Identity)

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30 thoughts on “Helping WOW Hardcore Raiders Clear Their First FFXIV Ultimate Raid – Xeno Healer POV”

  1. I have been pugging this fight for month and a half in aether pf and its a shame into what the pf has devolved into this last week, a lot of people trapping and griefing parties who are trying to prog adds or clear parties, every party is a heavensfall prog now.

  2. Action: Carried WoW WF raiders (Max, Thd, etc) and WoW/FF streamer (Rich ) to Uwu/ucob and soon TEA clears.
    1. Carried people had 10x easier time progging than an average savage-cleared raider trying to find groups/prog ults.
    2. #1 resulted in immature jealousy and rage which is unjustified since Max/Thd clearing this should*** not affect your perception of your own achievement after clearing.
    3. Spreads false BS about ultimates being a cakewalk. Leading to…
    4. Every casual raider and their mother trying to prog them expecting to clear as fast and efficiently as these people with a leader babysitting EVERY second with callouts. Every. 5 seconds. They are getting callouts.
    5. More motivated, realistic, patient, capable raiders/people being discouraged not only by the mentality of #4, but also upon realizing that dozens of these players have been carried. Not only through Gil/RMT carries, but also by streamers (llamatodd), and S rank callout raid leaders like Pozze. Leading to…
    6. **SLOWLY Spreading a culture similar to WoW boosting. First it's acceptably done only for fun. Then for fame/clout. Then more widely spread accepted for gil. And eventually more RMT. Leading to.
    7. The disappearance of the midcore. So the only people left are the established harcore from years past, boosting new players to get the same achievements. Just like in wow.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Xeno I think I recall you saying you liked the story but liked raid more for the pleasure of clearing it. I would like to see your reactions to Endwalker storyline when we finally put the whole overarching theme we've had til now to bed if you follow me. Trying not to spoil anyone who may not have gotten that far who watches these things

  4. Hello fellow rabbit hole dweller, that's someone who watches vtubers js lol So as a former (thankfully) WoW player this was interesting, though here's a challenge, I wonder if anyone could actually take a bunch of casual mmo players (from anywhere) who rarely to ever raid and still complete a UCoB or UWU, I myself do bare minimum dungeons/raids only those that are forced or conned into lol Not that i'd try ultimates as I solo stuff for a reason and a title/shiny weapon isn't interesting to my Yakuza Dragon dude in FF14, but I'd be curious how hard it would be for completely non raiders to do it.


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