The Snake which Broke Raiding in FFXIV

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FFXIV Savage Raiding is well known for pushing it’s raiders to the absolute limit. But FF14 Endwalker introduced a mechanic so notorious, that it scares even the most capable FFXIV players to this day.



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  1. P8S is literally one of the worst encounters in the games history. Horribly balanced, lame backstory, nothing new until after the doorboss, the endboss is just the same old Aoe -> TB -> easy mech -> puzzle mech -> repeat structure we have since shadowbringers, stack spread yawn sleep. The puzzle uses new markers, yay i guess?

  2. This entire video is just one long admission that Savage Mechanics in this game would be so much better, if they were more like normal.

    How many ff14 videos have I've seen with this same message here? Too many, way too many.

  3. Tbh the second Pandaemonium Tier was for me the worst since i start with Shadowbringers.. P5S was.. kinda.. okay?.. P6S was just boring and i dont even learn the "Rotation" of the boss because you have more then enough time to react when she starts to cast.. P7S.. boring.. just to smash you after.. 7-8 Minutes? with the harvest where one player can wipe the whole and force you to play AGAIN this lame ass boring mechanics until you are reach the harvest.. P8S P1.. i hate this weird delay when the snake spawns and then use ther stone ability.. but P8S P2 was kinda funny with High Concept and Natural Aligment.. and the boss design was cool as fuck.

    Tbh the second Tier has only two things what i rly enjoyed…

    And P8S P2

    PS. The whole raidtier was also as Tank rly boring because in P6S and 7S.. no Boss Movement.. and the most tankbuster was complety braindead to play that i have sometimes the feeling im just a meele without positionals and more defs. (Yes i enjoy as Tank every Raidboss from the first raidtier even P3S)

  4. After snek, it's spider now.
    This consecutively within seconds of each other.
    web spread, get tower, find donut tower inside or outside boss attack, dodge left or right arena, role stack/pair/spread to spread/pair/rolestack while dodging sideways laser.

    Not that hard, problem is expecting 7 others to do the same. 8 mechanics which you need to find all safe spot looking at clues while running. with thin safe area and you need to run into when grouping up or spread in the end.

    Its still week 1. enraged at 0.5%. because some people just keep dying on the sideways laser.

  5. Now this tier you get to experience endless Fifa. Huge win for football fans. If you clear Fifa, then you get to fight oranges that shoot lasers forever which will help prevent scurvy. The true reward for pfing is the minor ptsd you get at the end and the memes you see along the way.

  6. There is nothing in all of savage and ultimate worse than a bad player. These modes don't care if you're a god mode gamer that plays perfect every single time, because you're still gonna die every single time. All because of that one player that either can't or simply won't do the mechanics.

  7. I can confirm even in a static, snake 2 is the tightest shit I've ever experienced. Legitimately had my butt clench waiting for a petrify to go off for when you clipped your puddles or was making some questionable eye contact with people😅

    That being said Caxhexia in p6s made me go bold

  8. I mean yea every party being snake prog sucked, but we've had worse times in pf.
    like, you know, light rampant.
    I love being walled on the two minute mark in a clear party of a fourteen minute long fight with zero checkpoints its very fun.

  9. don't forget literally some whole servers play different strats for snake 2. So if you are unlucky to find yourself on a pf on another server, you might even have to play Color Snakes.

  10. “If one person messes up, you all die” is pretty much EW raiding in a nutshell. So many body check mechanics that are an instant wipe for ONE person being off their game, or greedy, or distracted or lobotomized.

  11. Those damn snakes made give up on clearing i did them so many times i can almost do it blind but there's always that one idiot who wipes the group i know i should've joined a static but i already have a job man i don't want another

  12. The static I joined late in the game sucked. They never cleared. Ended up having to get friends to help. Lovely people but they would not kick their 2 friends who just could not stop messing up after 4 months.

  13. Meanwhile me just not ever finishing even P7S, going back and doing P4S, and now making 24 second memes involving Lahabrea and the (redacted) boss of P12N having conveniently the same lines with a similar cadence and SOMEHOW GETTING 4500 VIEWS ON THEM

  14. “Why didn’t you find a static?” Well say that to my uber casual static stuck on lc1 in p9s while I have been training in PF alone. Its week 2 now, we played yesterday and we barely got to lc1…I need an adult.


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