FFXIV Yoshi-P On PvP Griefing and Policies

What can you do and shouldn’t do in Final Fantasy XIV’s PvP modes
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17 thoughts on “FFXIV Yoshi-P On PvP Griefing and Policies”

  1. I think I have a total of two wins in all the games I've played in pvp. Between my connection to the servers always being 'Poor' from Ohio and just trying to find a class I am comfortable with I think I should just stay in casual. lol As for the toxicity, it will always be present in some form because there are just those people out there.
    After a match, win or lose, I like to hit the 'Good Match' or 'Nice Job' chat command and then 'Thank You' if I can. These are on a totally different bar and have to be clicked, so I have 4 on my bar, which are the three I mentioned as well as 'Hello'. I have no desire to be a "leader" and call out "Push the Crystal" or "Fall back and regroup", that is not something I'd do. I would never be yelling anything except "Come on guys, we can do it" or something of the like. Have a great day and thanks for the video!

  2. lol that's cute. The main game I've played with my wife for years is overwatch. The things said during your average, casual, chill arcade match would get them banned for eternity in FF! XD

  3. I admit that i've just sat at the start for a few seconds to calm down after being reduced to a striking dummy for the 35th time. Because there is NO SKILL involved if your enemy can't fight back and anyone who says otherwise is talking out of their arse. The best i can do is limit myself to 5 matches a day but after this series i'm completely finished with it. One less striking dummy for all those "skilled" players to kill.

  4. I haven't seen much, if any, negative or abusive behavior myself, but my win rate is under 40% so I've yet to make it out of Bronze. LOL Losing repeatedly is frustrating but don't take it out on other folks. When I get frustrated I switch jobs to try for a fresh perspective, or go do a dungeon, or just hang out in FC chat for a while before trying again.

  5. I think players losing over and over is causing frustration for players breaking down in a big losing streak. It's very hard to rank up at the 2nd week of this new PvP.
    I notice a big change on pvp on higher ranks and people start spamming it on screw up people make "nice job" or "good match" , but a part of that is cheats or pluggins are causing this grief "announcing you abilities" ? And auto target them when they about to use a lb or whenever they are less than half health. I have seen players very very accurate in those abilities it feels unreal. But it does suck to lose over an over to bot users.

  6. If pvp aint for you then don’t play it! If you cant handle losing then don’t play it! If you’re easily frustrated DONT PLAY IT. Good lord. Lastly, IF YOU DONT WANT TO PLAY IT THEN DONT! IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND GOOD LORD. Banter in pvp is normal, if you can’t handle it THEN DONT PLAY IT.

  7. Honestly, this new policy about PVP has been recieved negatively by the FFXIV Community as a whole. While being a member of several FFXIV FB groups (yes, I know FB is VERY toxic in of itself), the absolute outrage and overall rejection of the behavior policies is enormous!

    In one group in particular, the disapprovement of the behavioral policies is a CONSTANT DAILY DISCUSSION! Mostly filled with toxic outrage and complete negativity of said changes.

    Sadly, whether banishment is a threat or not, players within the community will ignore the warnings of Yoshi-P and will continue with their behaviors they deem as appropriate.

  8. I only pvp for the golden horse. I didn't have any issue with people's behavior. I was playing as a paladin and my win rate was about 30%. the match was quick so although i had low win rate i didnt feel like needing to raging on others


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