Savix FFXIV Ala Mhigans are Toxic.. MSQ – Fordola Vs Lakshmi Primal

Savix FFXIV Fordola Vs Lakshmi Primal

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20 thoughts on “Savix FFXIV Ala Mhigans are Toxic.. MSQ – Fordola Vs Lakshmi Primal”

  1. My Stance was different on this, Ofc there will be symphatizers towrards the invaders , some will be bitter due to their oppressed occupation by the Garleans, she could have taken another route, simply put like she went full Nidhogg because of the death of her father, and decides to inflict countless and countless atrocity, justifying her means of revenge to what happen to her father and so called Citzenship acceptance bullshit

  2. idk ffxiv looks so boring…miss the action…so much story and cinamatics… if i want this i go watch movie or series .. i miss the freedom in the game to pick tallents and optimise my charackter with gems, entchants and all the stuff…. and the thing that the pvp and pve skills are different sucks too … not a bad game but nothing for me … * I MISS THE OLD SAVIX 😉 *

  3. Savix your awesome, luv the switch of 'in the moment' to ' game face' during transitions in video. Watching you, Preach, and Asmon delve into FFXIV with individual unique MMO digestive perspectives has been . . . so to speak, FKN AWSM.

  4. I'm not gonna lie, I love Fordola's arch. How she's introduced as this cold determined villain, but you see what drove her down her path. She was blinded by rage and vengeance, but it was only after she got the Echo (or a new eye, you witty writers We see what you did there), was she able to see what her vengeance had driven her to.


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