FFXIV Endwalker – Dungeon Mid-Boss Theme + Sage Gameplay

Endwalker Media Tour Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXkyq_yUMjI&list=PLNONxPk8TDQqRCAXswWPiuOiD2Zc02nbk

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49 thoughts on “FFXIV Endwalker – Dungeon Mid-Boss Theme + Sage Gameplay”

  1. I love the dichotomy that Soken uses in his dungeon boss themes. He started in HW with Revenge Twofold and then really got to expand on it in SHB with Insatiable and its remake. This is a good example that the mid boss theme is "the boss fighting us." The mid boss is giving everything they have to stop us. This theme is meant to show how strong we are in this fight where the final boss theme is "us fighting the Boss."

    It's the WOL giving everything they have to defeat the final boss of the dungeon and move forward.

  2. The choruses/chior sounds a bit too… synthetic. Not sure how to put it. Sounds like it's a synth of a chorus instead of an actual chorus singing. The rest of the song sounds great though.


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