ENDWALKER Full Trailer Reaction | FFXIV

Here is my reaction to the FULL Endwalker trailer! 😀

I have seen the teaser when it first came out, but not the full trailer of it. So watching with my first initial reaction to it was just a lot of excitement. Hope you enjoy!

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29 thoughts on “ENDWALKER Full Trailer Reaction | FFXIV”

  1. So what job are you going to main for Endwalker? (*°▽°*)

    Also I realize that the dragon is NOT Tiamat, but Vrtra. I also realized that.. is it Emet-Selch's English VA that is narrating this trailer? Would be interesting if he will be the one narrating the story for Endwalker. I haven't seen anything else that would contain story tbh. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

  2. PLD main since the 3rd beta drop. Total accident at the time just cause "Gladiator? I can fight in an arena? That sounds awesome!" Just for me to realize 15 levels later "Wait this is a tank class!" Usually play a Thief in RPG's but it didn't exist at the time. PLD has really grown on me though. Excited for the QoL changes for all the jobs. Especially Unlimited Blade Works.

  3. Firstly, screw that bowl-cut gpose abuser.

    Secondly, Fourchenault needs to have a visit from the fashion police. Seriously, a tie, on a shirt without a folding collar, and tucked into the waistband?! I had words for him before, and this only adds to them.

  4. I literally finished 5.5 last night and I'm so glad I was able to b4 6.0. It's great watching through another's playthrough and hearing their thoughts, it's like experiencing the game for the first time again! GL in EnW o/ Let's see how this story ends

  5. I'd probably rate the ShB trailer over it, but this trailer has so many good moments in it. The WoL's Ascian-looking silhouette against the backdrop of the Sun after revealing our unsundered self was called Azem (the Sun god in various Eorzean religions) is such a lore slamdunk. And the reprisal and extension of the Heavensward and Stormblood main themes is just *chef's kiss*.

  6. "what a baby" pft.! You crying during the trailer just reflects how much you are emotionally invested in the world that Square Enix has created for all of us to share and explore. On some level, for me, it is emotional outbursts like sadness, anger, laughter, that got me watching your videos and those of some other streamers, because it validates my emotional investment in the game as well. I know none of the streamers such as yourself personally, but until I found your videos, I had wondered if I was the only one that shed tears over Lyna, or saw hope for a future involving Runar, etc.
    Never be afraid to feel when experiencing a story such as this. 🙂

  7. Estinien at the start of Heavensward, Ishgards Poster boy for slaying the "evil" dragons

    Now my boy is here staring down the end of days side by side with dragon of the first brood while doing sick stardivers off of their back. What a time to be alive.


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