"Dragonsong" with Official Lyrics (The Final Steps of Faith Theme) | Final Fantasy XIV

I’m not crying- you’re crying!

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36 thoughts on “"Dragonsong" with Official Lyrics (The Final Steps of Faith Theme) | Final Fantasy XIV”

  1. Hang on…

    After having bookmarked this song and listened to it countless times… i accidently watched the video…. and…. eh…. i seem to recall i was "8 manning or more" this boss encounter using the duty finder….. wtf the video shows a guy soloing it…and even have the ability to spam heal himself! :p /bow

    What kind of class/jobs does he play?

    (the song just reached "another high" for me, i mean, it was already badass, but now it fits the video aswell: showing badassery going on).

  2. I remember stumbling upon a video of "Nidnogg boss fight" a while back while I was in the mood of watching cool videogame boss fight. Looking at the thumbnail I thought, "thats a cool looking dragon, and its from an FF game so they usually have some cool bombastic orchestra boss themes". And then I watched the video and was really surprised that its this crazy epic boss fight with this big dumb dragon while a very beautiful and sad song about love, treachery, and the never ending cycle of hate plays in the background. I was feeling emotions despite knowing literally nothing about any of the characters and the context of the story. That alone got me into this amazing game.

  3. This song and the whole ending of Heavensward arc was flawless, simply incredible.
    That 30 minute wait for the fight was the most pleasant wait I have ever had in anywhere ever, period.

  4. Heavensward is a masterpiece. When you end the final battle knowing full well it made way too many victims from all sides, and none is entirely without reason or fault… it hurts.
    It hurts more playing through it as a Dragoon. It felt too fitting. And it also feels fitting to put my spear away and start Stormblood with a new main job.

  5. I love Heavensward and it's story for having such great atmosphere and for how tragic the truth behind the war really was. But this last part especially was amazing, and when the song started playing as you stare at Nidhogg over the chasm it was even more perfect. I just sat there for awhile listening to it as I was waiting for my queue because I didn't want to leave and break the moment.

  6. So i just realized, the "lovers" in dragonsong represent hraesvlgr and shiva, you know, the human dragon lovers who saw their worlds, aka their peoples, "drift apart"
    Could also represent the two species as a whole but i like to think they represent the 2 characters specifically

  7. 😖😖😖😣😩😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I was just sitting there waiting for others to join the duty and they did, but I canceled just to listen to this beautiful masterpiece, it was my first time to ever not regret waiting again. I was crying buckets. Glad that they picked Susan calloway as their vocal.

  8. Omg I didn’t know you did this song. I’m crying so hard. Best patch and storyline in heavensward. And Greatest song EVER! Nidhogg will forever be my toughest boss and greatest fight ever in heavensward

  9. Started ffxiv one month ago with SCH main. After watching the cutscenes and heard this music, I immediately change into DPS to queue for this trial just so I can listen to this masterpiece. The chills

  10. Nidhogg was a much more satisfying final boss in Heavensward than King Thordan was. Made things more epic too when I faced him off as the Azure Dragoon, and got to land the final blow on him with Lv3 Limit Breaker.

    And then when Alphinaud and WoL tried removing Nidhogg's eyes off Estinien's armor, I broke into tears when I saw Ysayle and Haurchefant come in and help. I haven't had a video game make me cry in years, and I'm so glad to have picked up this one.

  11. The only bad things about this entire DLC i never gonna get the same feeling when i saw Haurchafant comes to help you to remove nidhogg eye
    this wonderful songs that nevers stop even if the duty finder it's ready and when you fight with nidhogg in his first phase

    this song it's not for slaying dragons it's for the sake of ishgardians and dragons that wanna live together in peace to put a end to that senseless fight and bringing back einstinen to live in peace

  12. Just finished HW yesterday
    I found no happiness nor sadness upon complete the final step of faith
    only the face of those who sacrifice remain
    RIP our best bro Hauchefant and Ysale


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