The Hilariously Bad Report System in FFXIV

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0:00 Intro
1:08 the cursed User Interface
7:12 Filing the Report
10:24 Policy Enforcement and Communication
14:32 How to fix?
17:05 In Conclusion,, , therefore,,
18:56 Outro


49 thoughts on “The Hilariously Bad Report System in FFXIV”

  1. There will never be an end to the problems that the community feels needs to be fixed, even if the problem is strictly imaginary. Never satisfied. Fix infinity.

    Oh, right. The report system. Yes, it could use some work.

  2. i tryed to report some bots i came across, it was a really bad system, i just took a 1 minute video and emailed them the video link and telling them the system for reporting is bad outside RMT.

    (1 minute video cause i wanted to go to work and someone said they saw bot party at uldah airship landing, let me tell you something, i don't care if you using addons or something to provide assitance, but using something that play the game with 0 input is the worse offence in my book)

    between having to guess if a player is good or using a bot, and between a convoy of randmoly named characters using exactly the same cloths going in mechanical order to do MSQ probebly just to get and spam thier fake gold site, i'll report the bots that clearly are bots.

  3. I feel there are several points Zepla made as “thing bad” which are actually the point of the system.

    Obviously, bad UI is bad UI. But as Zepla said at the end of the video, “if you get reported at the end of this, you probably deserved it.” Making the report system a chore filters out (some) abuse of said system. Making a Blizzard-style automated report system, which mostly just keeps track of how many reports it’s received per player, would lead to an admin team we view as disconnected.

    The last 2 times I’ve jumped through hoops to report someone for really upsetting conduct, a GM has popped up IN MY TELLS to ask me for more context. They walked through the report and asked for clarification, then politely thanked me and said they were going to start their investigation.

    Honestly, I don’t give a care about what happened to those players, because the GM response was wonderful.

    I guess my main points are this:

    -Highlighting the nuanced response of the GM team while asking for a less-nuanced, streamlined, quick-and-easy system is likely going to erode that pragmatism.

    -Making something so quick and efficient is going to lead to much more abuse of the system. The GMs can afford to be inquisitive and thorough when they have a lot of information to start with.

    But I also agree with Zepla on a lot. Bad, bad hidden UI, should be accessible by right clicking the person, some info could be filled in for you…and the MOST IMPORTANT part, auto-save progress if interrupted.

  4. The report system in FFXIV sucks. As a WoW player though, what I will say is that Warcraft makes it SO EASY to report that they are almost certainly inundated with a lot more knee-jerk nothing reports than Square is and it almost certainly directly leads to a lot more of the responses being automated. When you report someone in FFXIV, you really, really want to, because it sucks to try to do. There has to be a happy middleground.

  5. This system feels just like trying to call in a complaint or warranty claim to a big corporation. They make you go through endless hoops and spend forever on hold because they hope you'll just get tired and give up, and hopefully by then you won't feel it's worth the time to complain.

  6. Square Enix and Nintendo's (complete lack of) UI design is just so objectively horrible. I never realized the in-game system was just as awful. It's kind of amazing anything actually gets reported o.o

  7. Conspiracy Theory: the UI is intentionally like that, so people won't just report people for minor offenses/etc because reporting is apprently such a pain(ive never reported, so idk what its like)

  8. I’ve done a couple reports but the most successful was when I reported someone for harassing me in a DR run (I had to bio and I told my party but that offended someone in another alliance because I didn’t tell them so they tried to flame me and get me reported for griefing for being dead a couple minutes). The GM advised I blacklist them so I went to report them but they were already in GM jail by then.

  9. I'm so glad that the FFXIV is finally ready to accept criticism on the UI. It feels like it wasn't long ago that saying anything negative about the game was met with staunch defenders. Maybe it's due to the dramatic rise in popularity of the game that validated the most ardant players enough to let them accept criticism.

  10. I'm just worried about right click reporting being massively abused, especially in rp venues. You make some chum mad, and then the entire venue just gets you banned over a small incident.

  11. There have been stuff that has happened to me and my wife. And when we have gone to report it, it was so bad that we gave up reporting it. It's that bad. It takes so long and it takes so much away from the game you are trying to enjoy. That we found its easier to turn off the game and comeback the next day and just forget about it.

  12. The first time I ever reported someone it took me a while to set up everything on the file report. Admitedly, I was still determined because of this toxic guy who bashed everyone in Bozja. We entered the last zone and he just kept yelling and writing passive agressive comments like "do you even know this buff?" or "I've done this multiple times so don't tell me what to do" and when we died a few times he went ballistic, while everyone else was being so patient. So reporting him felt 100% satisfying and I hope he got a temporary ban to understand that what he did was wrong. I have to say that the process was discouraging but it had to be done even if it took me like 10 minutes to find the report tab and fill out everything.

  13. I mother fucking hate that you cannot actually block ppl by adding them to the blacklist. Why the fuck else would you add them to a blacklsit if you are still going to get Q'd with them and see them around you?

  14. So I actually have a pretty bad story. Back in ShB, I was bringing my GF through Copied factory for the first time. She had bought full exsrchic yet but she was geared enough for the raid. About half way threw we had 3 team member still hassling her about not being 510 minimum despite the requirement to enter being much lower. I tried to defend her being she ended up being vote kicked from the raid. What was worse was the fact my tank was just as if not worse geared then she was.
    I wrote down the names and everything of the event and went to make the report but SE actually refused to look into it as they will only look into harassment cases if the person themselves makes the report not any 3rd party. Meaning targeted harassment can't be stop by those who care and are just left to deal with it unless they report themselves.

  15. I like the report system, it's simple, and it's effective at preventing needless and useless reports. it's indictive of a Game Dev that doesn't want to be bothered by a tone of reports and want's the players to actively take steps to avoid people that are an issue for them. they want people to enjoy the game and don't want to punish players for doing something stupid. the issue is with hacking in PVP, there they should add a shortcut in the context menu to just report them for cheating. but that's besides the point. They have policies that if you really F up or you are actively causing a real issue for the community they can take action against, and the only time they want to implement those policies is when there is a real issue in game. if someone is being toxic in a duty you can vote to dismiss them… if someone is spamming you you can black list them. if someone is talking politics in the middle of Limsa… you can just TP to Sharlian. you can also just disable shout's say, tells and the whole 9 yards so you can basically isolate yourself in game, or turn on busy mode. like there's a tone of features in game that are for the explicit purpose of the community self policing. there's like no reason for them to expand or improve the report system, because they expect users to ignore, blacklist or vote dismiss those that are being toxic or otherwise being a problem.

  16. Just like the Transmog system apparently the WoW report system is better than this, I personally never had a report outside of a RMT which is in game but yeah it needs an upgrade when Blizzard has a better system than Square 😂😂

  17. Also the fact that you get grouped up with people you blacklisted is a nogo for me. it happened twice last week. report and blacklist feature is too bad for any mmo norms.

  18. the only time i've ever reported someone, i'm p sure i accidentally retracted the report & had to copy+paste the whole thing into a new report with an apology for if i didn't ACTUALLY delete it, because i was PRETTY SURE i deleted it but not 100%…

  19. I reported an obvious wintrader in CC. After the match of course. Got an automatic response telling me i should resend the report at 11 am or later because there are no GMs around. Saving reports for later apparently isn't possible. I didn't have time to play the next day so i resend it 2 days later. I got no response. Guess wintrading is the way to go crystal

  20. I heard a rumor they made it hard on purpose to stop unjustified spamming of reports so that the only reports that get filed are ones from people who REALLY want/need that report to happen lol

    Its a bit too tin foil hat for me but its funny to think about

  21. Try submitting an it ticket in almost any large company. Honestly having 3 or 4 options and an 'other' catagory option with an employee doing triage on other and sending them to right people is best 80% of the time

  22. It was wild to me when people were complaining about the revisions to the ToS, freaking out that everyone's gonna be reporting everyone for every imagined slight, and I'm sat there like
    H-how are you- sorry, where's the report feature? The one not for RMT? How're you guys doing this?


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