FFXIV – Viper Job Overview, Thoughts & Tips (Live Letter 81)

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33 thoughts on “FFXIV – Viper Job Overview, Thoughts & Tips (Live Letter 81)”

  1. Viper being similar to Reaper was the one thing I was most afraid of. I found Reaper to be pretty boring. I’ll withhold full judgement until I have Viper in my hands. Definitely gonna level it regardless.

  2. My concern is that since your ranged attacks don't fill up your gauge, then it'll be a reaper situation where any downtime causes you to drift your burst windows. Very frustrating gameplay when you're progging new bosses.

  3. The way you described it was super confusing. I thought I understood it but you just confused me again and it doesn't sound simple and straight forward AT ALL, when it did before.

  4. I think Viper’s class fantasy is great with the exception of the name. It feels more like a bounty hunter which is cool and makes sense in the scope of the expansion because we are essentially a hired blade in a competition for the right of succession. Wish the there was a bit more of a snake motif but other than that I think it actually is one of the more thematically on the nose jobs.

  5. I'm still just so happy that I got exactly what I'd hoped for in a second Scouting melee, that being dual swords or a twinblade/glaive
    And it's looking like what I'd hoped for as well, just pure fast strikes, combo into combo into combo, then unleash whatever you've built
    Can't wait for June, man

  6. I appreciate having another job that's more about maintaining upkeep on personal buffs and less having timed buffs on a cooldown. I dislike jobs with raid buffs so having another melee where I can just go in there and do my thing is great.

  7. God, am I slow.
    I saw this clip a lot by other people and saw the viper only confused. With all the skills that shines up and so one.
    Only yet have I the feeling, that I understand him (must see in the practice).
    Instant of „wich skill have i now to press“ is it mostly only number 4,5 and, what shines up than.
    Than have whe the first line. Who is similary to the high jump combo of the dragoon or void skills of reaper. And than some extra skills, who looks to be loaded first.

    Now, is the viper remind me more to the drg or monk (hope, I don’t have to press so much skills in 2 bars, that is the case by the reaper and hurt my finger over time).

  8. He looks to be the opposite to blm (what is for the moment the drg).
    BLM: the slowest attacker, who use mostly 1 attack and some extra.
    Vs viper/drg, who looks to be one of the fastest attacker (I think, monk is the fastest), with a lot of skills to press.

  9. everyone says "it's just reaper" and I'm like, whut, that's machinist. fast gcd burst you ogcd weave through and burst at the end? that's mch. rpr has 2 ogcds and mch has 4 or 5.

  10. Viper should have been called Corsair or Darth Maul.
    Scholar should have been called Sage (in tune with faeries, a wise Sage of summoning magic of old)
    And Sage should have been called Scholar (a learned Sharlean).

  11. It's interesting: Viper is aesthetically one of the most down to earth jobs in the game and Pictomancer is one of the most out there (and both are catching a little flak from certain quarters for it). I wonder if it was deliberate to release them together.

  12. Some slashes look like they have an acid/poison visual effect, or u can see the scales in other skills. Other than that they should have call it swashbuckler or something

  13. My only issue with Viper, is I don't understand why its called "Viper" and why it has the fantasy it has. I agree with Happy's take, the job feels like it lacks an identity to me. I don't get how it's a 'hunting style' from Tural and it's outfit looks like it belongs a wayfaring adventurer's. It just doesn't really stick out, but when put beside something like Pictomancer. To VPR's credit however, PIC is probably one of the most "out there" jobs we've gotten in a minute. Still, I feel like I was expecting something else. It really could have been Battlemaster, Duelist, or Swashbuckler, whatever you wanna call it, and it would have worked more for me. It feels like an easier archetype to play into if they just made it specialized kind of fighter.

    Regardless, it looks fun to play. I'll level and enjoy it anyways, just wished for a more "put together" idea overall. Drip's insane though at the very least.

  14. While I have some worries about the job, I still hope it'll feel good for me. Enough so that I'll actually change my main class from Machinist to Viper. It's actually going to be quite a change as I have avoided melee classes the whole time and always been either phys. range or caster. Which is why this is going to be very interesting.

  15. I am honestly a bit disappointed with viper. It feels like a missed opportunity at so many parts of its kit. The "build your own combo" system is essentially just a "follow the glowing button" system. There is zero flexibilty or opimization potential. Just press the next combo in line for the entire fight. The self buffs also lack any meaningful impact as they have such a long duration that you easily maintain them automatically without any player input. Would have been cooler in my opinion if the self buffs were only tied to your dual bladed combo so you had to actually think about when to use them to maintain buff uptime. So all thats left is a job that relies 100% on its high apm to be interesting. Because outside of having to hit a lot of buttons, you never have to actually think about what button to hit next. The game straight up tells you all the time. I really feel like there is one layer of mechanic missing from the job to make it feel complete and interesting.

  16. until we see the traits and actual skills its going to be just guessing. Once those are out we will have a better idea. Though fast and slashy look beyond fun.

  17. Relatively easy job, if you have decent ping. Nothing much to manage in terms of buffs/debuffs. You can even save ranged gems for max uptime.

    I see it as combination of SAM for buffs and basic combo, MCH/RPR for burst window and GNB for continuation mechanic.

    If what they've shown is everything (ie no defensive skills), it could top the dps charts because it will be a selfish job with no personal defense.


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