FFXIV Endwalker – What SAGE does and how it will change the healing scenario in 6.0

FFXIV – The first job to be revealed during the 6.0 Endwalker annoucement showcase was Sage. Sage is going to change the healing concept in FFXIV and on this video I will go through the Sage concept and how this new job is going to affect Astrologian, White Mage and Scholar.

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0:00 – Intro
0:18 – “This will change everything”
0:43 – Barrier vs Pure healers
2:29 – Summary and conclusions


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38 thoughts on “FFXIV Endwalker – What SAGE does and how it will change the healing scenario in 6.0”

  1. The raid finder will NOT make a distinction between Barrier/Shield healers and Pure/Regen healers. This is a distinction they simply made in the presentation so that people can expect what type of gameplay will Sage have. You'll still find situations in DF or Raid Finder where you're paired with maybe 2 of the same type of healers.

    As for Alphinaud's class, he is currently his own job called Academician, which is his own take at Scholar by having a Carbuncle as his summon instead of a Fairy.

  2. I'm really excited, this basically makes it possible to have WHM and Sage be focused on personal DPS and burst heal/big shields while AST and SCH have less personal damage and burst but loads of group buffs and utility. At least that's what I'm hoping for since it would make them all feel very different.

  3. Alphinaud was an Academician previously which essentially just meant that he was a Scholar who didn't learn the art in the same fashion as the WoL as he used the exact same abilities but with a Carbuncle instead of a Fairy. He actually seemed to learn those advanced abilities from working with Master Matoya as it was after working under her that he unlocked his new Carbuncle.

  4. Nouliths roughly translates to “stones of the mind” meaning it sounds like a Sage is one who is very powerful of the mind to control 4 magic laser stones haha, kinda like a psychic mage almost.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing this as well as how everything else changes with 6.0. I’ve been playing since 2.45 and the changes to old jobs and the implementation of new new jobs are always interesting to see.

    As much as I want to play sage and see what the other new job can do, I will most likely wait. Usually once a new job starts the role wait times go crazy long. I main mostly drk, mnk, and sch as my top 3 with smn and drg tosssed in for variety. So I’ll probably focus more on getting through the 6.0 msq with my drk to get the insta-queues while waiting for the hype to die down before switching…but who knows. I may get sucked in as more info is released

  6. That seems like a good idea! I guess PF will begin to ask for 1 of each healer type and that will be ok, because we are going to have 4 classes now, 2 for each healer type.

    I'm a main SCH and will be nice to learn Sage! Seems pretty cool.

  7. "this will change how healers work there will now be pure healers and barrier healers"
    (everyone who plays healer) ummm thats always been the case … the only difference is now this will be reflected in duty finder …..

  8. I believe they should have sage focused shields, nerf scholar shields to mediocre levels and buff pet healing to acceptable levels. Make scholar the true hybrid healing class

  9. Noctis uses a variety of melee like swords, spears, and daggers. (He also has a crossbow if I'm not mistaking)

    The Noulithes are not melee weapons they're more akin to gundam funnels or floating lasers.

    Also the name similarity has nothing to do with each other Noctis means night. He's from a city called insomnia. There was a clear night theme going on there.

    And if you're talking about noctis' ability to summon multiple blades they still operate differently from the Noulithes.

    Idk where you were going with your point but if it was to say the weapon may not be entirely original to XIV because XV. I'm sorry but that's just wrong.


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