The end of the Dragonsong war… | FFXIV Heavensward Nidhogg reaction

We fought Nidhogg, I cried, the usual really

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6 thoughts on “The end of the Dragonsong war… | FFXIV Heavensward Nidhogg reaction”

  1. 13:40 The Warrior of Light is the one character in the game that it's totally okay to fall in love with cause you know they won't die. Unless you're me in raids, then she dies over and over and over and over and over… eventually it stops hurting and you just wait for a healer.

  2. The immense amount of emotional damage that I incurred while watching the cutscene where you take the eyes from Esti-Nidhogg was severe. Haurchefant is a character who deserved so much more. I'm a Paladin and I've never once forgot to glamour my shield into the Fortemps' one. I love that man.

  3. The scene with everyone running from the dragons and the WoL just bravely walking toward them, that was the first time I felt like a real hero. That and the subsequent battle between Hraesvalgr and Nidhogg is one of the most amazing scenes in the entire game.


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