The TWO CRUCIAL things you don't understand about healing in FFXIV!

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15 thoughts on “The TWO CRUCIAL things you don't understand about healing in FFXIV!”

  1. You are assuming people read their skills, so you are already wrong. Most people playing healers does for faster queue time and such. Same goes for tank and this is why you have tank dying from auto attack and tank don't know how to use reprisal, arm's length and mitigation properly at level 90.

  2. Astrodyne is a healing potency buff but not magic buff so it works with healing abilities like earthly star. Which is the only real "healing" you mostly do there. Earthly star works like a pet which in its own is a whole other topic about healing/damage

  3. Thank you answering the long time question I've had and was too lazy to test for myself. "What EXACTLY does increased healing potency affect?"
    and now that I think about it 🤔this explains the results I got when testing astro card buff

    now for the other questions I'm too lazy to science:

    "Do abilities that say 'heal potency equivalent' get affected by any buffs or debuffs at all?" (e.g. SGE haima or GNB brutal shell shield)

    "Why does SCH sacred soil say 'take 90% of damage' instead of 'reduce damage by 10%'? Would that be affected by anything? Does it stack differently with other mitigations? Can it reduce true damage? :o"


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