Play what you want? Not quite. There is certainly some push and pull. Let’s talk about the FFXIV Meta this patch, what jobs are actually good and what ones should you avoid?

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0:00 FFXIV Patch 6.2 Meta
3:00 Does it impact you
7:00 Meta is

So you see I turned on the news today and there was an excellent piece on how Morbid Machinist Partyfinder Blockage has become a massive problem in North America and as a Canadian that includes me too. Yeah the internet service here in my igloo is awesome, and I got my game time card in from the snowdogs. Need to order a few weeks in advance for our delivery service.

I need to commend this party finder listing though cause they actually left archer, an archer is preferable to a machinist in 6.2.

But time to be serious. Let’s talk very directly about the meta, in the most super direct way one possibly can. I’ve made a ton of machinist videos and ranged DPS yadda yadda. No more I promise, I’ve already been served documents saying if I do another video on those subjects I will be guillotined by Eddie Hall and sat on by the mountain. Eh worse ways to go like being dabbed on by a main character using the machinist’s arm. Now that’s an insult this patch.

I’d say enough jokes but that was keeping it real. But today I have come to state boldly what is the end result of the meta. Are you likely to be impacted by it and how much.

As they say the end justify the means even if your job is well below the mean. That’s a stats joke.

So the meanypants of the world don’t like machinist and so like your aunt Florence with her embroidered couch and doilies littered across the room it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

First off, numbers, bars, charts. This savage tier more than any other there is a clear difference between the haves and have nots you know they usually say life imitates art. But does this impact you at all?

Likely answer for most of my viewers is yeah it does, if you engage in extreme farming which finally we have an extreme trial worth that title, then this absolutely impacts you. If you do savage in party finder, and if you do you already know it does, well it impacts you. If you’re ringing up friends on discord saying:

Hey Dan I saw your discord status is online are you raiding in final fantasy.

Then you see their status turn to offline as they quickly shut off their party finder faster than when your parents enter your room and you scramble to hide that anime girl stuff I have injected into my twitter feed constantly. Yeah you know, that stuff.

But if that scenario seems familiar to you or you have lived it, don’t trust Dan he’s not actually offline that no good Dan. And well… chances are you play a machinist and Dan does not want you in his PF.

Real goods are if you want to farm the extreme trials and you want to see a lot of enrages, and yeah you somehow can totally see enrages, then be an idiot like me and enjoy playing healer. Especially astrologian, especially astrologian.

Few things feel better than being forced to hardcast revive on people as they get up and you throw your cards on the tank cause they’re the only one left without weakness.

I can already hear the booing on discord as I do this recording. What you wanted a machinist joke?

Fine you’ll have one. The joke is that the extreme trial farm group had the machinist slot locked off just like that group that preferred an archer. I couldn’t join on machinist.

Oh yeah now they’re going now they’re going.

While that may seem tongue and cheek and like a joke in delivery, unfortunately that is the reality. Playing lower DPS jobs begets lower clear rates because what you’re going into PF and expecting competency?

Damn. That’s like going onto Tinder and finding a good date. Plenty of fish more like plenty of crap. I met my ex on plenty of fish, yeah, that was sure a winner.

What about dungeons though, okay guys I get it we just took the bar and lowered it a lot. But somebody has to think of the sprouts and dungeon meta does matter for experts because you want to just get in and get out as fast as you can because one more second of mobs hitting you with soggy foam noodles will remind you of that time your pasta went weird soft and soggy I just did that with kraft dinner the other day. Gross.


28 thoughts on “FFXIV Meta DOES IT MATTER? – EVYX! [FFXIV 6.2]”

  1. One MCH instead of a BRD/DNC hardly matters as long as you're not grinding RTA on leaderboard tbh.
    Not saying that the current balancing is ok though. Fully expecting to see a big band-aid in the next 6.2x and huge change in 6.3.

  2. At least we know the issue is somewhere on the upper limits of the underperforming jobs. As it stands, some of those "non-meta" choices are absolutely the meta in lower level content. Take deep dungeons, for example. The top two in Palace of the Dead in number of solo clears, to my knowledge, are red mage and machinist, which is hilarious in hindsight. Problem might honestly be with trait upgrades, or higher level skills like the Queen Automaton. [OR maybe it's in part because boss hitboxes are so large that melee uptime is now a joke. Kidding, though it may be part of why things are how they are this expansion.]

  3. Yeah when I see comments like "if you're actually good at the game it doesn't matter so pf andy won't notice" I wonder what kind of pf they're in and how can I join that? Lol

    Pf is always a giant clown fiesta so if top players struggle with something when they can do things like adjust or ask their party members to adjust instead of adjusting so the pf dancer doesn't assassinate you for the 5th time, dps disparity will actually show up more, not less.

    But 4th week in dps check is not that bad but by nature pf will choose what's easier to get a clear. Big damage makes the fight easier.

    Last tier before 6.1 lot of parties locked out whm from p3s because they needed lb3 to survive tornados or last spread so they could not afford to use in the case of 'the cast bar appeared and whm is still hitting glare so we're all about to die'. It's not that whm couldn't coheal that. They could. It's whether you trusted whm to not wipe the party vs astro who could one button solve it, it's no brainer which one to go with.

  4. …. I’ve cleared Barbara tons of times with a MCH in the group. I’ve even cleared with a MCH a pld a war and a sage. Job balance matters but in extreme skill matters more

  5. Enrage is a mechanic. DPS is the resolution. All jobs have advantages and disadvantages for various mechanics, with ranged usually having easier time with all other mechanics, but the hardest time with DPS.

    To be fair, I think that ADDs with enrage splitting up the DPS is the "real" mechanic check for ranged DPS, not so much the whole boss enrage which is really a collective mechanic check against the party… But still, it technically works out the same way. This is the first savage tier in awhile that really requires solid DPS.

    That said, I disagree that we're now outgearing the content… Truth is the DPS check is oppressive enough that some savage raiders who cleared last tier just aren't good enough to outgear the content. I know plenty of dumb PF players who literally can't get a clear run on even the easiest content (People who ALWAYS have at least 1 damage down by the end of P1S).

    These types of players are straight up excluded no matter how much they gear from clearing this tier, and its particularly true if these types of players happen to be playing a non-meta job. If you have one in your static, you're sunk until you kick them. Thinking they will "learn with time" misunderstands that they are so bad and inaccurate that all progress is lost between static runs, they don't PF, and ultimately, they're just deadweight. Don't kid yourself, this tier is different, and plenty just don't make the cut who are "technically" savage capable in previous tiers.

  6. MCH would (likely) be better for PF EX trial farms. If you play DNC, you're just going to have the same problem Astro does. Your party is going to suck and die and your partner and tech will get such bad value. Even doing my DRs I usually play MCH for the same reason. Alliance raids are a fiesta, and teching into a party full of weakness is sadge.

  7. ima be real i got lost in the video and there was alot of fluff kept skipping the video to find the focus of the meta discussion. Then i find a segment where its talking about tinder and dating monkaW

  8. id say meta matters. I had a party i had joined that consisted of me gnb, war, mch,rdm,rpr,whm,sge,smn… now to be fair this was a pf group but even with no deaths we'd wipe at 0.1-0.5% every run. it felt terrible id have a cracked run (for me) be at 7100 dps at enrage for us to fall slightly short knowing that if we had even one of the better classes we'd have cleared. this wasn't an issue in ShB all classes were viable but this is just sad. shit, most week one p7/p8 parties were excluding pld and mch. even now i see them being excluded weeks later.


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