FFXIV BANS for Addons & Why I Am Disappointed With Witch Hunting

Quaziiโ€™s reaction to the drama this week around the mass reporting of streamers for streaming with addons, as well as the bans of certain streamers.

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25 thoughts on “FFXIV BANS for Addons & Why I Am Disappointed With Witch Hunting”

  1. It'll pass, just like with TEA, but this one stings a little more because it's really becoming apparent that they're letting legitimate toxic types learn how to use and abuse the ToS over very, very minor things.

    That's a big reason I want some form of default parser, regardless of any concern, because the toxic types in XIV always seem to be super casual sandbaggers.

  2. If you go against tos, don't be surprised when you get banned. You agreed to the terms, you broke them, you face the consequences. It's not really about whether or not you agree with them.
    And yes, imo banned addons is good because it's a console/pc game.

  3. I actually care less about the 3rd party discussion but more the stuff that forces you to have music on while streaming WHILE you can get copyright issues on Youtube for it. That's pure hypocritical of the people who made the TOS.

  4. For the ultimate yeah, totally okay to report. For streamers if they are openly advertising 3rd party tools (and at least some of them were) yes report them. If streamers are using obvious 3rd party tools visible on stream that aren't cosmetic, yes report. If for no other reason that unless the community polices themselves SE will eventually be pushed to enforce a ban using anti-cheat and the community should want to prevent that.

    I guess I don't really care about the witch hunting. You can do the right thing for the wrong reason.

  5. Dear Quazi, with 1 addons allow by Dev will be a big domino effect just like WoW. Let's keep the ToS without exception.

    Let the player itself think which one is good or bad to them. Take a risk. How do you expect they can use their brain well if they can't even clear hard content without Mods/3rd Party user.

  6. To be fair, to be called a witch hunt is when the accused party is innocent. In this case, those streamers aren't innocent, so they got punished for it. This falls in line of mass reporting than a witch hunt.

  7. Main problem is that there are ZERO enforcement on streamer before this lodestone post, I think if SQEX just had GM pull streamer over and gave them a warning instead of outright ban/timeout there will be lot less controversy and people will still understand policy are being enforced now.

  8. I think they should allow some addons and even implement their version of them into the game. Discord is considered 3rd party. There's nothing intrinsically bad about dps meters and I think we can all benefit from using them so I think they should have their own dps meter, at least just for your own dps. The excuse saying "there's too many to keep track of them all" I find is not very valid. Each time someone is reported, they look at the evidence before they ban, so why can't they just keep of trends on how popular some are and how they're not really modding the game in a way that really can be called "cheating". Just make a list of some of the popular ones that can be allowed because I bet you, they can find legal ways to ban every streamer just because they stream.

  9. We don't even really know there is a witch hunt. A witch hunt is where you go looking for people who are breaking the rules. A witch hunt is not "people were watching this streamer and decided to report him when they saw an addon". We don't know if that is happening based on a couple of tweets from Arthars. This is a big assumption. As you said, him streaming with addons just gave certain people the excuse they wanted to try and report someone. We don't even know that the guy with the 10 day vacation was mass reported or the community reported – ALL of this are assumptions! And if YoshiP watches streamers? Then maybe he reported him? Or someone at SE who watches streamers? This is not out of the realm of possibility.
    Even if it was mass reported, if they investigate and there is no issue, then nobody will be timed out for 10 days.
    I've seen a few streamers that say SE should make an exception for them because they are streamers. They have said that they bring eyes to the game and seem to think they are responsible for the game becoming more popular, but in most cases it is the opposite that is true. If they weren't playing this game and possibly in Lulu's highlights? They don't know if they would get the same amount of views or not. This sense that they should have a different set of rules isn't just entitled, it's delusional.

  10. My brother told me that add-on and mods are another reason that make "that game" is not friendly for newcomers and make dungeons are not a place for them to run. Well, people dont like to point out or get blame because of this and that.

    Add-on also made toxic environment, you must meet the criteria or you out, forever. But, peoples always make mistake "all the time" even I good (pretty good) at some A.raids I still make mistakes, even I turn on Marker on me almost kill everyone.

    I dont use mods/add-on, I just start to use macro recently to make my game life little easier. I use in-game tools and I still happy what I have. I know my limit, what I can clear or have to wait until i got better gear or even wait for next expansion and use Unsync feature to farm things I want.

    PS. Sometimes, I also think that; If they are so good with the game, why use it "to clear" a content?

  11. Preach used a thir party tool to have chat bubbles to see a play in-game, it was amazing and it wouldn't be as good without the chat bubbles, everyone here hating addos and wanting every streamer to get banned is including that too. in order to punish streamers for seeing their dps you'll also kill the rp scene, thanks haters. you should be demanding stuff like these to be included in the game instead of hating

  12. First of all, welcome back Quazii. now let's us rephrase about what Yoshi-P has said. at least from my understanding.
    although TOS clearly states that "all 3rd party tools" are bannable, the latest post about 3rd party tools from Yoshi-P will "prioritize" to ban player using the following:

    ใƒปTools that allow easily complete content (auto-callout such as cactbot, etc)
    ใƒปModification of UI display (tools that shown debuff timer at a place it shouldn't be there, at party list or enemy list for example, even cooldown timer telling when your resource is going to be full. etc, mostly QoL plugins.)
    ใƒปUse of packet spoofing tools (serious hack here. they already went in details in that latest post)
    ใƒปPublic statement/Promote use (this is where streamer or youtuber with mods/addons fallen into bannable condition if get reported)

    If they're just all those above, ACT(mainly damage meter) or even Gshade shouldn't be prioritize since they're not in those category (ACT is slightly shady but you can have damage meter outside of game if you play windowed mode for example). However, if we also look into TOS of category which would get you banned, ACT fallen into categoty of "datamining". yes, even though this is a also a ban target but its not "prioritize" at this time. In the other hands, Gshade seems more "clean" than ACT because its hardly fallen to any category that against the TOS it describes. with all that saids although they're not "prioritize", you're still risk being banned if someone report you because (as a streamer) you're still in the category that promote using them.

    best advice is not to use all of them while streaming, or at least just Gshade and get finger-crossed that you're going to be fine even if honeybadger reported you from using it.

  13. Where before I just ignore the modding community, lately they've grown more obnoxious because they think that just because yoshi-p also quietly accepts what they do, that they're allowed to do anything. And finally when they step over the line, they cry about being punished for it. As much drama this has caused, this shake up was really needed to remind people who parse and use cheats that it is not okay. Whether they accept the very valid reasons for not allowing mods is up to them as it always has been. But given how entitled they are, frankly I'm not optimistic that they won't start something rebellious, like continuing to openly flaunt the rules.

  14. I'm actually glad they are against add-ons. Some add-ons are a catalyst that turn people toxic.

    When I started FFXIV back in 2013, we didn't have add-ons.

    For the longest time, add-ons weren't a necessity.

    QOL stuff is good to have, but NOT a necessity.

    And if myself and so many others can still enjoy the game without add-ons, what makes the add-on gang so special that they cannot?

    Is it fair that PC users can use add-ons while console players can't? Will PC users be happier then if Sqeenix eventually says, since there is so much drama, that they will revert the entire Final Fantasy franchise back to consoles only? How will your add-ons help you then?

    And some people need to get a life. Stop with the "discord and excel are 3rd party tools that will get you banned" crap.

    These 2 tools do not interact with the game. They do not pull data or change data in the game. You can launch discord without ever installing FFXIV. You can use discord even if you never played FFXIV. You're not going to do that with ACT.

  15. 1. Just salty players not accepting the fact that you are in violation of TOS and streaming it online is encouraging others to do the same. Once it spreads, it will make it even harder to crack down.
    2. Regular/Routine inspection needed to be done. But I donโ€™t think FFXIV has a decent or firm foundation department dedicated to do personalised public HR.
    3. This small community that takes justice into their own hands was co-forced into doing so, because of the lack of routine / report for the world to see that they are banning people with violating the TOS.
    4. Would they implement a patch, where they can monitor if people are using 3rd party tools?

  16. its just kinda weird that they banned the person who was using the UI mods and then suddenly say that they are wanting to do just the same to fix the whole UI hud…honestly feels really bad..


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