Asmongold Is BACK to FINAL FANTASY XIV! First Time Playing Stormblood

Asmongold the Literal God is Back to FFXIV!

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07:19 The Gold Saucer
27:14 Rhalgr’s Reach
39:39 Asmongold gets got..
39:56 Meffrid MSQ
01:23:22 M’naago MSQ
01:44:36 MSQ Continues
01:46:32 The Empire
01:53:23 MSQ Quests
02:13:34 Attack on the Reach

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31 thoughts on “Asmongold Is BACK to FINAL FANTASY XIV! First Time Playing Stormblood”

  1. I love the details like how Zenos is lvl 70 in your first fight against him (and onward) while you barely left the lvl 60 mark.
    I knew I was gonna loose that fight the moment I saw his level back then.
    Also: Seeing our combat-sexual boi Zenos from the start again warms my heart.
    He is just looking for The One.

  2. So here is the short on Arenvald.
    He is half Garlean. His mother was….graped by a Garlean officer. The warpaint cover the scar where she tried to gouge out his Garlean Third Eye, one that he never grew, but then she was crazy.

    Also he has the Echo. While not as strong as yours this guy is also killed quote a few Primals and prevented number of summonings. Have no mistake he was doing your job, before you showed up.

  3. Wondering if Asmongold has seen a band playing songs in game yet. If he comes to Crysta, I can put on a show for him, I will even try to play a song he ask for. If you search for FF14 Skyrim, you will find a video in YouTube by Emelly. That's a band performance.

  4. Perfect timing for Asmon to be back, now that current players are basically just filling their time in game with backlog stuff to finish.

    For me at least that's true, doing mostly old unfinished stuff and completionism things rn, til 6.2 hits in 2 months😁

  5. i love the details about zenos weaponry, each blade he has represent a sen of the samurai job, as he cannot use magic for he is a garlemald spawn he has to rely on 3 different blade to imput 3 different techniques, the Setsu the Getsu and the Ka, that's is why he has 3 different types of attack when the blades are in the ground and when you'll eventually fight him later.


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