Xeno Reacts to Gamers Raging & Malding in Final Fantasy 14 | FFXIV Drama (Toxic)

Savage raids can bring people together but also can make groups disband in an explosive fashion. In this video Xeno reacts to a mad Tank player raging at his White Mage healer in Final Fantasy 14 after clearing P8S.

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40 thoughts on “Xeno Reacts to Gamers Raging & Malding in Final Fantasy 14 | FFXIV Drama (Toxic)”

  1. Woooah hahaha this can’t be real, can it…? That WHM though… I main SGE and find myself picking up the slack a lot for co-healers in specific content but still. That seems like a massive overreaction.

  2. Imagine having to heal as a healer /shocked

    On a side note, I don't know why people get pissed off over loot. As if 630 gear really matters in this game. I can understand mounts, minions, and music rolls. But weapons and shit? lol no point.

  3. Speaking of having groups disband in explosive fashion – recently had to remove someone from my group after I politely asked everyone to rewatch timer strat video in P6S. One of the guys straight up said "No". I fucking cant even. He was the one screwing it up the most, but the only reason why I asked to rewatch was 2 other people goofed, not him, but he made it about him.

  4. I feel so bad for the dps in that group, not getting loot because of healer drama, perfecting your rotation and getting as much uptime as you can, making sure youre potting at the best times and all that just to be told the sage carried the group and get nothing

  5. I dont know the back story here but from my point of view that guy has some anger management issues. I understand he was upset with the healer and maybe i dont know everything but either he should left the group or pulled the leader to side to discuses the healer performance and see what they can do to help that healer get better. Im coming from the perspective as a team they should work together to get better and yea it should be pointed out but like that is just not good and as the end the clip shows destroys the team. This makes me scared to raid in ff14 if the community is like this.

  6. I can't believe a zero healing parse wtf. Everyone says healers need to DPS which is definitely true and necessary, but you need to keep the party alive first and foremost. Common sense.

    FFXIV sets up healers for this kind of scenario. There is a lot of pressure on healers to do very good DPS in the hardest content. This is not an empathetic statement for the 0 parse healer. They are a moron and made everyone's life difficult.

    This guy has taken it way too far and might as well be a DPS. Don't be a healer.

    It's possible to clear all the content being able to do both. Just heal when it's necessary and dmg when the party is not taking damage. Yikes.

    Edit: is this healer on drugs?

  7. "0 parse"

    You know what they call that in Ultimates though? A Legend. You cleared, so holy shit calm down. If it was that big an issue you'd have adressed it before, and if they didn't change and were causing such a big issue you'd have dropped them and looked for a replacement, but no, clearly it wasn't as big an issue to kick them so the blowup sounds like a child throwing their toys around because they got told no. They absolutely shouldn't be raid leading

  8. We had to get a Dragoon out of our team because the guy was a disprespectful piece of shit toward everyone in the group on top of being a DOGSHIT ( emphasis on DOGSHIT ) player. This tier gets on people nerves more than any others. Myself first I can not take P1 of P8S anymore honnestly. But yeah if there is a problem in the group in terms of player personality, even if they are good, that stuff needs to get sorted out right away. Sure the outburst is a bit childish but when you deal with someone week after week that grief you and does not show you a ounce of respect on top of it, it's only a matter of time until someone goes balistic.

  9. I have a similar issue in my dsr static, with a sch that only cares about his parse. He will greed every broil possible, we will wipe often to raid wide because mit was not up soon enough because he waits the very last moment to mit to have the most broil casts while the boss is targetable. I dont understand why these players just dont go like blm or melee to do big dmg… why play healers and risk party wipe if you want to do dmg? To make him stop greed that much, we had to do a google doc where we write down every wipes and the person liable to the wipe. Also had to vote and agree as a group that our first clear wont be uploaded on fflogs so that there is no such thing as "parse"… it is by far my worst raid experience because of that greedy sch. *note : we do not struggle any dps check from door boss to P6. There is 0 reason to greed a broil in exchange of a party wipe.


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