FFXIV: The Problems with Machinist & Some Fun Ideas To Address Them


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Goals – 00:33
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45 thoughts on “FFXIV: The Problems with Machinist & Some Fun Ideas To Address Them”

  1. They already have the perfect MCH AoE tool in the game: The rocket launcher from the Diadem!
    Make it available for MCH as an alternative AoE Battery Spender and blast away and leave the Robot as it is for SIngle Target, that would be my solution.
    In terms of support, I think a Defibrillator-Ability would work well. something like Blue Mage got – A Ressurection with 6 min CD, but I would make it an instant cast OGCD. That's surely enough support for prog groups to consider bringing a MCH.

  2. I wanna see big robot go. It seems out of place. Maybe if the Machinist's story was about building the big robot. None of it involves building anything. Should of called the class Marksman. As is it feels out of place imo. You have all these gadgets and guns. Then at lvl 80 here's a robot for no reason. It teleports in. Where did it come from? Don't worry about it. I'd like to see your lvl 80 skill have it where you take out another gun. Make it so when it's active it uses the same skill twice (at maybe 50% potency? I ouuno. Whatever keeps it on par with the DPS that the Queen gives.) So it has synergy with Wildfire. Cause that's what makes jobs feel good. All the jobs that people like to play have good skill synergy. The doesn't do anything about they hypercharge window. In fact it probably makes it worse, but i'm a low ping player. Until you even brought it up I didn't even know it was a problem.

  3. to be honest i really enjoy mch as it is now, at least singletarget. AOE is definitely wonky (AOE wildfire is the change i can most 100% absolutely get behind, and auto crossbow being the same button as scattergun would be way less clunky, though turning the 123 into heat blast i don't reeeally care for) and i do also wish the damage was balanced such that it wasn't a job that makes you feel kind of guilty to pick for any high-end content, but if they just cranked the tool potency numbers back to where they were in shb i would probably be perfectly happy with it. i even kind of like the finickiness of hypercharge and wildfire's timing, it adds a friction point to execution that otherwise is really simple overall, though i am blessed with good ping and recognize that making them stack-based would be much better for the accessibility of the job and the health of the game. i'm just the sicko who actually likes late weaving buffs

    that said it is still definitely interesting to see the ideas other people have, and the critiques of how the job currently flows. i knew there was widespread dissatisfaction with it being the distressingly lowest rDPS job in the game (now a title it's battling with RDM for, but the latter has so much rez utility that it's still more than able to justify its presence), and the ping pain point of hypercharge, but if a lot of people are unhappy with the other underlying mechanics of how the job plays and feels i wasn't really aware of that at all. i really enjoy the frantic button mashing of hypercharge, and the flexible burst windows that allow you to capitalize even off the most deranged duty finder buff alignments, and carry resources between encounters near-seamlessly. but i can certainly see why some people might not be fully thrilled with everything as it stands

  4. 10:30 One thought I had for a change to Flamethrower was having it inflict Burn on targets if you channel it long enough. As it stands, I don't believe there's any way to inflict Burn by the player outside of PvP Black Mage unless I'm misremembering something.

  5. I started with BRD and then I switched to MCH because I wanted to see a different job without having to farm new gear. I love MCH. I've heard complaints that it's too simple and I think that's because it's not a utility buff/debuff job. It's straight forward and I kind of like that. Same reason I like EW SMN. I also guess I'm spoiled because where I live, I have very low ping, so all the ping talk confused me at first because I had no idea what people were complaining about. It is disappointing to be playing with friends and to hear over discord things like "42k Crit! W00T W00T" when I'm lucky to hit 34k when the stars align. I agree that flamethrower feels bad because there's no benefit to using it other than damaging aoe packs. Bioblast and flamethrower need to have something that adds to the gauges. I dislike that the robot queen takes 4 seconds to stand up and it's not doing damage but still counts down the timer. I agree Wildfire feels like fluff filler. How about a skill like, barrel cauterize that removes a debuff? I love the Analysis debuff idea. Rook could be the single target bot and queen is the aoe bot and they unlock at the same time but get their extra abilities as you level? Upgrade rook to an actual Gatling turret (it looks dumb)

  6. LV 100 Skill MCH mini gun

    Cooldown 120 secs

    2 GCDs

    activated by skill "Tripod" 2 second cast time (shares GCD with Skill Mini Gun)

    Mini Gun

    Only after Skill Tripod is used. Begin channeling Mini Gun 10 seconds 400 potency to main target 50% less for other enemies. This action ends when MCH moves similar to NIN TCJ Move and flamethrower.

  7. I’ve personally made some small ideas on what I’d love to see be added for MCH, mostly adding Battery into the AoE such as making Air anchor/Hot shot into Aoe skills, having all of the Rook and Queen skills have Aoe fall off, stuff like that.
    But the big idea I had is a hybrid of the HW Gauss round system, Ammo and the pvp Blast Charge. Until say SB leveling it would just boost damage of your gcds, but at level 62/70 you’d gain a new skill that changes the 1-2-3/spread shot into 4 new skills that work like the pvp Blast charge and have those skills deal more damage. Feel like it would be interesting to have.

  8. It was all interesting to hear, but one thing caught my ear. Giving MCH a 10% trick attack in the midst of a 2 min meta, I suspect would instantly rocket them up the meters and make them an instant pick. in other words, OP I think lol.

  9. I know that MCH's appeal is that it's the pure damage alternative to the more supportive BRD, and I like that as well, but I feel like the concept of tools is underutilized. There's all these different tools, but they all do the same thing. Bioblaster has a DOT, at least, but everything else is just damage. It makes sense for the gun to just do damage, but I feel like all tools should have some kind of utility.

  10. A major thing you don't really address: a lot of the problems aren't with MCH, but with the rest of the game. You mention the high ping issue but it's not just that, it's the animation lock making rapid fire attacks difficult, the damage delay in the multi tool meaning if it's the sixth hit in wildfire it just won't count, the long animation delay changing when the queen actually attacks (the 'full' burst window at the opener if you have high ping is 31 seconds long, more than a pot window). None of that is the 'fault' of MCH, but current MCH feels like great ideas in a setting where they can't be implemented.

  11. Good suggestions all around. I do think though that the hypercharge idea with overcapped oGCDs is a bit too convoluted.
    A cleaner solution would be to just have a spender GCD. Say you can cash in 2 stacks for a bigger attack in hypercharge.

  12. Alternative to the suggestions in the video: split MCH into two separate jobs. Have one of them inherit the class name and make it into the ranged physical equivalent of SMN where it is constantly producing tools/turrets/robits to do its attacks with. As it stands, for myself at least, half of the jobs "schizophrenia" is that the tool gameplay and the gun gameplay just don't mesh very well. The other new job could become something like Magitek Gunner which focuses on using something like a transforming gun that can perform different types of attacks and leans more into the hypercharge type of gameplay.

    Alternatively again have it play like PLD where you have a smoothly alternating gun phase and tool phase instead of basically having the gun for 123 and barely anything else.

  13. The one thing I've wanted Machinist to have ever since Auto Crossbow skill came out is for it to actually refresh Ricochet and Gauss Round, because I NEVER wanted to use Auto Crossbow otherwise even when there were a big stack of enemies and it felt so stupid and frustrating. I felt like I could have done a lot more damage. Speaking of which, please make Auto Crossbow do at least a bit more damage. It feels like I could do the same amount of damage with the basic AOE skills. That's my #1 complaint about the job. Good suggestions overall.

  14. I'd make wildfire be a buff that increases damage by five percent and explodes for a fixed amount. your weapon skills increase the damage buff by .25%. so if you land 8 weapon skills the damage buff increases to seven percent.
    I'd also make flame thrower and bio blaster combo off each other for increased damage and two dots, a dot from flame thrower and a dot from bio blaster.
    As for the automaton queen, keep them out as a semi pet and have it auto attack as an aoe but use the battery gauge for it's abilities. Pile Bunker can cost 20 battery or something like that and deals big damage. can also have an aoe version of pile bunker.

  15. With the "rook" trait at the end, I think that rather than having this sort of janky fix of reduced cooldown+potency for 1 of your gauss things and then also adding the turret to shoot behind you, instead make it so you load all charges of gauss+ricochet into it and the turret will fire it with increased potency, then stick around to "recycle" the rounds each time you heatblast/autocross(turning the bullets from that into gauss /ricochet rounds) , but keep the gcd at 1.5 and lock the player out of pressing gauss/rico. This effectively makes it so that every time you press overheat, you will have 0 charges of gauss while spamming heatblast and once heatblast is over and you go back to your longer gcd, then you can dump them all in your burst window.
    Alternatively, you can change Reassamble to be a buff that changes how your actions work and Overheat into the current auto-Dcrit effect of Reassemble, but with the "drawback" that you then have to cool off your gun, aka do 5 gcds of Heatblast or Heat Wave (autocrossbow rename).

  16. G-Warrior for new LB3. The satellite is nice, but why not a G-Warrior airstrike? Or the Air Force from the Kefka fight? And as a machinist main, I really appreciate you for making this video. It changed my mind on a few things.

    I still think the class just needs a potency buff. However, I reallly like the idea of making Hypercharge into a tick-based skill instead of a timed one. They recently did it with Delirium for DRK so there IS precedent. And then I heard your ideas for utility – instead of a shield turret, why not a healing turret, to match curing waltz. Also, since you mentioned Mustadio, I like the idea of "Analysis" with a cool lazer scope animation that gives a 10%+ crit damage buff to the party.

  17. I play MCH exclusively in pvp and I really like the kit it has there. I mess around with MCH in pve content when I just feel like smashing buttons. I think MCH could use more structure and the turret in pvp would make a great asset in pve. The AoE additions are definitely needed because running dungeon on MCH feels pretty lackluster. Flamethrower could be nice to use if it gets bonus damage based on heat gauge almost like you're expending the heat to use flamethrower.

  18. I think it'd be neat if instead of buffing the party like the rest of the ranged phys classes, MCH's schtick was that he would debuff your enemies by using skills that break down a targets armor or defenses. Change Wildfire to an ability that, instead of just exploding for big damage, the enemy gains a stack of a "Burning Armor" debuff for the duration of Wildfire every time they're hit with a weaponskill. Once the timer expires on Wildfire it explodes, doing a set amount of damage, and blowing off a chunk of enemy armor increasing the amount of damage done to the target by 1% per stack of "Burning Armor" for a set amount of time.

  19. Give me a leylines equivalent but it's a gatling turret or mortar you have to stand at to get a dps boost >:)

    Edit: after watching this video I realized I know nothing about how mch works lmao

  20. With Bio and Flame: maybe have a secondary effect where reassamble is what front loads the AoE damage to create an AoE burst window with a similar feel to the Single target burst window. Otherwise Flame and Bio can leave some, heavens forbid, DoTs (What kills Flamethrowers use is 100% that you have to stand still to use it. Those type of abilities with small ranges requiring to be next to enemies tend to not be used to their full extent * cough * Dancer Improvisation *cough * )

  21. Flamethrower feels like the most underwhelming skill to me… if I were to rework just that alone, I would make reassembled flamethrower apply a vuln debuff for its duration to all targets hit in the initial tick, and allow movement while using the skill (but walking speed only) to help alleviate the annoyance of the times when the tank slowly drags all the mobs out of your flamethrower cone, or when you're suddenly stuck in an enemy AoE. It may also help to add a small amount of heat gauge, either over the duration, or all at once.

  22. My issue with the Hypercharge changes you implementing is that chaining all those abilities quickly is what makes MCH fun, at least for me. I think that stacking changes to both Wildfire and Hypercharge would be enough to fix the low ping requirement. I like how you need to weave so much in the burst window. The ping issue doesn't come from the abilities themselves but how it's all based on timers instead of stacks. If this messes with their 2 minute cycle there's other places you can shave time to fit it

  23. One of the big things i miss about mch was when it had utility. When rook/bishop turrets gave their own regenerations think it was tp/mp. Bring those placeable turrets back and maybe yes bishop could give pulsing shields but then have rook put a vuln stack on the boss or something to that effect. I thought that was great when mch was able to do those buffs. Maybe while we're at it we can give it the gauss barrel again for the ranged caster for the lols.

  24. 1. Pump up numbers.
    2. Make the turret flashier, like a damned gatling gun instead of the fuckin limp pee shooter we have now.
    3. Anchor the turret to the character instead of static placement.
    4. Ditch the robot. It looks cool but is incredibly lame to use. Besides…
    5. Make the MACHINIST the robot (i.e. class fantasy is iron man). The ultimate combo is a suit of armor which lets you deal massive damage.

  25. The most frustrating part about the heat mode is that they already implemented a new and better version of that kind of fast-paced brief Going Crazy phase, Reaper's Enshroud is basically a better heat mode, and I think they should probably use that as a basis for an update. Two high-speed GCDs leading into an OGCD– maybe not identical, but it's a good foundation.

  26. For me I don’t like crossbow animation and the skill for a “machinist” I would change it to a machine gun instead cuz it sound more like a machinist and that way the job is going to feel more flashy and quick and flame thrower change it so you can place it on the floor and do the AoE and so you can do your rotation

  27. Cool ideas, but this video buries the lede: the stated problem is that MCH is behind DNC/BRD in rDPS and is excluded from high-end content as a result. If these changes to the MCH rotation result in the same rDPS profiles, then the primary issue with MCH vs BRD/DNC remains.

    I don't see much noise these days on the overall MCH rotation (excepting Wild Draw ping issues). Are you arguing that your proposed changes and additions would justify the current rDPS balance?


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