Lore Review- FFXIV Dawntrail, Launch Trailer

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We’re getting close to the expansion now my friends! This will likely be the last lore review I do before the big drop so lets get out our tin foil hats and theorize about everything going on!

Mamool Ja/Tural Lore- https://youtu.be/XlFfhFqfIyI
Convocation 14- https://youtu.be/xpkTSm5X-JM

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44 thoughts on “Lore Review- FFXIV Dawntrail, Launch Trailer”

  1. Considering how important Amaurot is to our characters story, and the story of the world, it would be weird to just act like the topic is done and dusted…
    Their efforts to merge your oldest self (Azem) and your current life are pretty interesting, too. “Yes please tell me more about this past life and why I wasn’t around for the one significant event that changed my life forever.”

  2. I think Tradition vs Progress will be a big theme in Dawntrail.

    Also yeah, I'm totally calling the 12th Shard playing a major role. There's no chance every other Shard just allowed the Ascians to run rampant without a contingency of sorts.

  3. What I find interesting about the Void questline that I don't think many realize, is that it probably wouldn't have raised to a world-ending threat unless we arrived and starting poking about. By Golbez's admission, it would've taken him much longer to enact his plan had we not come through with our bountiful aether and a portal to the other side. We took a big risk and actually endangered the Source by doing what we did, for a bit of adventure (initially at least, we of course had better reasons once we learned of azdaja's plight and the truth behind golbez/zero).

    Ultimately it ended well, providing good progress in Y'shtolas studies, it set up potential progress for the 13th to stabilize and opens up the potential to stabilize the remaining shards. But it makes me wonder if the WoL is going to become a bit of a force of nature that is as dangerous as they are helpful wherever they go. I think it'd be fun to have the WoL be a bit controversial, that they keep sticking their finger in pies it doesn't belong and it's causing problems, making us a bit more morally grey than before.

  4. 2:48 That title may have just been what the Mamool Ja's ruler was called before Tural was unified.
    4:45 That music there is from the opera scene in FF6.
    12:58 The other head will speak as well. Yoshi-P said in the live letter that each head has a different voice actor, and that this is also the case for the other two-headed Mamool Ja.
    19:59 Phrasing! XD
    21:40 There are 5. Everyone always forgets that Emmerololth appears in the MSQ after they're supposed to have died.

  5. Around 19:15 The problem with that, it's the presentation in VIII it was more peaceful and with very few military uses. This, especially with the interior we saw previously, scream more Xeno franchise, at less aesthetically inspire.

  6. And Scribe is first in the chute after spending 4 hours transcribing PLL notes! Whatcha thinking about them saying specifically that Viper history will be included in the job questline?

  7. Getting Lyse in SB vibes from Wuk. Hopefully she starts growing quickly and doesn't just get angry and clench her fist when people won't just support her for no reason when she claims she's gonna be the Dawnservant.

  8. And there's also houses from Alexandria in Heritage Found and Alexandria Castle on the right of Eliminator
    What a blend.

    Maybe… dunno, Heritage Found would be literally "heritage" from other final fantasies and we will see some "villages" from other entries as "fanservice nods" or "simulations", well that's absurdly game theory from me.
    Anyway, i feel Heritage Found itself would be also very interesting location, it have a feeling of a testing ground of sort

  9. I have a theory on what the Golden city is. It's a theory of mine with very loose threads and I wouldn't be surprised if its debunked by whatever details I might have missed playing through the game.

    I have a sinking suspicion that the Golden City is a large chunk collection of Amaurot. The real Amaruot and below are my flimsy reasons why I believe so.

    First. In the tempest we see physical pieces of the actual city buried beneath the sands and stones of the zone sunken underneath the ocean before we arrive via Bismark's help. Later we learn from what I understand that Anamnesis Anyder is a physical ruin of the old city and not a part of Emet-selch's Aetherical imitation.

    Second. Friends and I have theorized the possibility of more pieces of the ruins could be seen in the other shards and I also remembered that the geography between the shards are supposedly similar if we're to compare the 1st and the Source. We find the pieces of Amaurot somewhere south of Kholusia which is believed to be similar to La Noscea. South to more South west of La Noscea is the New World or at least little bits of the land shrouded by clouds on the new world map we were given at the end of the MSQ and if the Golden city is inferred to be somewhere in their lands… I felt there was some connection if not one of the thinnest of straws so far.

    Third and probably the tiniest and most thinnest of the straws I could draw here, when we battle Elidibus for the 4th time in Pandaemonium, the arena battle in clearly looks to be the meeting room for the Convocation. Maybe the color choice is most likely for the theme of the fight, Elidibus using Light and Dark magic… but couldn't help but notice the entire surroundings being very bright, shiny and gold. Also if you look outside the windows of said arena, no surprise that it takes place within the city of Amaurot with the tiniest glimpse of it in its hayday. Looking at the golden details and other decorations within the room had me thinking there was a chance the city was much more vibrant and golden accents to it.

    Lastly, one could say the Amaurot in the tempest didn't appear very vibrant or shiny when we went to visit it but.. I mean it is deep under the ocean. Also when entering some of the buildings in the city or the two Duties involved in it, they had plenty of golden designs in their structure of their rooms and hallways. As to WHY the Golden City would be a big chunk of Amarout? no idea… but I think there's still much to learn from the ancients and there are still some Ascians out there as was just mentioned. Who knows, a collection of ruins still pretty intact like the Anyder, perhaps a group of people or multiple groups of people over the years since the sundering could have used/repurposed it for their own needs.

    Just a dumb theory.

  10. This seems weird but Solution 9 and/or the vault thing gives me big Ronkan Vibes. Lots of angles and gold coloring at bits, Which makes me wonder if it's from another Shard. I also don't believe Solution 9 was always just there in the New World sticking out of the landscape like a sore thumb. I believe that relic or key triggers something causing Solution 9 and potentially the tech savy invasion folks to emerge and appear. Else why would we need to discover it, surely someone would easily have been able to chart a map straight to it even if they couldn't enter it?

  11. Why do people think Solution 9 has anything to do with the city of gold? The city of gold is El Dorado, it's a mythical city in South America/Tural. Solution 9 is in like Montana, it's not even the same continent. Also why would South Turalians travel up to damn near Alberta, see a big purple dome, and call it a "city of gold"? Solution 9 is a player hub. It's this expac's version of Radz at Han and Eulmore. We're going to go there at like level 93 and unlock the aetheryte at 97, it's not an expansion spanning mystery.

  12. The only good take that the I've seen about Wuk Lamat's VA was from JesseCox, and it is the fact that her VA actually makes the effort to make her character sound cat like, instead of the generic tomboy voice №86 we got over on the JP side, ughhh

  13. The way I dealt with the Final Days was by leveling the Dark Knight after I hit the end of the MSQ. It gave my character a chance to melt the hell down and then heal. Perfect transition.

  14. I’m excited for DT because I think the politics could be hella interesting. And I genuinely love Wuk Lamat. We have a good handful of tropes so that type of shonen-esc, stepping into a role for the greater good but unsure if the consequences sorta thing is fresh for the cast. Also, her voice actor is amazing and talented, and I love her performance in 6.55. I do agree that having her say the same things with different flavors in the trailer is eh, but the lines likely will be spread out over the entire MSQ rather than 4 minutes of trailers

  15. Something I find really curious, is the difference in voiceline of the mysterious girl between the english and german version of the trailer. Its not like just diffrent ways to say the same thing but completly different meanings. The german Version roughly translated goes something like this "Now my plans finally come to fruition. Since I hold the keys in my hands."

    Would be intressting to know how this scene plays out in the japanese and french versions. If it just the german version that is weird or if the englisch version leaves something out intentionally.

  16. The enigmatic maiden is Alexandrian. She bears the emblem of Alexandria on her dress in the character bios image. She's wearing something reminiscent of Garnet's wedding gloves and head accessories.

  17. Every character needs a starting point so I don’t mind how obnoxious Wuk Lamat is. Especially considering she has a lot of character flaws. She is arrogant, cowardly and a braggart who gets in over her head and needs the help of friends like Erenville. Erenville seems to be exhausted being around her which definitely is some insight into her personality flaws and is potentially for future tension in the story.

  18. Autarch is a greek word and I'd say with the emphasis on proper cultural representation for Dawntrail (the most obvious parallel being retiring New World for Tural) that it was just a term retired in place for one that fits the culture we're shown better. The explanation is probably even the same as the proper name of the continent, that being that the terms "New World" and "Autarch" were just terms that the cultures of the Three Great Continents used for ease of remembrance, use, and a lack of greater cultural knowledge for a society that was at most a subject of novelty for people who never interacted with it directly.


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