What to Do While You Queue | FFXIV

Hi friends! As a healer, I almost never have to worry about a queue. But for those of you less fortunate, I decided to come up with some ideas for how you could spend your time if you’re feeling productive. What do you usually do while you wait for queue to pop?

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0:000:22 Intro
0:230:49 Island Sanctuary gathering
0:491:40 Crafting and Gathering
1:402:20 Shb & EW Fates
2:212:56 Beast Tribes
2:563:36 Levequests
3:364:10 Hunt Marks
4:104:25 Blue Mage Spells
4:264:42 Golden Saucer
4:424:56 Triple Triad
4:575:34 Practice Your Rotation
5:346:09 What Do You Do While You Queue?


25 thoughts on “What to Do While You Queue | FFXIV”

  1. Good video as always. I learned that people have to queue. J/k. I think the harvesting log is a great tip that people easily overlook. But all tips were great. Love your Au'ra btw! P.S. think that HQ Craftsman syrup is still the best levesquest rn for gil. ~10k per leve and mats are easy to get

  2. Theres a few gold saucer events that you can play while in queue the only ones you cant are air force, leap and something else but cliff hanger, slice and wind you can with the queue still going

  3. enjoyed this. Been playing for a long time but always forget about levequest stuff. Usually try to pick the easier ones so you can get the challenge log reward faster. Beckon ones really suck. Such soft spoken voice you have.

  4. I completely agree with you on collecting Lavar and Sap for Island Sanctuary. Most of Island Sanctuary leveling guide that I seen on YouTube age poorly, don’t take workshop as part of leveling and don’t tell you about Lavar and Sap as highly demand materials for workshop. Instead they suggest you gather nodes that are close together instead as the ideal way of leveling in Island Sanctuary. I will admit that gathering Lavar and Sap can be annoying or is not the fastest to get to max rank. The material from the populated nodes that people recommend gathering for leveling end up being worthless for workshop as only a small amount end being use for the workshop.

  5. FWIW, i dont really recommend crafting, as unless you're doing low level nonsense, collectibles and end game gear have a lot of steps and if the queue pops mid attempt, you have to finish your rotation, swap jobs, and ready up in 60 seconds, which is a big ask.
    Also you can get hunt contribution without being in a party, its contribution based, just do good damage and don't die (easiest on tanks) and you'll still get max credit.

  6. Not gonna lie, I was expecting a meme video with suggestions like striking poses in Limsa, right click follow random sprouts or creating new glamour combinations
    Still nice video!

  7. I only have just enough time to Blink and then my Q pops since I only do White Mage healer or tank jobs I typically don't wait very long but if your DPS only that makes more sense for that I used to trust system it's better than waiting you probably should have mentioned that😂

  8. All good things 😀
    Gathering, Crafting, Beast Quests, Hunts, Testing your skills on the dummy or dueling in the wolves den, Reorganizing your saddlebag, or retainers or the most important thing: Making some new glamours!


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