FFXIV | All New 6.4 Mounts and How to Get Them!

This video showcases new mounts that were added in FFXIV’s newest patch 6.4 – and showing how to get them. Contains spoiler aswell with alert and warning.
*the last mount sitting position for the 2 player will probably look different than what it is in the vid

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00:00 – Magicked Children’s Bed (Female/Male/Lala)
01:00 – Island Garlic Jester
01:20 – Island Tomato King
01:37 – Island Mandragora Queen
01:57 – Island Buffalo
02:22 – Traveling Supporter
03:00 – Lynx Of Fallen Shadow
03:25– ??? mounts not yet announced/spoiler

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41 thoughts on “FFXIV | All New 6.4 Mounts and How to Get Them!”

  1. The axolotl being the savage mount is extremely bizzare to me. Not because it's "a cute mount" under the fight but because it has nothing to do with rhe raid other then it was a creation of the Ancients. All the previous mounts have something related to something in that tier, either in the fights or, in the case of the e4s and e12s, something related to the tier. They also heavily pushed it duing the LL which is a bit odd for a Savage mount, unless their goal is to get more people to do it lol.

  2. Shadowkeeper wolf is hype as hell, and looks cool but the flying animation is just… really really bad, freeze frame float is just not okay.

    Also I wonder why all the passengers "hump" and jiggle in their seat behind alpha. It looks weird.

  3. People I know saying they're disappointed in the p12s mount and, while I agree it's not very "savage", can we please talk about the ridiculousness of that 2 seater motorbike?? 😭😭 What is that motion the second person is doing? Why are they sitting on the top back of the sidecar seat?? Kick Alpha to the curb so you can sit safely! 😂😂😂

  4. The Garlond choice to put alpha in the seat is horrible. The other player should be there… the bouncing is bad too… Also, I'd expect the savage mount to be something epic, not this thing that honestly should've been a store mount… At least the doggo looks cool.


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