Tower of Zot Dungeon Guide – FFXIV Endwalker

Start – 00:00
Boss #1 – 00:43
Boss #2 – 03:02
Final Boss – 05:26

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29 thoughts on “Tower of Zot Dungeon Guide – FFXIV Endwalker”

  1. I wonder if the resurrect is something that carries over or not, will be worth testing out. I only mention that it might not since in FFIV, if you beat the Calca and Brina dolls in the right order or beat them under a certain amount of time, you wouldn't have to fight Calcabrina, but they didn't copy that mechanic into the Antitower.

  2. Given the Magus Sisters are listed as a Primal, but are shown here as a dungeon boss, it could very well be that after they lose to you in the Tower of Zot, they summon primals into themselves like Shiva and Tsukuyomi, and in turn become the bug like forms you see them as in FFX. Who knows?


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