Patch 7.0 Live Letter! Condensed Summary! [FFXIV 7.0 Dawntrail]

I summarize the FFXIV Letter from the producer live part 82 that just aired and we get AMAZING insight into brand new content coming up, the new raid series, they show off the upcoming TRIAL MOUNTS and so much more! This letter from the producer live was filled with Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail content and you do not want to miss all this Dawntrail news!

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#FFXIV #FF14 #FinalFantasyXIV

0:00 Letter from the producer live 82 summary
0:09 Job Rework Clarification
0:36 New Dawntrail Trailer
0:51 FFXIV Media Tour
0:55 Dawntrail final Damage Numbers
1:14 New Cities and Areas
1:47 Shaaloani
1:59 Heritage Found
2:09 Solution 9
2:22 Key Dawntrail Characters
3:51 New Role Quests
4:06 Strong Glamour Options
4:25 New Disciple of the Land and Disciple of the Hand Quests
4:40 New Dungeons
4:49 FFXIV Content difficulty addressed
5:19 New Trials
5:31 In Combat Notifications Feature
5:45 New Raid Series! The Arcadion
6:08 Savage Raid Release Date
6:15 Treasure Dungeons id farm for gil
6:30 Gatherer Updates
6:52 Crafter Updates
7:13 New Tomestones
7:24 Glamours! New Glamours!
7:33 Bicolored GEmstone Update
7:40 Hide Players around Quest NPCs
7:57 Quest Emotes and Recipes Option
8:03 Dual Dye Channels
8:24 Glasses and Headgear Glamour Options
8:32 Minions, Mounts, Fashion Accessories and more
8:41 Trial mounts are WINGS


39 thoughts on “Patch 7.0 Live Letter! Condensed Summary! [FFXIV 7.0 Dawntrail]”

  1. "Blood orange … its freaking red" GAY INTERNET REFERENCE, COLE REFERENCED GAY INTERNET!!! Thank you for the recap Cole!! Succinct and witty as always (hoping that your time on the set of "the crows," doesn't result in disaster xD )

  2. The biggest potency tweak I’m hoping for is Flare Star. 10 potency more than despair? That’s not really worth it. Even just 30 more than despair would be great since Enochian and Astral fire turn that into 70 more potency

  3. No shot we got Mad Max themed armor. Kinda wish Machinist got a sleeved jacket I admit but its actually something new. Here's hoping theres more new gear sets instead of recolors/reskins like in Endwalker (for clarification, I only like the Tower of Babil set in Endwalker).

    Edit: AND A FUR-TRIMMED COAT!? Fuck bro, I'm hoping my trench coat addiction is ramped up in this expansion. I love long coats, been that way since I started reading about WWI at a young age and saw photos of officers wearing them

  4. 1:08 j like how the stadium has people in the stands. It always bothered me how in the Kugane PvP arena, the stands are empty. Like why are we fighting in an arena if no one is watching? Lol

  5. Love ya and your channel to death for years Cole!. This sounds like being strung along for another 2 years with the whole job identity problem. “Please look forward to it at some indeterminate period in the future, but until then don’t forget to pay your sub!” (Which Mogstation is still screwed up less than a month to launch i just checked this am 🤦). Sorry, a big portion of us have been listening to that song and dance for over 10 years (I am a legacy player, not that it entitles me to anything just a record of how damned long ive been subbing this game) while the game gets worse and worse every xpac. Newsflash to the devs, sub retention is just as important as new subs (netflix and disneyplus?) and they don’t have another 2 to keep dicking people around. Especially in the current market, consumers move onto the next big thing with the quickness and they’re playing with fire here. I love this game but I love it less every xpac because the positive things like job identity keep being removed to bring in new players while the negative/stale things stay (lets see what the new tomestones are called thats literally the only thing that has changed in that system since 2.0 besides x roulette reduced to two dungeons 😩). Also, as a healer main, i am beyond tired of that whole big bag of bs. Okay, if you want us to DPS, great, im all for it, then i shouldn’t be spamming one button over and over, dot, one button over and over, sprinkle in one ability (depending on the job). And I also shouldn’t be shoehorned into playing SGE due to their inability to make more than 1 healer have options, and even those are limited imo. And a “press this every two minutes” does not fix the problem one bit. it feels like we are being consigned to the same lame “rotation” and stale content for another 2 years because SE doesnt want to put the resources into doing it earlier, which frankly os much needed and deserved for all of us that put up with this nonsense for so long. If they could literally rebuild the game from the ground up in 2 years bt 1.0-2.0 i honestly dont want to hear anything about time. Conversely, If they want to focus on healing over DPS, great, im all for it…then make it necessary to do so and not have the hardest content in the game able to be completed without a healer. Clearly they haven’t learned or intended to change anything, despite saying so, if the media tour dungeon was completed with no healer as well. They need to pick one and stick with it. Stop riding the fence and pick one. Those of us healer mains will appreciate either road just shit or get off the pot and choose. Still cautiously optimistic, but the closer we get to launch just feels like more empty promises to squeeze one last purchase out of us 🤷.

  6. It's honestly horse shit that a company like Square Fucking Enix still cant figure out hats on TWO WHOLE FUCKING RACES, and can't even have their gear all dyable until 4 FUCKING PATCHES later, you know, most of the expacs life cycle? It's pathetic honestly.


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