Jesse Plays OMEGA: BEYOND THE RIFT | Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

Time for Lil’ JC to dive into “Omega: Beyond the Rift” – a side quest in FFXIV during the release of Patch 6.15! Don’t think I’m prepared to hang out with Alpha again and I have a sore throat… but let’s do this!

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Enter the next chapter of Final Fantasy Online. Warriors of light have come, yet shadowed by their triumph in the First, the Warrior of Light and Scions of the Seventh Dawn are home at last. An even greater calamity than refulgent oblivion has been building in their absence, however─a second advent of the Final Days. Should all despair, the myriad conflicts that now ravage the land cannot but foretoken an end to life in the Source. Take heart in the faith of those who walk beside you, and journey ever higher─to the very stars above. Journey to Thavnair, the imperial capital of Garlemald, and even the moon! Explore new jobs like Sage and Reaper and a new playable race with the male Viera!

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