FFXIV Lore- Understanding the Moogles

I would say it’s time for another Beast Tribe video but honestly Moogles are so iconic in the Final Fantasy Franchise that I’m surprised I didn’t do this soon. But here it is! I hope y’all are ready to dance and singer with this fuzzy little critters!

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29 thoughts on “FFXIV Lore- Understanding the Moogles”

  1. The moggles is one of the reasons I like the gridania game start the moggles coming in and one talking to your character the other taking the merchant's wine it shows just how mischievous they can be.

  2. Then I have to be one boring ass stickler because I really hate the moogles and their shenanigans. Seriously just having to do half the job Quests for them was enough to make me just want to slam my head against my laptop.

    And King Moogle MOG the 12th was one primal that no matter how many times and I went at that damn fucking thing I lost to it again and again and again.

    Take this advice from me if you ever go against that Primal on extreme for the love of God do not listen to the advice of people saying that you have to kill the Healer than the tank first! Get all of them relatively down to low HP then kill all of them at once.

    And repeat the process again because this will happen at least 2 to 3 times and only then will you actually succeed on winning this fight or just go at it with any level 80 character and just instantly obliterate that and use its pom pom as a made shift mace

  3. Thankyou! I appreciate the effort. I love the lore, and it’s great the see clips of the moogles from different content. It shows you really do your home work n_n

  4. The thought kinda just came to me… I wonder if there are moogles in the 13th there were moogles in the 1st so in all honesty I would not be surprised if there were some darkness infected moogles roaming around the 13th playing pranks when they can but unlike the regular moogles these dark moogle's pranks may be a bit more… harmful… Food for thought at the very least…

  5. It is truly fascinating how little to no differences there is for the story of their Good King. You'd expect at least some drift in the story or them to make it more epic but no always a cup of wine and flee. With how many of them are Bards you'd figure there would be some tails of the good king holding more then a rope but him battling to protect his people. Makes me wonder how alike the moogles of the other shards are. And will we see void moogles during our time on the 13th.

  6. "If you've met a group of Moogles in one place, you've essentially met them all."

    Now now, I recall the Moogles discussing how one group put emphasis on the "Ku" in "Ku-po" while the other put the emphasis on the "po". I think it was the quests that led up to the Moogle tribe quests.

  7. 10:27 – Gotta say: Hot DAMN but that's an amazing transition! Going from the Moogle theme to the Amaurot one there was /chef'skiss

    I didn't make the connection between Moogles on the first. I'd think it might be an oversight with the mail system, but then there's the hunt and Montblanc. Of course, I still don't get why the hunters of Sharlyian consider the Sack of Nuts to be an "archaic/old" currency.


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