【FFXIV】1st Dungeon! Grinding so I can get my first Chocobo Mount! [#2] #vtuber

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⬖ About Me⬖
My name is Riko Kumae! I’m a new English Vtuber and I love to eat bread! 😀
I’m a variety streamer who is not good at playing games…

⬖ Please Listen to My Salamander Cover!⬖

⬖ Rules⬖
1. Please don’t bring up other VTubers unless I do first!
2. Backseating is okay only if I ask for it!
3. No spoilers
4. Please do not ask or share private information!
5. Don’t be mean to others or angry bear mode will activate LOL
6. No Self Promotion
7. Please don’t make me or other people in the chat uncomfortable!
We’re here to have fun together!
8. Lastly, let’s have fun!!!

⬖ Hashtags ⬖
LIVE #Kumakolive
Fan Art #KumaeArt / #SpicyKumae

⬖ Support⬖
Donations if you want to support my activities/bread fund! 😀
Please don’t feel pressured to donating to me! However, donations are appreciated! There are no refunds on donations, so please use your money responsibly (:

For schedules and more content:

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⬖ Credits⬖
Follow my Mama!
琥珀 https://twitter.com/kohaku_sogo

Stream Music
みゐかる / mikka https://twitter.com/mikka926

Stream Overlay
Otra Hana (MisfitWorks) https://twitter.com/mechokkucity

Bedroom Background Artist
Nailum / https://twitter.com/ArtNailum


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