FFXIV Balance Discord "Drama" | Is FFXIV For Casuals? | WoW 11.0 Bellular Speculation

FFXIV Balance Discord “Drama” | Is FFXIV For Casuals? | WoW 11.0 Bellular Speculation
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0:00 Pre-show Q&A
12:51 FFXIV Balance Discord “Drama”
48:10 Short Break 1
50:00 WoW 11.0 Bellular Speculation
1:10:53 Short Break 2
1:12:00 Is FFXIV For Casuals?


19 thoughts on “FFXIV Balance Discord "Drama" | Is FFXIV For Casuals? | WoW 11.0 Bellular Speculation”

  1. I think the fact Ultimate's exist gives a pretty solid "no" to that question, it's just that FFXIV has a wider reach because it doesn't almost exclusively focus on hard core raiding like say WoW does. That being said plenty of people are also capable of playing WoW casually as well. I do.

  2. to the person commenting about "playing stupid games" asking questions that are reasonable and specific that are on topic in a discord aimed at helping and giving information, then being given dismissive mean-spirited answers for something unrelated… how in the hell is the person asking the question in the wrong?

  3. FFXIV is for casuals. And for hardcore. It’s successful because it has something for everyone.
    The lore chasers. The glamour lovers. The hardcore raiders. The solo content enjoyers and now small group content players. There’s RP. Collection. Housing. Farming. Social stuff. Bard mode.

  4. Honestly, if the community's response is "Go to the Balance" when people have game questions or want resources, then it absolutely should be held to higher standards. And I absolutely agree that the way the Balance deals with their guides is not the best approach, by only showing people "the best, most optimized" solution, instead of having different skill levels in mind. Not every player is interested in pursuing high-end content, where playing optimally is required. However, even "casual" players (aka 90% of the playerbase) that want to improve and play their job better aren't uncommon. So why does the "norm" that people in the community advertise only ever include the highest skill level, most optimal rotations and plans that the Balance provides? There really needs to be other resources that offer more flexibility for newer or more casual players.

  5. It's not about keeping WoW players at bay, it's about keeping what brought WoW to their current situation at bay. Especially toxic behaviour, which started mostly due to HARDCORE competitive gameplay, this includes the usage of parsers and plugins as a must. That's what XIV community doesn't want, and that's one of the reasons why some people that played WoW are now playing XIV.

  6. For some people, anything that is not a Souls like is a casual game, I gave up on arguing about casual vs hardcore or try hard, whatever it is, I'm a "game is fun" person, but no I don't think 14 is for "casuals".

  7. No, definitely not. This is coming from a wow player, who also plays FF14, and enjoys both. The number of mechanics, in dungeons, and even the MSQ, is absolutely ridiculous. Now, In wow, I raided mythic, for years, did mage tower, multiple times, so I'm definitely familiar with, and appreciate difficult mechanics, but when questing, I found that to be a huge turn off. I did it, grudgingly, but I definitely did not enjoy it.

    As i did them, i thought, what if I did not have decades of gaming experience and well tuned muscle memory? what if i was a lot older? they don't seem to have any real option for people that can't function at a certain level, which, honestly, is the entire basis for what I would call, casual content. WoW has that in spades. I love FF14 but I can certainly see why a lot of people would not, and its certainly not for a casual player.

    The game, devs, and player base should be honest, and admit its a hard game for people that want to work at it. And if you don't, don't spend the money. I really enjoyed my experiences there, but I would never recommend it to weaker players, many of whom are my friends. Which is unfortunate. Really think there just needs to be a super easy, visual novel mode.

    Hate to break it to you, but at 11 p.m., after a long day, the last thing I want to do is work . .lol. This is one area, where WoW has a real advantage.

  8. Imagine being an elitist mod on a discord server of all things though. You're literally an unpaid janitor. The nerds that go on to become a "bully", embarrassing.

  9. They already messed up using the balance discord. I never met a pf or static person who uses the balance discord. Ive seen people look at top ranking player melds and xivanaysis to get a basic idea on rotation gcd speed and all that.

  10. I've often had to ask myself, "What would The Balance answer to that" … Now I have to accept that "Go ** yourself" is something they might answer.

    I've stayed out of that discord because I'm not high skill enough to have anything to offer, but I do get quite a bit out of what they produce. I just now have another reason to stay away from them.

  11. I don’t know how big your discord is, but mine is just passing 6200 people. I have moderators, but those moderators are humans too. Humans make mistakes. Not keeping an eye on something you’re building is going to eventually cause a mutiny. Just a warning from experience. You’re at 3000, yeah I don’t think that opinion will serve you well perpetually. It didn’t me either. Mine grew because I genuinely care about the people there and they can see that. If you don’t genuinely care about the people bolstering your numbers, they’re going to see that eventually.

  12. You can't even talk about spoilers in their spoiler section and they mute you for a week

    There was a discussion of Cid being a villain and they muted me ,I left that garbage place, bunch of Cid lovers

  13. In regards to Savage and other difficult content: I have been playing MMORPGs semi-casually since Everquest in 1999. I learned a long time ago that I am simply not a person suited for what is required of high end content. That's not an anti-casual thing or anything like that, it's just a determination I made about myself with what I'm honestly willing to do and not willing to do.

    For those of you reading this who do savage/hard content: God bless you all, I hope you're enjoying yourselves.

    For everyone wanting to break into that space: Godspeed in your travels, it's going to be a very rough and bumpy road.


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