Preach Destroys A FF14 Hater – FFXIV Moments

FFXIV Best Moments! Streamed 2022-09-22 – 2022-09-22. Remember to like and subscribe! Join my discord: …


10 thoughts on “Preach Destroys A FF14 Hater – FFXIV Moments”

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  2. Although ff14 is high quality, there are cases of masses of people liking low quality products. There are also cases of people hating high quality products which had a lot of effort put into them. I can quote Markiplier as saying that often the videos he puts the most work into don’t do as well as he’d hope, but other videos he just threw out there for some reason explode in popularity.

    As a video game example, Pay to Win games for some reason manage to do well. Their whole hook isn’t being a great game, it’s literally being an outlet for people to flex their real life wealth. You can literally call them shit games that masses of people like.


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