How FFXIV Treats the Open World is Shameful

How FFXIV Treats the Open World is Shameful
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23 thoughts on “How FFXIV Treats the Open World is Shameful”

  1. One of my earliest memories of FF14 is clearing out a camp in Bronze Lake during a FATE, and having NPCs resettle the camp. A small vendor popped up, and it reminded me of Guild Wars 2. I can't recall anything like this happening anywhere else in the open world. The open world does seem left by the way side. Imagine if doing Levequests, Grand Company levequests, or FATES could open up new areas of the map. New vendors pop up, new paths open up, the main camp looks nicer, etc It reminds me of prepping zones for the World Boss Train in GW2, so the giant group could move from zone to zone, and take out the bosses as they spawned.

  2. i agree with the title, tbh its dead, it does not offer any kind of risk, i miss getting agro by a mob and fear for my life lol and tbh it missed notorious monsters like XI or 1.0

    i agree that there is no thf job to gain advantage of notorious monsters, and yes we have hunts, but tbh those are worthless lol i dont think they drop anything

    but that is just me

    if they added back hamlet defense like in 1.0 that would give more ways to level and enjoy the open world

    or campaign or besiged like XI

    i read the comments that we have hunts, maps and fates, but tbh outside of experience only maps offer real value (unless hunts give stuff outside of minions with nuts and stuff)

    i miss goin for coffers on the zones or just farming a key or just an item from notorious monster that i can use

    and sadly crafting materials for green gear are sold on npc there is no need to go outside, unless u starting to gather or craft so pretty much the open world will stay dead

  3. Let's be honest. Even if they did something more with the overworld (not open world as its objectively not open world) we would all just sit and queue like we do now. We will grind it out for a week and be done with it you, and everyone who expects stuff like this, clearly have zero clue how much work goes into content for mmos and how long it takes. Want mainline updates? This is the cost unless they hire a whole new team or at the very least add several dozen new members

    Xiv isn't perfect, but people need to be realistic about what can ant can't be done and more importantly if it's worth the time investment for the devs.

  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with how 14 treats the open world content. Not every fucking game needs to me FF1. I like the game as it stands. You want some open world game, take your ass and play 11 or one of those sandboxes that will be dead in a week. Hard nope on everything you just said. Same ol brian nobody talks more shit about 14 than you. Why not just make this NW channel and get it over with.

  5. Actually in Star Wars the old republic they have something called conquest. Where their guilds compete for control over a zone and certain zones are highlighted and grant bonus rewards. The scores are checked at the end of the week and are earned by doing basically any content in the game. Rewards for controlling a zone depend on the size of the zone and how much competition there was for it. It’s a really amazing system that drives open world content and guild participation because of the player wants the reward his guild earns, he has to contribute a minimum amount each week, with bonuses for being higher on the list of contributors. Check it out for sure.

  6. I was never able to stick with GW2 for too long, but boy their individual zones were great (minus a couple that had annoying gimmicks).
    XIV zones are only mildly compelling when visiting for the first time and collecting Aether Currents, then you just zippity zap teleport around and fly over in a straight line.

  7. If they want Open World more interact between players, they need to fix from roots.

    No content tie with MSQ, no more roulette, push people to go open world but that will cause very long queue to instant, Which they will not force players to do that for sure.

    players always find fastest way to grind min max thing. If fastest way is roulette, then open world will have short life after content release.

    example: BDO tie progression with Open World but to cost of that is many many thing, world boss cluster fuck, farming zone always have players and ready to kill everyone(fuck this shit).

    It hard to make Open World lively If they not force to do.

  8. My only regret is that your content style has changed. I have always enjoyed your content before you have decided to just start picking fights, damn the topic, the context or the consequences. And then framing it as being repressed or censored for your trials and tribulations. I respect your opinions, and even agree broadly in this case. But I have lost interest in your channel. Thank you for all of your hard work, and good luck to you.

  9. like evasion acc all of tht need to me added ya ppl going to *** we all know this but thts what make mmorpgs great ff11 was a good ideal with the open world experience and food buffs also the merit points to make everyone different i would love to see thm also sub jobs

  10. A system like GW2 in FFXIV would bring all the areas back to life. I've been playing since 1.0 and it saddens me how the old areas from ARR, HW are practically empty. The fates, the hunts, the leves (nobody hardly does them) hardly pull their weight to attract players to these zones.

  11. I disagree, server culture was a lot better. A lot of people have stupid or weird ways to do or behave on some server. Look back at the billboard story. Yeah you find it funny, but as Legacy Player, that made my server a pain to access. I don't want the entirety of the planet clogging my server because of one idiot who did something idiot so all the bored people come over.

  12. Hunts and FATEs aside, players go to open world for mainly two reasons: gathering (for crafting) and item farming. Unfortunately the farming piece is also solely towards crafting. You have zero reasons, as a dps, to keep farming mobs for a specific non-crafting drop related. There is no desirable loot, no reputation farm (and for that, THANK GOD). FATEs are also limited to a few useful rewards, from Gold Saucer cards and achievements to coin for exchange to another item (mount and minion, mostly). But you still have no gear, no weapon, no nothing to make players WANT to be outside killing mobs. Plus, the MB usually makes short of the time invested into outdoor areas, so you spend time doing something else to sell on MB and you also buy materials and gear from the MB (or from retainers).

    I support the hot zone concept in bringing players into a certain zone every now and then. But then, I do remember when WoW had the opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj, and it was a sh!tshow of disconnects, crashes and all sorts of trouble. Not that some FATEs aren’t already similar – they only aren’t as bad since in XIV players vanish from your view when a certain player count is reached. And this takes part of the immersion of being on a MMO game flooded with people by your side.

    Adding tokens to entry level gear drop from outdoor bosses or randomly from enemies would make much more folks go outside to the environment – making these competitive against normal crafted gear. However to do so, SqE would need to nerf how experience is gained by low level players being “rushed” by max level chars not in a party – otherwise it would also trivialize the token farm for low level players. And even if they do this, a high level crafter would still be able to make HQ gear, so there still is less incentive to be playing outdoors…

    Hard choices. More time events as of the Summer days or the upcoming Rising Stones, but giving you useful gear matching your level? Or perhaps a constant Moogle Treasure Trove giving tokens randomly when you kill a monster in your level range? Anything, really, to allow folks to get items outside duties, would be a better solution to the great emptiness of the maps today.

  13. I get where you’re coming from Brian but I think calling it shameful is tone deaf. The problem with that stuff is that FFXI and 1.0 were full of jank and time-wasting bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I was 16 when FFXI released and some of my best memories were camping Leaping Lizzy and Hoo Mjuu the torrent with my buddies in LAN parties, but I don’t have time for that anymore. I get maybe 3 hours max to play per day, with frequent interruptions, and the fact that FFXIV’s content experience is so tightly curated is what gives me the ability to play at all. I don’t want to be griefed by people all day competing for open world resources and sandbox dominance. That shit made me miserable in WoW. You have some good points but idk man I have a different perspective. No disrespect to you!

  14. As someone coming form GW2 who tried FF14 a while ago (and is still planning on coming back and catch up with the story), the emptiness of the open world was a mayor pain point for me. To give proper context: I started playing FF14 about two years ago and made it up into the beginning of Shadowbringers before the launch of Endwalker.

    I love to explore the world. I love to occasionally do things with random people together. But in FF14 there is simply no reason to do that, aside from unlocking flying, completing your sightseeing journal, resource gathering or – of course main and side quests. Once that is done, there is absolutely no reason to come back. The fates are a nice idea to make people to work together, but as there is no reason to seek them out specifically when you are already done with a zone, you don't get that many people around there anyway (at least in mid level zones). And that is really a shame, because the zones look great, but with the exception of people flying by to a quest hub, it feels pretty much as if you are alone in the world and playing a single player game.

    To change that, there are just a few things FF14 would need to implement:
    – Scale character levels according to a zone, so the mobs don't get one-shotted. (As a side note: I don't like the way scaling removes abilities or even jobs – that always messes up with the rotation I am trying to learn as a still-new-player)
    – Add more repeatable reasons to come back to a zone; do that in a way that encourages exploration and cooperation

  15. Well, the truth is that more people hate Eureka or Bozja than like it. I prefer the current method. This single player game with some MMO element style is better for me. A less open world is better because it will be less compulsory sociality. I am playing games for less sociality not more sociality. I want it to be not like WOW or other MMORPG.

  16. I don't really get the issue with open world. There's plenty of gatherers and crafters especially when special item time comes. Also fates that give special items or the grind for gems bring many people in there. Not to mention the S and A beast hunts. I always see other people. The game just isn't designed for mob grinds and world pvp so naturally there's less people there

  17. I personally think there is absolutely nothing wrong with the open world in 14, in fact I am glad there is nothing wasting my time. But I wouldn't complain if they find something you could do that wouldn't chain you to grinding it to get something half way useful, I don't think competitive faction grind mechanics will make people gravitate towards the zones though


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