FFXIV Housing Fixes Pushed Back Status on Fixes

Yoshi-P provides an update on the housing system and how it won’t make patch 6.11 and what players need to do now before that patch.
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7 thoughts on “FFXIV Housing Fixes Pushed Back Status on Fixes”

  1. Amazing how people who want to buy out whole wards then complain "there arent enough houses for all players ;_;" can get 4 responses out of this guy but Hrothgar players cant get any info on when we're getting ears on new styles, if we're getting hair in 6.2 (viera got rainmaker this patch and god do I want rainmaker!) or how long they're gonna keep making mogstation items hrothgar and viera cant wear

  2. I'm really bummed out by this. Ive been trying to buy a house in Shirogane since before Endwalker and I missed the last lottery enrollment by an hour. And now there's a bunch of open plots but i can't sign up for them.

  3. Fixing housing would require them adding ONE (1) new housing server. And they refuse to do it. And yes, fanboys- they could easily get another server. The way you people have convinced yourselves that Square Enix can't afford/can't find ONE new server is beyond insane.


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