I'm Not Quitting FFXIV but..

We need to talk about FINAL FANTASY XIV.
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About Final Fantasy XIV 0:00
Diablo Immortal “Target Audience” 9:54
When Mcconnell gets in the call 17:33
Elden Ring: Browser Game 18:37
FFXIV | Dom Wick 21:09

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43 thoughts on “I'm Not Quitting FFXIV but..”

  1. Shit atleast all that stuff the girl has in that Diablo Immortal "target audience" video actually has some resell value as long as she takes care of it which looks like she does.

  2. Ban them all. If their toxic behavior is keeping you from enjoying yourself, why would you not? You ask why you would want to do that to your audience, but just because you ban them that doesn't mean they can't watch. Literally any other show with a live audience would immediately throw those assholes out, what's so different about this situation? No need to beat your head over it, just ban and move on dude.

  3. "It's a you problem" it really isn't. Pyromancer had the same problem with a portion of his viewers who would harass him when he would play Elden Ring.
    Asmon should be able to play what he wants so he can actually have fun. I don't understand battering the streamers over something so simple

  4. "if this keeps happening, I won't play it"

    telling the trolls/people that don't want Asmon to play how to win. calling it now, he'll give it to the end of the week and its over. sad times, as i think he would really enjoy the story/extremes etc.

    a year ago, asmon was playing games 80% of streams. now its 20% of streams. he's a reaction streamer that occasionally plays MMOs. gamers fell for the hype again, just like so many other games.

  5. watched you for years, YEARS and yep the complaining did start around FF starting. People will try the dumbest shit to get control or/of people to do stuff they want. Stand up for yourself Asmon as you always done. I hope people get over being whiners and you do continue your adventure at your pace of FF. Games are suppose to be fun.

  6. 'I'm starting up the game that you like guys,' streams game for one day for 2 hours, takes 2 days off then does 5 1/2 hours of 'intros' and 1 hour and some change of said game. 'Why're you guys mad?' It's not hard to see why some people are not happy with your 'big announcement.'

  7. I think Asmon is spot on for the complains about '5 hour intro' is from the FF community coming in eager to watch his FF stream. People need to realize that he's an "React Andy" first and game streamer second now.

  8. Idk I think react content has killed creator passion for many youtubers.. I don't have time to watch full streams nor do I really want to, but majority of asmongolds content now is reacting.. and I'm sorry gets kinda boring my guy.. still love you asmongold but I've continued playing ff14 and it's amazing. I wish you could cancel the noise to see for yourself. And if you truly don't like it or just don't want to play it just say so..

  9. At this point, I'd prefer if Asmon just played FFXIV offstream, when he's ready to actually play it. Trolls and overzealous FF andies are why we can't have nice things.

  10. I understand why they are mad, you keep mentioning it as if you’re gonna be on it. Just don’t bring it up dude , simply don’t put it in your titles and stuff because you never know when you’re actually gonna play it. If they have no expectations then they can’t be disappointed. It’s that simple, and if people get upset that you’re not playing, you can simply say, “ I never said I was doing that”

  11. Long term viewer here, I normally love your content no matter what the game is but I really feel like you haven't been fair to your audience here. Announcing a grand return to the game and delivering so little content is going to leave people disappointed. FF is my main game now so I'd love to see you enjoy it but maybe it's best if you just stick to the normal WoW/Lost ark fare if you're not having fun.

  12. Sorry, but this is a bad take
    You even admit to wasting more time than usual before playing the game, so of COURSE people are getting annoyed
    I only watch your youtube videos about it, so it doesn’t affect me
    But I can still see how your viewers would get pissed about having their time wasted

  13. He is making drama out of nothing
    Just don't play the game or play it in zackraw if u actualy like it.
    Every time same story
    Today ppl weren't even mad at him, they accepted the voting and had fun whit fall guys
    But he had to make drama or what else?
    His content toke a real dive after the process.

  14. People need to chill out. Asmon barely escaped the doom of being a wow only streamer so he probably is defensive about something similar happening

  15. Honestly when i saw that asmongold was returning to final fantasy 14, i took some time off to hopefully watch live and ended up watching like more hours of intros than final fantasy 14. Granted i haven’t been keeping up with the format these days Asmon is doing but i remember he would say that he would stream the game on his title early so some of us can sleep earlier (i’m in a different timezone). But honestly i just want asmon to be happy and not feel pressured to play. It’s okay to change title if you are not going to play said advertised game for the day.

  16. So sick of this shit, "its only FF" "its all FF players". Even fuckin Mcconnel tells you your intros are too long and he dosnt play FF. I personally dont give a shit how long intros are, but putting entire blame on FF players is wrong. Your chat will true you no matter what you say. You make a big deal about playing FF14, so people are gonna wanna see it. Remove it from your stream title and it wont be as big a deal. "BIG DAY- FFXIV MSQ, REACTIONS CATCHING UP" Hype the game for months on end, Hype up title, get mad when people are hyped for it.

  17. And u don't do intro
    U make 5 to 6 hour of reaction
    And then do side content.
    U are turning in a worst version of Mizkiff.
    And he(Miz) is now reaching the bottom, he has to give money to chat to have an audience.
    Now is still profitable, but 1 maybe 2 year from now, won't be, just like cable. or netflix.

  18. You need to post on reddit, if you want to actually want him to read your comments. I don't think he reads any of the youtube comments as it's mainly run by his mods/editors.

  19. FFXIV fan here. The game’s community sucks. However Asmon chooses to proceed is fine with me. The dipshits who come into the subreddit and try to make it FFXIV2 are the biggest eyesores on earth. Do whatever you want, Asmon, just like always.

  20. First, I know Asmon doesn't read these comments, but the reason people love watching FFXIV content so bad is because it's really good and entertaining. You have great commentary and generally have a good retention for the lore. It's a damn good stream. Most of your gaming content is good, actually, but I don't really watch Lost Ark (except the hilarious gamba streams) or stupid Diablo Immortal. And like you said, WoW is fine but we've all played the hell out of it so no one cares, lol.

    To the community: Stop complaining or he'll stop playing the game. Seriously, grow up a little and stop fidgeting and whining like kids saying "WHEN R WE GONNA GET THERE." Seriously shut the hell up or he'll turn the car around and NO ONE will get FFXIV.

  21. Are you surprised that people want to see you play the game they enjoy? I think people are getting tired of the react content, especially when you hype up your return to playing the game. With that said, Asmon is free to do as he pleases because it is his stream, but don't be surprised when you say you're going to play a game, and then don't and leave a bunch of people annoyed that you're attempting to do literally everything else possible. People are just excited to see him go through and enjoy the game, it has an extremely passionate fanbase for a reason. Not sure what else to say.

  22. >Hypes up coming back to streaming it for months
    >Gives a hard date for it to begin
    >Spends 4.5 hours reacting to people reacting to him
    >Does less than one level's worth of quests in the intro of SB and quits for the day
    >"We'll play more next time"
    >Next stream says FF14 later in the title
    >People wait another 5 hours
    >Start getting impatient and ask when he's going to stream what he actually advertised
    >Doesn't even stream it
    >Next FF14 stream he takes 6 hours to get to actually playing, makes it to kugane and quits
    >Has yet to play it again since
    >"Bros I don't get why these FF andies are so mad bros? Anyways as always I'm keepin it real big dick today let's watch a one hour video and stretch it out into 2.5 hours"


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