FFXIV Zepla Banned from Twitch & Raiding Culture is Weird

FFXIV @Zepla HQ banned from Twitch & Raiding Culture is Weird
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20 thoughts on “FFXIV Zepla Banned from Twitch & Raiding Culture is Weird”

  1. I used to be heavy into the EX / Savage scene… and it was alright but over time I've enjoyed it less and less… E7 was the end for me, I legit HATE E7 and it was like "If this is the direction FF14 raiding is going… I don't think I want to continue with it"

    So I haven't. I'll play for story… but that's generally about it. If i want glamour I have PSO2:NGS and GW2. I'm starting to raid in GW2 and I honestly enjoy it a lot more than FF14 raiding.

  2. YouTube is the better place for streaming, especially as a viewer. As soon as I enter Twitch I'm hit with ads. This just turns me off and I go back to YouTube.

    As for raiding culture, I don't do savage. But for extremes and normal it isn't bad, in my experience.

    I personally think content that 1% of the playerbase participate in should have alot less focus. There should be more extremes than there is.

  3. Still not sure what happened exactly or how but the title of this video really surprised me! 😅 I’m not a fan of raiding in savage mode personally. I’ve given it a fair try but, couldn’t find a working group. Mostly because I have very little free time even on weekends. 😅 No clear in the foreseeable future. 🙃 Difficulty is subjective. Different for every person. It’s all good. That’s normal. ☺️ My motto is, and will always remain, whatever game you play, have fun! Thanks for this video Brian. Stay safe. ❤️

  4. I totally agree on the fact that it sucks there isn't a better curve. I am not a great player but tutorialization and optimization has been solely left up to the player, which isn't new for MMO's:
    "Humans have to figure it out", has essentially been a staple.

    I think this mentality, and the major demand in time and energy to do hard content without actually teach players to be better however is something that a lot of games (yeah that includes the beloved fromsoft content) use as a crutch to say "our game is 300 hours of content" when really its just 30, but you have to bang your head against a wall for 100 in order to progress the first 5%.

    FF14 has this imo, but as was suggested around, the hall of novice, the novice network, the tooltips, none of that stuff makes a lick of difference because they don't force you to get better to clear. Forgetting tank stance is one thing, but the frequency that happens in higher level normal content is kind of amazing.

    I think if you buy a boost, they should force you to play through something that forces you to learn your kit. I think there should be solo instanced fights that test your job at the *0's of a level for every job. the versions they were going with in ARR through SB are useless because in some of them, you get the ability AFTER the quest… like what the hell is that supposed to teach anyone?

  5. Raiding is toxic because most individuals plays with group of Random posted in a public group finger, that's where the toxicity come from. Finding 7 other friends who can do it together and want to do it, is the hardest part.

  6. I raid savage with people who could raid hardcore but we only have time to raid casual timewise. As such we, hours played, clear the content at a decent phase but we spend more weeks then those who have the time to go at it hard from the start. At the start of our group we had 1 player who made us wipe to enrage and refused to look up guids to become better, we did give the player, who was not good enough for savage, a month to come around but then we had to get someone else.
    Ultimate raids I simply do not have time for and since not everyone in my group is interested in that content I am not doing it, and that is fine.

    In the end I know that not all content in the game is for me, and that is fine for enough is. But I have a problem with those who demand that all content should be for them and even go so far as to expect that other players who can clear the content go out of their way and spend their time to carry them through it.

  7. Having built and currently running a raid team, I can tell you that there's a huge difference between playing with likeminded friends and dealing with PUGs. The latter is a huge source of perpetual frustration because people learn at different rates and get miffed when someone isn't getting it as quickly, people disagree about strat and don't handle it very gracefully, people lie about their progression rate and join groups that are farther along than they are, and a whole host of other reasons. When we need to fill in PUGs, we try to make it very clear by doing stuff like setting a reasonable ilvl requirement, making it clear where we are in the progression, and also requiring discord and when we do that, we generally filter out the people that you don't want to play with and find fill ins that have generally been good.

    To be honest, the less drama we have to deal with from randoms, the better… and that includes being willing to yeet people that are being a problem from the discord and/or outright kicking them from the group when it becomes very clear that they are causing unecessary friction – which thankfully has been a rarity.

  8. I never tried savage in 14. Honestly it's because of my "hop" lag with the server. My raiding exposer is with WoW. I was mostly hard core back in the BC/WotLK days. Everyone had a job in those fights, and I loved that. Mainly though, I did it because it was fun and it helped me answer the question "where am I the weakest" in terms of my play style. The reactions I learned and the "fire" made me a better player. Hopefully these new dungeon types will do that for others too.

  9. I never do savage raiding or EX trials because I have a disability that affects my reaction time.

    I WILL however do the basic entry-level raids once for the sake of the story (using Duty Finder) and people STILL get upset because I keep dying. Most are nice and will try to explain the mechanics in chat but some still get annoyed.

    'S why I don't like doing multiplayer content, I feel like I hold people back and piss them off.

    So is that what he means when he says "if we try to make all games accessible to everyone we should pack up and go home."?

    If so, I'm a little saddened.

  10. It's more often than not the raiders that expect everyone to be perfect in PF and they quit or kick you if they fail the first time.

    People who walk into savage should expect to run several times and to learn together which is the goal, the hardest part is actually finding people who are patient.

  11. Prepare yourself for disappointment, Prime. Criterion Savage is not going to be a step between. Why? Because they call it "Savage". Everything tells me this is going to be just as much as a stair step as going from extreme to Savage.


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