Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – #35 – An End to the Song

The climactic showdown is upon us!

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0:00 – Introduction

0:29 – QUEST: “An End to the Song”

13:11 – TRIAL: The Final Steps of Faith

21:19 – QUEST: “An End to the Song” (continued)

29:06 – QUEST: “Heroes of the Hour”

35:17 – QUEST: “Litany of Peace”

37:02 – Several cutscenes will play in sequence.

49:34 – QUEST: “Litany of Peace” (continued)

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Edited by Daniel Floyd

♫ “Pray Return” by Chris Logsdon

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24 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – #35 – An End to the Song”

  1. This is the moment I fell in love with the game.

    I started slowly liking it more and more since Garuda but it's this Niddhog fight that made me feel this truly is a special game.

    Anyways, I think last time I didn't give the lyrics to "Dragonsong". So here they go

    Children of the land, do you hear

    Echoes of truths that once rang clear?

    Two souls intertwined

    One true love they did find

    Bringing land and heavens near

    But flames that burned full bright, soon fell dark

    Memories dimmed by shadowed hearts

    In the waxing gloom, did wane the lovers' moon

    Watching as their worlds drift apart

    One soul's cry, a passion dwelling within

    Sacrifice, a final plea to her kin

    Yet this bond of hope, by treachery was broke

    Scattering her words to the wind

    Swelling over long

    Seas of blood are a song

    And death an afterthought

    To those who fight for naught

    A throne lying empty

    A reign incomplete

    Alone for eternity

    A pain without cease

    Children of the land, answer this;

    Why must you turn to empty bliss?

    Tell me why break trust, why turn the past to dust

    Seeking solace in the abyss?

    Tell me why create a circle none can break?

    Why must you let go, the life you were bestowed?

    This I fear I'll never know

    Never know

  2. This patch basically solidified my love of this game tbh and also really started in on my wol’s character development. Like, I could practically hear Gen demanding of Estinnien while he begged for death “we have already lost Heaurchefant and Ysayle and so many others along the way; I WILL NOT LOSE YOU TOO.” And then he sods off in the middle of the night and it takes longer for Gen to court him, the bastard (affectionate) lol.

  3. Now that we are here I can recommend people to watch the new hardest fight in the game "Dragonsong's Reprise"

    It's a series of bossfights for a couple of minutes.

    Amazingly this one has a plot. It basically has us going back in time and detailing what could've happened had we managed to save Haurchefant from the spear.

    It's great and incredibly hard

  4. Who else got a giggle from the fact the size of the dragons are the inverse of the size of the raiders at the beginning of the episode?
    Also before I started the Nidhogg duty I was filled with dread, since I did not know what would become of Estinien.

  5. Everytime I watch "that scene" when the hands come into frame, I just tear appart crying : ' )

    On a lighter note: Did Durmin just get a dragon eye (first brood edition), or does he need to return it? Will it be late fees?

  6. so re: that stack marker that keeps on hitting.
    Akh Morn is actually a mechanic you have seen before during the binding coils in T13. It's a fairly generic dragon mechanic they bring up over and over again, and it adds one additional hit for every time it was cast. IIRC it starts at 3 with the second cast being 4 and so on.
    In general the game is fairly consistent with having mechanics with the same name working the exact same way (with some exceptions. Namely stuff named after player skills. See all the "Fire IV" spells that work entirely different. Sometimes it's an AoE, sometimes it's a tank buster.

  7. Right around here is where this game went from ‘a thing to hang out with my friends and play’ to ‘owns my soul’ for me 😅 The fight is really fun, too, still one of my favourites in terms of both mechanics and Drama

  8. It's kind of hilarious to me that in the course of, I don't know how long canonically but let's say a year, Ser Aymeric and pals managed to transform Ishgard from a highly heirarchical and frankly fascistic theocracy, with literal eternal war and murderous inquisitions, into a republic objectively more democratic than my own.

    A House of Lords and a House of Commons is the same basic structure as in Britain.
    But we also still have a hereditary monarch.

  9. There is no cooler way to arrive to a battle than on dragonback. It's like Winged Hussars, but better.

    One thing I'm becoming increasingly conflicted on is how FF14 is handling the final fights. Does it make sense for them to be raids? Yes. Does it bring the pace to a screeching halt when there's a cool cutscene and "new Duty unlocked" pops up? For me, also yes. It also feels weird. You go from being the only adventurer there, about to 1v1 something huge and scary, to a team fight… and then for the very next cutscene, you're alone again. Why not just make it a duel?
    I'm a bit surprised Aymeric didn't shout for the eyes to be destroyed. It's a much more permanent solution.
    44:15 Ishagard is now basically Britain, idk why, but I find this immensely amusing.

  10. (Spoiler in reply for the 6.2 Heavensward update)

    Man, 3.3 has got to be my second favorite X.3 ending. That's saying a lot since X.3 endings tend to be REALLY good. It's mainly how things resolve, the theatrics, the game leaving things on a positive note- stuff like that. This wasn't the part where I fell in love with the game, it was at the end of ARR, but this is the first time I REALLY appreciated patch trials, you know?

    As for mechanics, this trial- the Final Steps of Faith- was the first time you'd see the stack marker in the MSQ. Stack markers only existed in raids and optional content at the time, but if you ignored all of that, this is where you'd first experience stacking up with others and taking the blows as a team.

    For a fun fact, this trial now has a downscaled version in 6.2! Due to Estinien now becoming a trust in Heavensward, the fight with Nidhogg in the Aery is much different than what was seen in the playthrough, becoming a 0.5x version of the Final Steps of Faith. It even has Hot Wings/Hot Tail, a stack marker in the form of Horrid Blaze, and Cauterize.

  11. Seems like they could have found a better way to dispose of nidhig's eyes then just throwing them off a mountain. Some crazy power hungry fool could totally just climb (or fly, this world has flying) down there to get the eyes.


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