FFXIV Endwalker – COMPLETE RED MAGE Changes & New Skills

Start – 00:00
Changes From 5.0 – 00:30
New Skills – 04:16
Rotation Changes – 05:41
Final Thoughts – 09:10

Endwalker Media Tour Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXkyq_yUMjI&list=PLNONxPk8TDQqRCAXswWPiuOiD2Zc02nbk

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20 thoughts on “FFXIV Endwalker – COMPLETE RED MAGE Changes & New Skills”

  1. It'll be hard to map out the new opener until we see how the other openers work out, since that informs where the embolden goes. And the Embolden position informs how we're getting to our first melee combo. The fact that we can now Corps-a-corps>Manafication>Melee means that we just need to add filler ahead of time to line up with everyone else's opener.

    You want us to start bursting on GCD 8? We can do that. GCD 6? We got you. GCD 13? That seems like a long time but we can do that, too

  2. I assume we're gonna do what we do now and prepull hardcast/dualcast the big spells. pot. and then manafication. just eating the loss of the movement skills in favor of lining up bursts. that's just my initial thought.

  3. RDM is my primary dps, but I've been thinking on how to properly get rid of the movement skills before manafication. I'll probably have to wait for endwalker though to really get a feel for what I have in mind. Maaaaybe manafication comes a little earlier? I can't see the opener being drastically different.

  4. I've been a RDM main for quite a while now and while I was originally looking at other jobs, RDM has grabbed my attention yet again. This is looking great. Thanks for the video!

  5. Main thing I am seeing with these as someones who mained Rdm for about 4yrs… the changes are good, Embolden was one of the reasons I wanted to drop and did eventually drop it. The opener timings.. so when it comes to popping a pot, you do it after the initial two spells because you are in a waiting window, you then use fletche since you still can't cast and the wait time ends up being right when fleches animations ends so you get the most in the current rotation.

  6. * Happy RDM VerNoises *

    I know that them not showing everything during the job action trailers is a thing but I am always worried when something is not present. In this case it was Fleche and Contre. Glad its still there and the new stuff looks awesome as well. Another expansion another couple of years being a RDM main. 🙂

  7. Question, Haps. I'm not sure if you made a video on this, but in the Live Letter, I saw Sleep on the Summoner hotbar. Did you notice if Sleep got moved to the Role Actions from Black Mage? Because I've always felt RDM needs access to a crowd control. (and in writing this, I've realized MAYBE you covered it in BLM so that's the next video for me.)

  8. As an RDM main I think this is a good change to the job. They are going to be a lot faster now which is good. I think the traditional opener will work fine with it. Maybe add in acceleration after the first melee burst to try to speed up the second burst window. And save manafication for a third burst directly after the second melee burst


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