Understanding FFXIV Latest Add-On Drama

Understanding FFXIV Latest Add-On Drama
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23 thoughts on “Understanding FFXIV Latest Add-On Drama”

  1. Oh yeah, first btw.
    I played FFXI, I assisted and also created plugins (codebase for) for it, mostly cosmetic, I play FFXIV, I would never dare open my mouth about them one way or another because of the witch-hunts. I will say I hope they’ll relax this like WoW has. Some of us have skill sets that could bring great QoL to the player base, and could make a living doing so. Not all of us have the charisma to become YouTubers and being able to work from home aiding our QoL IRL. There possibly could be people doing just these things anyway right now, improving QoL of players today. Despite the TOS. Sorry this reads like a seeing eye-chart. Primary example, controller users. 600 buttons and multiple pages of skills and having to juggle them.

  2. My argument is that the add ons shouldn't be in the game because Savage progression is meant to be done through individual and team analysis, not tool assistance. You shouldn't need someone to help you track your cooldowns. You shouldn't need voice assistance if you have a shout caller. Yet here we are with people dependent on them nowadays.

  3. For console players, if you need a CD timer. Take a full size action bar, increase it to 200%. Stick it where you want your timer. Stick one or two or whatever buttons on it. Set appearance to 75% fade-out. Turn off show empty buttons. You’ve got a faded button not obstructing view that gives you a cooldown timer. 🥰 I do this on PC. Looks great, works beautifully. You can also monitor combo buttons if you get inventive with it.

  4. I agree that there are many features provided by third party programs that should be a part of the game… but the fact is that this game doesn't have addon support, and probably never will, so we really should not be using third party programs.

  5. Two things:
    1) I’ve been playing FFXIV on and off since March 2019, and watching you guys on and off since as well. It’s interesting that Add-Ons and the Community have been reoccurring topics during these past few years, and the needle hasn’t seemed to have moved 😢
    2) for a while on another channel I was also creating guides for a very different game, and would share to reddit; at one point, the subreddit I primarily posted to instated “rules” against sharing guide videos UNLESS you had a written description of it all…

  6. I think the problem is that the tools for success are in the game. I don't think any game needs to teach you to be optimal. That's silly and zero developer will do this in any game. If you can beat Stone Sea Sky you have enough of a rotation to clear the content. The thing that teaches you to be better at raiding… is raiding. The dev should have zero concern about week one clears. If you can't do it week one, the game has a built in solution for you. Get gear. None of these extra tools are necessary at all.

  7. The addon horse has bolted and SE have messed up.

    They could put a hard ban on addons but they’d lose a large proportion of their playerbase – the majority remaining would be console players.

    They won’t officially take on addons because it would be a load of development work to authorise accepted addons and to maintain an accepted list and have a team testing and authorising third party addons.

    If they officially took on addons they’d have to ban NSFW ones, losing a load of players, or they’d have to stamp an 18+ certificate on the game, which won’t happen.

    So we carry on as it is, fully allowing anyone to use whatever they like, cheating and all because there is way to much precedence for addons.

  8. A lot of FPS incorporate "Demos" which is something like Halo's theatre mode. Been around since original DOOM, lets you just replay anyone's gameplay using their inputs without having to use up GBs of data. DOOM does have a scripted RNG, as long you play the exact same way, the Demo will show the same result.

    With FF14, it does the same thing because on how the bosses are scripted. Biggest problem with this is on how skills change/adjustments will affect the demo if you were to replay it. Not like other FPS which don't change often/how data is stored with changes.

  9. SE wanted so badly to have this middle ground of don't ask don't tell where they don't enforce most toss for most add-ons without endorsing them. Now add-ons are too widespread to take a hard stance against them and start a full enforcement of tos, it's kill the community, it'd kill the game, it'd kill the relationship between SE and users. At least same time add-ons usage is becoming so widespread that add-ons that give unfair advantages or are obvious just from observation and becoming more prevalent and they can't ignore that. It's pretty clear the cleanest, least harmful to the health of the community way to solve this issue is to add official support for add-ons. It's impossible to manage add-ons to keep harmful use in check if it stays in this sort of black market state. But if you had an official SE moderated, easy to use add-ons system then most ppl would use that, SE has final say on what's available on it, and back alley methods that can get you banned become way less used.

  10. Funny thing is, there actually IS a space in the game where a damage meter and analytics could go.

    Picture if you would, the Duty Recorder feature. You record a run. You save it because you think you did well. You submit it to be reviewed. You get back a damage breakdown, and the analytics, as an overlay and a summery as you watch it back.

    Sure, this causes server load, so most people, you submit it, you wait an hour, you get notification when it's ready.

    Whales submit it, a golden token, and get it back as soon as it is done, at a cost of, say, a dollar a pop.

    (and then they bring it up, finally somebody else thinking like it like I do about it)

  11. The point that everyone seems to be ignoring is that THERE IS A LEGITIMATE WAY TO GET WANTED FEATURES ADDED TO THE GAME! There’s the official forums and even social media which they check often. The thing is, people pay more attention when they officially comment on something that someone cheated into the game but at that point the visibility is just much higher so SE kind of has to respond as it’s affecting large swathes of the player base. This is why I don’t feel bad when someone catches a ban for breaking TOS regardless of whether SE later goes back and adds in similar functionality later. I’ve used this example many times but it’s really like a bank robber who gives all of their stolen money to charity. Just because they did something good with the money doesn’t change the fact that they broke the law and, IF they are caught, will be punished for it. The innocents in this example also shouldn’t be punished which is why SE only banned the person who first created the illicit waymarks. The money was also insured so the charity gets to keep it and the player base gets an improvement to the system added in the future.

  12. Something funny about people who witch hunt addon users is that the vast majority, if not almost all of them, use gshade, cmtools and other cosmetic mods even though these break tos.

    You see it constantly with these groups of people, especially on twitter where almost every single screenshot posted has gshade, is tool-assisted or uses another visual mod.

    Using a simple qol plugin that lets you place markers wherever you want and using gshade have about the same impact, they're just visual.
    And even then, most mods are just trying to fix or get over issues that the devs themselves put into the game and haven't fixed in god knows how many years.
    If they want to go after things that are actual cheating, they should call out people like that guy who had a satellite view and multiple callout markers during dragonsong ultimate or all the cheaters in pvp, not superfluous things like putting numbers below party buffs or putting waymarkers anywhere.


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