Thank Yous and a Little Bit of Capitalism [Final Fantasy XIV]

This is a quick-ish video acknowledging the (minor) milestone of 10,000 subs, but more importantly, I’m announcing the launch of a community Discord for better viewer interaction and a Patreon to help fund my Fantasia addiction (and improvement video quality, I suppose).

Making videos has been such a fun and oddly meaningful experience so far, and I hope to continue making Final Fantasy XIV content (including some upcoming Ultimate, new player, and job guides) for awhile to come! With that, I am proud to resurrect the line of funny links:




23 thoughts on “Thank Yous and a Little Bit of Capitalism [Final Fantasy XIV]”

  1. congrats on 10k subs! i particularly love your content, which i honestly cant say about most content creators ehiujktgsijkafsja you are criminally underrated d:

  2. Listen bud, if some mobile game company offers you good money to advertise to us you need to take it. Nearly every other channel does it, everyone expects it. It's an opportunity that not many people get. I appreciate where your heart is but its better for your viewers and you in the long term if you can profit from it. I wish you luck.

  3. Congratulations to the 10k 🙂

    As for sponsors… I dont really watch them anyway and skip ahead. As for the question what to do with them and which to pick… there are two examples: you have someone like Josh Strife Hays, who only advertises sponsors whose products he himself uses (or would use?), and then you have Pint, who makes such a good show of it, that its fun to watch. See what works for you 🙂


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