Farewell Stormblood | Our FFXIV 4.56 Journey

We take it all the way to the end! 4.56 and Stormblood concludes, we are into Shadowbringers. Garrett and Kyle take you through “their interpretation” of lore and story ramifications.

0:00 – Patch 4.56
3:25 – Alone
8:48 – Old and New
33:08 – Meanwhile…
43:47 – Farewell Stormblood

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34 thoughts on “Farewell Stormblood | Our FFXIV 4.56 Journey”

  1. I'm excited to see just how long Garrett and Kyle can draw out actually starting Endwalker. By the time we actually get into the 'meat' of the content we'll have to call it Edgewalker. XDDD

    Also, absolutely more needs to be voice acted. At this point they should just have full VA for 100% of the MSQ at least, if not the Raids and Alliance Raids as well. And ya better start getting interested in the 'universe mechanics' because from Shadowbringers on, it becomes SUPER important with literally everything that happens.

  2. I highly suggest the art books if you're the type. New books come with minion codes, and they have artwork of the different equipment sets throughout the expansion so they make glam planning a lot easier.

  3. Absolutely love SB and think it's better than HW. HW, while grand and epic was too cliche with the evil pope, dragon romance. It also had some sloppy writing with the horrible copout and the heavily underutilized heavensward.

    HW had incredible highs but overall SB told a better and a more emotional grounded story while also setting up two masterpieces following it. Love SB and agreed, it is SEVERELY underrated

  4. Excited for what’s to come but those ending shots in this video filled me with a strange sense of nostalgia already. SB was really what drew me into XIV, I didn’t appreciate HW as much at the time, but it definitely got me invested and then there was no turning back by SB. Can’t wait for those future streams and I hope you guys are well and safe!

  5. Just an FYI – If you don't already know – At Any time, you can go to your room in the Inn and Re view ANY Cut scene and replay it for different dialogue options. Please keep this in mind for the past AND the future ☺

  6. I really enjoyed Lyse as a character. While I don't like how they created the start of her arc, I do like the journey she took and I like that she was actively helping us beat up the bad guys during our travels….and I really think they did a good job of having her grow into her own and become the kind of leader she'd always wanted to be.

  7. God I love your "Probably Wrong Theory Time", it takes me back to my FCs discord erupting into 100s of messages after the patches with just all the off-the-wall wild theories they could come up with. Fun times 😀

  8. Take care weathering yet another major storm over there.

    Personally, Stormblood is when I started to really get invested into the story. I didn't have the experience most players did with Heavensward because I had moved to a place with abysmal signal, so I was dealing with five to eight seconds of lag on everything and had to wait until a couple friends were powerful enough from Stormblood and later Shadowbringers to do an unsync and carry my lagging butt through the content…and that killed most of my investment into HW, though I do like a number of the characters from there. Further souring HW for me was that I intensely disliked the ARR patch content, especially the reviled and unlamented Crystal Braves. So Stormblood coupled finally getting onto good internet (thank God for Starlink in rural areas, at least in mine) with the Heavensward patch content finally finishing cleaning away the bitterness from the ARR patch content and I was able to properly enjoy the story.

    Rather looking forward to you guys getting into the meat of Shadowbringers. I can't wait to see your reactions to a few things that happen.

  9. Today I took my drk into a duty support. I don't do dungeons as tank, because I am a lousy tank. Garrett, you had spoken before that you could tell when Kyle was targeting the same mob. What I noticed in this dungeon is that Dark Knight is not a heavy hitter. It seems to be mainly defence for other party members. The tank keeps the mobs attention while DPS takes it out. I can recommend that you do Lender for the story line. It does lead to Dragoon, by the way. And you do like Estinien.

  10. great video 😀 That comment about 'Zenos is Garlemald's ass" was hilarioous. As for a review of Crystal tower… might be worth it. It's been a while since you've done it and while I don't think you need to know minutae, knowing the background of the tower could worth it.

  11. I love watching "probably wrong theory time" Honestly you guys have picked up more clues than needed, but yeah, since Yoshi-P is a mystery thriller novel fan, he has stated he's been dropping clues since ARR to the events of Endwalker. So yeah, I wont say any spoilers, but I just love your theories, and I love your reactions to these things. It's fun watching 1st time reactions.

    Edit: I should save my comments until the end of a video…

    Yakov Smirnoff voice = "In the first Shadowbringer Bunny kicks you." :p

  12. I can't wait for your thoughts on the Four Lords equivalent substory in Shadowbringers! As well as SHB as a whole. I enjoy hearing your thoughts!

    Also: interesting predictions you have. I wonder how they pan out 🤔


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