Most Requested Addon Features for FFXIV

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0:00 Intro & My question to the community
2:50 Regarding the DPS meter
3:55 Chat Bubbles
4:47 Buff Timers on Party Frames
5:12 Big CD Timers
5:38 Ping & FPS Counters ingame
6:11 Better Color Customization
7:28 Physical vs Magical Damage
8:53 Job Icons on target bars
10:16 Death Recap
10:37 What song is playing?
10:45 Load screens & start screens
11:13 Improving the netcode to solve ping issues
12:49 General UI fixes & Customization
14:03 Shields on ALL HP Bars
14:26 HP on Target Bar
14:42 More Buff & Debuff customization
15:19 Improve Housing Furnishing placement
17:05 TTS for Quests & other text
17:30 On Mods as Accessibility Tools
19:16 Message for the Devs from a Plugin Dev
21:14 Outro


20 thoughts on “Most Requested Addon Features for FFXIV”

  1. That's the part of this whole thing that drives me up the wall is that a lot of these features have been asked forever and have been ignored or told that it's impossible to implement. Like if you could actually make the battle log not terrible to filter/read, people would stop using FFlogs. Stuff like filter boss actions, filter player actions, add up total player damage (idk if that would be like some compromise to no dps meter because this is available in PVP so why not PVE?), death recap, timestamps, how much time progressed in that pull, etc. Customizable (choose what kind of logs you want it to read) text to speech for the battle log would also eliminate the need for ACT triggers since for most people that's what they use them for.

  2. Yay, more bloat!
    Actually I am quite happy the games Ui runs out of the box and can be modified to some extend.

    There are a few minor things that surely could be added but are not game breaking if missing.

    Had a few years in gw2 as well and surely many of you know that gw2's Ui basically can be scaled up and down in size. That's it. (I am exaggerating…)

    I wouldn't call neither of them (gw2/ff14) lacking something in particular in terms of features.

    They are games. Games come with circumstances and rules, that is what makes it a game. If you play it, you "work" with what you get.

    Making 'additions' to a game can make for a totally different, unrecognisable game, dumb it down or totally defeat the purpose of the game.

    Arguably ff14 has reached a lifespan where it should have most features, but having them wouldn't make it a better game, nor would lacking them make it a bad game.

    In fact not having all the features to cater the customer's demands might be the 'thing' what makes it a real game.

    Even reasonable requests like a death recap are mostly superfluous.
    And finding out what kills that's part of a deeper more valuable gaming experience. So the death recap and many other features might make ff14 more shallow than it should be.

  3. A thought occurred to me, so I’m sharing. As a former ESO and WOW player is weird coming from games where mods are accepted and allowed coming here. However, duh, this game is cross platform. And I suspect SE will never be able to allow mods because of their close relationship with Sony. It all came together when I realized that.

  4. Why are you talking about this so open? You made a video about unspoken rules and the main unspoken rule is don't talk about mods, how stupid can you be for views?

  5. I think it's important to note that combo plugins are also helpful for accessibility, it's not just about text-to-speech and colorblind modes. SE doesn't need to simplify PvE rotations down to a single button, but they should maybe consider adding an optional setting to condense certain combo strings individually, much like they've already done for certain combo actions that transform into their next step instead of being mapped on two separate buttons.

    It's why I'm frustrated by things like removing Kaiten from SAM. As a physically disabled gamer, removing Kaiten is not making the job more fun for me, but being able to condense combos would. I like having all these different actions in a rotation, I just don't necessarily think we need separate keybinds for every single one. It's very frustrating to enter my combos in the wrong order when I play SAM, because it's not like I don't know the order. The instructions just got muddled on their way from my brain to my fingertips. It's almost like kinesthetic dyslexia, if that makes sense.

    I can't really think of a way to describe it to people who don't have my particular form of cerebral palsy, but imagine if you had to think about breathing manually while you were juggling boss mechanics. That's kind of how it feels to play SAM with my fine-motor issues. I have to focus more on precise inputs for combos than most other people would, and this detracts from my ability to react to floor mechanics and other things that go on during a fight.

  6. I can relate to physical/magical damage determination. I would think the easiest go to option is to color code the cast bar. Leave it the color it is now for phys, give it a blue or purple color when it's magic. Would handle most skills except for abilities that are straight up insta cast

  7. I use randomized, unique passwords for every service so using an addon that stores the password and lets me log in with a single button is a huge timer saver and QoL improvement.

  8. Ping is really my most requested feature to be fixed. Since 5.3 my connection to the servers were brought down to "poor" and i'ved "excellent" and "medium/intermidiate" quality of connection before that patch.

  9. Long story short, it's THEIR game. And here in the West, people playing what is basically a foreign produced game, should respect the fact that what we might want for the game, is quite possibly not what is wanted by the devs or indeed the main playerbase of the game. Which is Japanese players. Anyone and everyone abusing the rules put in place which you agree to by subbing to the game, have no legitimate complaints when action is taken against people doing things which are contrary to the ToS of the game. Play it or don't would be my advice.

  10. I just want an option to disable auto-camera adjustment in legacy mode so I don’t have to always be adjusting it with the right stick while I’m running. And the option to hide job gauges while not in combat/targeting an enemy.

  11. It’s laughable that the devs keep telling us certain features are “impossible”, yet plugin devs are able to update those selfsame features from their mods/plugins oftentimes mere days after patches drop.

  12. I hope they never add the dps meter. It's one of the biggest breaths of fresh air since coming over from WoW and constantly worrying about being a slight notch higher than the guy below me rather than just having fun. I know I could just not use it, but I'd rather just not have the option so I don't even think about it.


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