Yoshida Interview | SMN, Engine Rework | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour

Thank you to Yoshida San for the interview and Aimi San for translating!
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29 thoughts on “Yoshida Interview | SMN, Engine Rework | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour”

  1. Oh yes please, more space for glamour 😀
    Best would be 1 plate per job/class +1 for casual glam, because every job has 'job-only' pieces.
    At the moment it's soo hard to use that 1-job pieces for expample for a crafter (cos all share the same gear). :'D
    Looking forward to changes. 😀

  2. From the initial trailer, I was already onboard with endwalker. The breakdowns are much appreciated, and I see each job has gotten positive attention.

    Glad he is looking to the future as I'll be looking forward to each new addition.

    I will say, fingers crossed for a new limited job akin to FF 3/6 gau. Would be a nice counterpart to blue mage in my opinion. Maybe choice of berserk state where it will perform actions of monsters, switching between states to suite the situation.

    Either case, my eyes are set on reaper and summoner changes. Glad to see the egi are still present and the influencing of the summoner is a great direction, like them blessing you with some of their power.

  3. Oh wow! That was amazing! Thanks you for the cool questions! I'm a SMN main so this was super exciting to watch. And I'm happy that I would have answered the same to your "silly question" I adore Urianger, but it would take ages to have a conversation.

  4. My only question would be if they plan on ever adding a DoT based class. I can't really see it working too well when the ticks are server based, and not affected by haste/spell speed. DoTs not ticking faster has always seemed very wrong.

  5. I hope, when they add lvl100, they add more SMN "egis" or those crystals things to summon more primals. I want a blue/purple crystal for maybe levi or ramuh/quetzalcoatl.


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