Fae & Foes | FFXIV Shadowbringers

The Shadowbringers MSQ adventure continues as we head towards Il Mheg with Grumpy Dad and his light child. What awaits us in this magical land? WHAT AWAITS US AFTER?!

0:00 – Intro
6:29 – War on the First!
15:32 – Fairly Odd Questing
30:26 – The Dancing Plague
36:04 – Enter Emet

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31 thoughts on “Fae & Foes | FFXIV Shadowbringers”

  1. Good analysis on how Thancred's headpat might be stiff, never thought about it but I think you are right.

    Regarding Emet's body, he only used an illusion the first time you saw him. After Urianger threw the card, he appeared in full body. he took his advice.

  2. The only ting off with the daughter sister analogy is that it is actually worse.
    It is older daughter, and younger daughter.
    Thancred took Minfillia (source) under his wing after her parents died, she was 18 in ARR. Now he is helping Minfillia (first) grow into her own all over again, and she's just a year or so younger than Minfillia (source) was when she died.
    It's rough.

  3. Just wanted to mention that it's quite difficult to make 2 characters touch eachother in animation (imagine all the clipping!), which is why you see it very little in the game (not to mention the JPs are generally not touchy people, so this is why you barely see any hugging).

  4. "Can you imagine being on controller?" Yes. Yes I can. I do not own a USB keyboard. I had to use the PS4 word input system, to write out a particularly awkward sentence, where capitalisation and grammar are vital to pass. It took about 3-5 minutes to input the final sentence, only to find I made a minor error somewhere in it. 4 times. That sequence took me nearly half an hour on my first time through, and I was screaming.

  5. In 1.0 Thancred was a teenager trying to be a dad/brother to Minfilia after he failed to save her real dad. Naturally he wasn't great at it and always left her alone. I think Thancred always felt guilty about how he raised Minfilia and wasn't there for her. And now that he's an adult he wants to make up for all the times he wasn't there for her.

  6. It's interesting them discussing the Exarch, but I recognized him almost immediately as that guy from earlier. I realize he is older, but its like knowing a guy when he is a kid, which you babysitted. He will always be that kid to you.

  7. 19:20 Thancred, Urianger, and Y'shtola all picked new, inverted jobs to go with your "Warrior of Darkness" flip: Thancred went from rogue (assassin) to gunbreaker (bodyguard), Y'shtola went from White Mage to Black Mage, and Urianger went from Scholar (who studies the past) to Astrologian (who predicts the future). And what is the future Urianger predicts? Stars on the First.

  8. ‘He’s on that Anakin boolshit’ THANK YOU GARRETT it kept bugging me what I could classify Thancred’s behavior as! I will forever be mad tho that he is being a godawful dad to Minifilia despite them traveling together for three years. That’s a long time to be mooning over your lost sister. 🤨

  9. honestly though, i really appreciate the fact that y'all say what you're genuinely thinking — sometimes i feel like people kind of decide to kiss fandom's butt for the clout/to avoid issues no matter what, which i understand, but it makes y'all feeling free enough to say "this sucks/is boring" or whatever really refreshing! thank you so much for your honest impressions!

  10. also i forgot to mention, fun fact — a lot of the races or whatnot in il mehg seem (to me) to be based on various aspects of celtic fae lore. the pixies are easy, based on general fae folk. the pixies are the most common, touching on the honestly somewhat malicious-feeling nature of most fae, but the capybara people, to me, STRONGLY remind me of brownies! im still trying to crack the amaro bc i keep forgetting admittedly, brownies are just some of my personal favorite fae creatures!


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