Playstyle vs Griefing in FFXIV

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0:00 Intro
0:59 Zero Pressure Solo Content
3:27 Bare minimum group expectations
5:59 Maximum social pressure in the high end
9:50 Communication and boundaries
11:41 Should you choose solo or group content?
12:29 Outro


27 thoughts on “Playstyle vs Griefing in FFXIV”

  1. I want to pay attention to your videos, but it's very hard when you don't seem to know what you want to talk about. YouTube keeps putting your vids in my search results but you always roll off into tangents, and I end up thinking, "did I click on the right video? Does this have any relevance to the title and thumbnail?" I also have ADHD so that's a big factor, but in the end I can't follow your train of thought.

    Would be nice if you had a script, even if it was just a list of bullet points of things you want to talk about.

    Though, in the end, you can make videos however you want. You're not obligated to do anything I say 🤷‍♀️

  2. For me, I always put my expectation on party to do basic thing like healer do some heal and res, everyone do AoE on mob pull, do obvious mechanic like stack together if stack mechanic happen, tank do pull more than 1 pack mob so faster clear = more time to do other things. As long as they do those basic, I won't say anything, just {Good Game} at the end.

  3. Perhaps an added bonus to the solo option is Devs may be able to restrict a persons account from group play after so many reports or something. Forcing them to solo for a certain amount of time.

  4. The fatal flaw of the "You don't pay my sub fee!" argument is, ironically, that they don't pay the other 3/7/whatever group members' sub fees either 💜 Anyway, this is a great take on the topic as a long, long ex-raider who is thrilled to have the Trust system added to 2.0 dungeons XD

  5. Once I was doing a leveling roulette for Haukke Manor on ninja and our group had a sprout summoner who was lvl 30-something. Our tank (a mentor, of course) kept passive aggressively telling off the summoner for not having his Garuda pet out on pack pulls (this was during shadowbringers before the summoner overhaul). As a summoner main, I responded saying something like "I don't think he's unlocked it yet"- which he hadn't, he'd barely just unlocked Ifrit at his level, the quest for Garuda-egi unlocks at lvl 45. The tank argued for a bit essentially saying "no the sprout is just dumb/lazy" before acknowledging that the SMN didn't have his good AoE yet and also as a NIN at that level I didn't really have AoE either. Because of that lack of AoE potential for this *level 28 dungeon*, he went on a spiel about how this dungeon was going to take too long. We were already half way through at this point and his complaining was much more of a slowdown than our damage. He said his time as a terminally ill person was too valuable to waste doing inefficient pulls. He then quit before we could really process or respond. The healer and I assured the SMN he'd not done anything wrong and let him know this was not normal, and we did the dungeon without issue when a new tank joined; but I still wonder if that experience soured that new player's view of FFXIV. I hope he's still out there exploring Eorzea.

  6. Zepla I am about halfway through shadowbringers first chapter. Why do they keep doing my girl dirty? First she was sacrificed then they drag me by the ears for this storyline and do her dirty again why do the creators hate

    Minfilia so much?

  7. my advice: don't play pvp in ffxiv lol you will literally lose your mind at how very little effort people put in than in pvp even with call outs telling people where to go and how to do something is met with silence or ignored completely.
    an alot of that is because of dev design, YoshiP an his battle design team for PvP just doesn't understand that you can't mix competitive gameplay with casual content it just doesn't work lol they need to pick only one an stick with it.
    i would welcome casual pvp thats just a brawl with every man, woman, trans, child for themself as an example where you just wail on eachother with no agenda other than fighting til the end. but the devs keep wanting us too do these cooperative pvp styles which do not work with players who are not anywhere near ready for it nor willing to work with other players etc (they lowered the level cap requirement to level 30 presumably so free trial players could test things out -_- but the result speaks for itself lol it was a mistake)

  8. I can’t stand people who use damage meters and whatever they use to see what you’re using. It’s like even though I’m top DPS (not always) they’re still like “why are you not using this or that?” My response is always “because I don’t want/need too” I also use a hybrid of KB/controller HB. I already have to take one hand off the controller to use some moves

  9. I've been accused of griefing a few times when I've either just messed something up (being accused of intentionally messing up a mechanic even though it was an honest mistake) or honestly just flat out sucking. And no, I don't run high end content, because I know my limitations – which include not having the best reaction time.

  10. Love your opinions.

    Specially the part of raiders not really being the monsters that everyone thinks we are xD I always think twice before giving any advice because I'm afraid that I'm gonna be called out on being too pushy or whatever, but my literal thought process is that I want to teach you how you could improve on something. I don't mind wiping 36 times, yeah, it sucks and I wish we could clear, but I'm patient and will go through the process with you, no questions asked, but if you're gonna wipe the party 36 times, there's definitely something that can be improved, and 9 times out of 10, I won't say a thing out of respect.

  11. You're here I was in a low level dungeon I'm a 90 sage I'm filthy casual geared in level 600 rating gear and this mentor who was in the party as the tank decided to do outrageous pulls not use his cooldowns or damage mitigations and pre-pull mitigations to test me on my skills on mechanics complete random stranger I do not have a returner flower on nor do I have a sprout at the beginning of my name yet this jerk decided without telling me and never meeting him to test me as a healer I was so so mad you don't do that I never asked you to teach me anything you have no right the play like you did and then admit you did it to teach me a lesson and how to handle mechanics like I'm not 90 I'm not geared out and I have no idea how to heal

  12. I blame toxic vanilla wow players. They have made players like me who played feral Druid back in the day feel like I was playing the game “wrong” for being a feral Druid. I had to give up dungeon gear to rogues, and couldn’t be allowed to do molten core because I wasn’t restoration.

  13. Personally, I don't do hardcore for partly just this reason. Social pressure is poison to me. It burns us! It freezes us! It's also just kinda EUGH y'know? Fuck that noise. They don't need my casual attitude and I don't need their hardcore grief. Also, I hear the content is really hard, and that's not for me.

    Other than that, I see people here saying they can absolutely tell when people aren't even trying vs. when they're just messing up and… No. No you cannot. If you think you can, that's just being conceited. You don't know what's happening on the other side of the screen, or behind someone else's eyes. You don't know their situation, their stress, their confusion, you don't know what nobody's ever explained to them, you don't know what their expectations are that aren't matching up with the reality, you don't know SHIT about them. People get harassed a lot because someone insists they're dragging everyone down on purpose. If you think you can magically tell the difference, then you're probably one of the harassers.

  14. I think an issue with FF is people definitely don't want any criticism sometimes. There's like a middle ground where you don't be mean like some can be of course but like an example a friend and I were in "The Vault" with a WHM who was obviously new right.

    We wiped 3 times on the first boss after the second time we were curious why they hadn't rezzed they said they had no MP. So we accepted that and went on, on the third run we notice they had no MP because they were using Cure 3 as their heal every time even as a single target so burning their MP.

    We told them Cure 3 wasn't meant for single targets and they left saying they'd do it with friends later. Now we didn't really say anything wrong but it was a situation where nothing could go further with an obvious solution, thing is things could get a lot worse for them if they went further doing that same thing. Just read your tooltips people

  15. The limit is when you queue for an Expert Roulette and the tank looks like it's their first time tanking anything. People on 70+ content that don't know what a stack marker, explosion marker, line stack marker are, which are EXTREMELY obvious with noises and arrows, and to a slightly lesser extent, puddle markers and the dorito stacker. Anyone who's played anything below lvl 70 seen those more than enough to know what they are.

  16. I almost timed out in my first run of Tower of Zot because I took a huge break, ate food and generally fooled around. Trusts don't mind that, it's ok, that's what they're here for.

    Ego trips are the biggest cause of the issues described in the video I think. They're at the core of all "not healing you" or "you pull, you tank" etc.

  17. I once had a tank who pulled a group but kept running around in circles. We were doing Stone Vigil, which is a lvl 41 dungeon. I tried to tell them that they didn't need to do that, and that they should keep still. They disagreed and kept running around. I was trying to let them know politely too. I told them that it can make things harder for people like me (I was either playing Monk or Samurai) who have positionals. But they retaliated that I didn't have any at that level. Which, at the time, I believe they were correct, so I couldn't really say much about that.. But it was still annoying. We still beat the dungeon, and you can argue that it doesn't matter if they were standing still or not because we still beat it. But it's annoying because there will always be that mentality of "Well it worked, therefore it isn't a problem" when you like running things how they are normally run. It's like when people pull the dragon to the north or the middle in Labyrinth of the Ancients. Pulling it to the middle potentially makes everyone take a lot of damage, but because you didn't die, it's ok. They believe that the ends justify the means.

  18. For instance about a week ago I did Shisui of the Violet Tides, a level 63 dungeon. And I encountered a Conjurer, i.e. a White Mage without their Job stone, I'd say that would be considered Griefing, they're not helping the group at all, a CNJ is much weaker than a WHM, they're missing a lot of spells & abilities, and you're literally wasting other players time. Me & the other two players tried to communicate with the CNJ, but they didn't reply, so instead we decided to kick them, and we got a proper healer as a replacement.

  19. First time I leveled DRK to 90 I missed the fact that DRK has a combo AoE, so I used Unmend all the way. Never had anyone complain about it tho, so doubt anyone even noticed. Now leveling it again on an alt, and feels so good compared to my first experience.


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