Summoner Changes | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour

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46 thoughts on “Summoner Changes | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour”

  1. I started an alt on Crystal (my home is aether) and I decided to play SMN for funsies and ended up loving it. I don't usually like pet classes but SMN was actually fun to play. Then I saw the Endwalker trailer and flipped my cake. Truly looking forward to this expansion.

  2. YEAAAH A WIN FOR THE SUMMONER ENJOYERS! It looks so fun to play, im so hyped akjdfhdf

    I find hilarious how close we were to not being able to have a rez anymore but somehow Physick staying in our kit was never questioned lmao

    Also amazing content Larry <3 !!

  3. was looking forward to this all day
    and we still have physick i was expecting that to be deleted for multiple expansions already
    for everything else i must say Summoner is so awesome now even more then before

  4. Being honest with you, between this and RDM, the second one seems a lot stronger. At least considering the changes they made. All the Summon attacks feel low potency and the dmg buff insignificant (especially because buffs are mainly used during burst phases, so longer buffs with lower potency are less useful). Even if its more enjoyable to play, it will be pushed back by RDM by its flexibility, unless summoner deals like 10% more overall damage at least.

  5. WE HAVE ASCENDED!! o/ haha

    All seriousness, looks versatile as hell and i'm going to enjoy playing it; can even help w/ tankbusters w/ the enkindle heal hahaha

  6. OMG!! I’m so excited for SMN!! Finally get what the job should have been. It’s like a brand new job! That gear too!!! I’m even excited that they gave Carbuncle his original moves back … Searing Light!!


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