An HONEST Guide to FINAL FANTASY XIV – Episode 0: Intro

Since Square Enix released their adorable new player guide series, we immediately wondered: what would this look like if it was honest with experienced players in mind? This is our fun little parody of that idea.
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38 thoughts on “An HONEST Guide to FINAL FANTASY XIV – Episode 0: Intro”

  1. Hi everyone Chris here. As soon as me and Mike saw the adorable guides Squeenix made for new players, we immediately had the same idea to parody it, imaging what a guide might look like with the silly, crazy and degenerate elements of this game we love so much. We've had a lot to work on since then, but finally I was left to have a play around with it this week. Still getting my eye in with some of the clips and the animated segments, so If you enjoyed it, make sure to like and comment – and maybe I can put the other episodes together 😁


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