Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Is Perfect (Analysis / Video Essay)

Today, I will be talking about how much I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers and why I think it’s perfect by making an analysis in a video essay. From begging to end Shadowbringers sets itself apart from the rest of FFXIV’s expansions by building this game as if it was a regular single-player Final Fantasy game in my opinion making it perfect. Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers is the culmination of creative business unit 3’s aspirations that started back in A Realm Reborn. And the fact that Shadowbrigers is getting this praise is only natural.

Intro 0:00
Flipping Light & Dark 0:37
Setting & Enviorment 2:05
Characters 3:55
Themes 6:42
Gameplay & Story Meshing Together 7:23
Outro 8:56

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