Sage is being absolutely slammed across social media as being the worst healer and picking it is a bad decision. To me, who intentionally has picked Sage over Scholar and has mained Scholar for almost a DECADE playing Final Fantasy XIV… this is preposterous and is WELL deserving of this video.

Sage brings a lot and let NO ONE tell you otherwise! So ridiculous!

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#FFXIV #FF14 #FinalFantasyXIV

0:00 Sage is HORRIBLE right now apparently
1:26 Scholar’s massive perk over Sage
2:06 What makes Sage GREAT!
2:30 Holos is MASSIVE now
3:46 Mobility
4:22 Panhaima and Haima split
5:47 Kardia and control
6:30 EXTREME single target damage management
8:13 Constant mitigation of damage
9:10 Sage should NEVER be taking damage raw
9:36 Pneuma burst is better than Fey Blessing
10:22 Zoe and cheating out extra charges
11:45 Sage Barrier Variations
13:03 Phlegma is powerful and fun
14:57 Sage is actually great so have fun GG

Sage is undeniably being slammed into the ground right now on social media and raiding circles and when you pull up the objective factual data of savage raid clears it actually puts it into perspective that Scholar literally has 4 times the number of clears as Sage. That’s not an exaggeration and that’s a massive gap.

You don’t see this gap between astrologian and white mage.

So now case closed show’s over Sage is bad why did the developers even add a brand new healer instead of adding two DPS this expansion aside from my lasting pain over the loss of nocturnal astrologian.

I’m going to actually snap that train of thought in half, by saying I have chosen actively chosen to prog on Sage over Scholar this tier and I make no apologies for it as I’m about to say in this video.

So Cole’s lost it, between the death of my grandmother, job changes and I mean real life jobs, and other massive life events I’ve snapped.

But not really, while Scholar I can rant and rave on for literally hours– don’t tempt me I wrote a like 100 page document on my website that’s been out there since well before Endwalker– Sage is great.

I’m going to simplify this way more than I want to for the sake of time, Scholar has one key element that makes it brutally valuable in progression raiding especially when people are learning mechanics– expedient. Ya know the move fast for 10 seconds move that people mocked and dunked on that I told you all was actually great and I got dumped on for months until– to not my surprise expedient is beyond fantastic in prog.

Now there are a ton of differences between Sage and Scholar better suited for another video I’ll do but I want to highlight and focus specifically on what Sage brings here and why I made the choice.

First up is the one actual fault of expedient, it’s movement speed boost is so good it’s mitigation potential is often thrown into the dumpster, absolutely wasted. Where on Sage when I use holos no one says wow you really used that for raw mitigation you’re terrible and I question your skill as a healer. But also it’s a mind blowingly powerful instantaneous no thanks to burst damage with no cast time I’ve used to actually quickly pivot in fights like PF barbariccia extreme. But I’ve also used it to further cushion out the tank busters in P5S. Holos, especially with the added barrier is just undeniably powerful.

The second thing is I adore having a mobility ability on a healer, yes one can very much argue you don’t need a mobility ability on a healer and often times I choose to not use it, but to me it’s like having air conditioning in a car. Sure I can technically be fine without AC but I like having it there when I need it.

Third up is massive and by massive I mean truly huge. Panhaima can be argued to be the exact same as Scholar’s consolation that they can use when they pop Seraph. But the problem is Seraph is a single cooldown and Seraph is tied to Seraph throwing out Seraphic veil. An ability that can be argued to be Sage’s completely separate independent cooldown ability Haima. Haima and Panhaima can be leveraged at different times and that is extremely powerful. In fact in dungeon runs I intentionally use the area of effect panhaima to mitigate the single tank being hit because that barrier set is so powerful even in a single target scenario.

I will always value the ability to pick and choose.

Fourth up is I love Kardia.


42 thoughts on “SAGE IS BAD!? The WORST HEALER in FFXIV? [FFIXV 6.2]”

  1. It seems like you had fun making this video. I'm keeping to sage this tier even if it's a slower prog than if I was on scholar. sage will see more play once us casuals start gearing up some more. Scholar last tier, sage this tier, white mage next. That's the plan I made at the start of the expansion and I'm sticking with it.

  2. Absolutely agree with you Cole my lad. I don't care about what's "meta". All I care about is that hehe funny magic wands go zap with the lazers. Sage is honestly so enjoyable to me and no amount of snobbery will dissuade me from it.

  3. I am progging on my SGE too – the parses are just skewed right now with the usefulness of Expedient during prog + the buff to Chain Stratagem via the CH/DH changes – I believe it will just come out in the wash over the next 2 weeks

  4. Sage as opposed to Scholar has such a smooth kit and is easier to dungeon heal with imo. Im a SCH main and im ready to admit that, when people are dropping health fast, it’s difficult to know what should be used to bring a team back up. Not with Sage, its like Medical Gun Fu; shooting choles and shields off and stringing healing buffs and mits. Maybe not as potent as Scholar, but definitely able to keep a team afloat. I strongly believe people are overlooking the clunkiness that still exists in Scholar’s kit in favor of big shields expedient (Which are great!!) but man id like the job to get looked at again.

  5. I love both barrier healers both are exeptionally good and can pair well with other healers .I love scholar in savages because it can mitigate any dmg if he rotates his cds without having to use gcds + the expediend speed buff is way too gamebreaking but the raw powershielding and instant on top of that that sage has is way better in extremes and pf where you dont know your cohealer .In coclution sage can hard carry as solo healer in raids but scholar is hard to do cause he lacks that instant shielding…both are great and i love them but sage has more raw healing than scholar and it shows when you re with randoms.on the other hand they should really fix addersgal and phlegma as saperate ogcd ability instead of skill and scholars indomitability shouldnt have cd its locked on etherflow anyway… anyway dont mind my rant i just love both barrier healers i cant just choose one over the other i ll main both!

  6. imma go a bit Thano's here:

    people demanding we play the play the meta: "all these jobs are bad and cant do this content"
    me, a person who just wants people to enjoy the game: "Your demeanour is that of a pouty child, your meta BORES me!"

  7. I'm just comfortable with my Sage toolkit. I tried clearing p5s earlier with my Scholar but I was really bad at managing my Aetherflow. I switched back to Sage after and it was a clear!

  8. It’s funny that the devs wanted to kill the Meta and they did in shadowbringers only for the Meta to return in Endwalker 😂 also sage isn’t bad but sch is definitely way ahead in shielding. The buff to holos isn’t enough. Sage needs allot more to compete with scholar. Kardia isn’t enough either as it’s just heals one person whereas sch faery can heal anyone. In 7.0 sage will definitely need allot of retooling. Because right now sch has killed it.

  9. I just love that Sage has only 2 real cast-time spells – the filler DPS spell Dosis, and the super cooldown Pneuma. Everything else is instant cast, which when added to the fact that you've also got Icarus, and Phlegma and Toxicon to fill DPS on the move, Sage is just the absolute most mobile healer and even most mobile caster in general, and it feels so great to play.

  10. sage is still great. the main reason scholar is so much higher is because week 1 and world first groups picked it to perfectly meet party buff windows for maximum damage. people need to just wait and stop reacting to week 1/2 logs it's getting so fucking annoying

  11. After 10 years of playing DPS, Sage and Astro are the only two classes that made me wanna try the healer role this year. And im loving it. Its something about the Sage class that just hits different. But im glad they introduced it cause im having a ball playing ffxiv still.

  12. As I've said before, the encounters are design around any healer or tank meeting mitigation and healing thresholds, so tippy top will still be determined by damage.
    No one cares about utility or flexibility at the expense of raw damage, especially when the only real mechanic to determine success is meeting damage windows (specifically in the first few weeks of progression when no one has the ilvl to compensate for sub optimal compositions).
    If you really wanted a 1st week clear or are attempting minimum ilvl as a challenge, you'd just swap or else drag your team down.

  13. I'll be honest
    I hate going into alliance raids as a scholar and the other healer is a sage
    As soon as I cast recitation
    Oh the sage just casted zoe, are they going to give the shields???? 4 seconds on recitation no shields
    Ok then, adlo spread
    Oh look you dropped a ful shield bar to a half shield bar

  14. I play both equally well but will be sticking with sch due to expedience and the recit spreadlo the only time I hate playing sch this tier is purgation on p7s sage does that so well while sch you have to stop sometimes and shield up also sacred stays in that one specific area unlike kerachole where everyone has that free 10 Miti the whole time

  15. Sage in my opinion is probably the most fun dungeon healer for me. " Oh no! The tank died and is targeting the dps with a von stack" Proceeds to super crit with Zoe & Krasis enabled for more than the health bar shows. That and just being able to ignore most mechanics in general. I was a Whm main for many years until Sage came out and I don't think I'll ever go back unless they really change up Sage.

  16. I hardcast Egeiro plenty of times, sorry teammate ded and swicast still on CD, not gonna waste the LB3 on a single person, heck just last night in P6 I hardcast rezzed multiple people after swiftest reading the other healer right at the end and sussessfuly pulled that off through a mechanic where I needed to be moving around a bit

  17. At the moment clear barbicca ex i havent dipped toes in savage with sch and sge but honestly i think any healer is good. Gear up. Many parse players ask for too much and honestly most of them i would just kindly say if they have rewards for clears clearly someone at Square thought people use these class. Parse players = dumb at times. You make the game unfun cause u chase meta and want everyone to only play that class even when they dont want. Thanks parse players 😀 you love to ruin the fun

  18. You know, I honestly think Sage is just fine.

    As long as Scholar lacks a little mitigation, keep expedient and the fairy. Zoe and Holos are great if you have a multihit aoe go off. Just that little extra could have saved a few wipes in P4S either at the transition or at the end.

    GLARE. GLARE. GLARE. Afflatus Rapture. Rinse repeat til its time for blood….lol jk I enjoy healing on both ast and whm. They both have their respective benefits to playing the job.

    I think keeping myself alive is better than worrying about others staying alive.

    I just get tired of all these buttons that are off cd and I see a button I need to press.

    Honestly I like sage more than others because it has so many different dps options. Yes I can use lightspeed on Ast or save my blood lily for whm, moving and doing damage from either a long cd or timing my barriers feels better.

  19. I like Sage other than the Addersting Mechanic.

    SCH is fun too, but I still think needs some changes. I hate the Fairy Gauge right now, and kind of wish Energy Drain had a flashier animation. Their DPS rotation could be more interesting but that goes for all healers. It’s also got a button bloat problem like AST.

  20. I’m always torn between sage and scholar but always think sage to be the better one albeit no expedient.

    Lol this starts to feel like a scholar hate video than a sage video. I mean, those that think playing sage instead of scholar is bad probably don’t worth your time. So just ignore. Those of us that actually play them wun think like that

  21. absolutely nothing can beat the sage's shields and barriers, the same can be said for white mage and its raw healing potential, but when you're rading and you want to heal as little as possdible to push the dps, nothing can beat sch and ast, yes there might be the extra succor or aspected helios, but in the long run chain and div are instupidically powerful. likewise , nothing can beat the raw nukes of the whm and sage. you simply cant compare the raw nuke power of sage and whm to ast and sch. what it boils down to is how you play the job and synergize with your co-healer. tbh sge + sch is stupid fun especially if you know your co-healer and they know you.

  22. problem with sage is there is way too many healing buttons and not enough damage buttons I guess. Alot of players want them to simplify healing more and give them more options to inflict damage and they dont care if they have to buff dps classes so we are like in ShB again where bosses die twice as fast. I play tank right now but I think thats whats going on with sage mains.


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