Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's voice for me || Final Fantasy XIV #2

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I’m not an MMO person, normally, but maybe I can make a difference for the award winning game Final Fantasy XIV, with its free trial including gameplay up to lvl 60 and all the other stuff.

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43 thoughts on “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's voice for me || Final Fantasy XIV #2”

  1. One of my favorite YouTubers playing one of my favorite games? Yes, please! I love the attention to detail being paid here, with the sidequests. Even if they're not all necessary for levelling, I still play the same way and just completely clear out an area. And I at least appreciate the added worldbuilding these sidequests offer, helps the place feel a little more alive

  2. I'm probably just gonna be repeating things other people've said already, but I can't help but try to answer questions.

    You asked if you're expected to do the quests that teach you the layout of the city or if you're expected to just kinda leave, and the answer is… a bit of both? There's basically 3 types of quests in the game. There's the Main Scenario Quests which give you the bulk of your exp and progress the main story. There's blue quests which are technically optional but usually unlock new features, sometimes as minor as new emotes, sometimes as major as new dungeons or areas. Finally there's the yellow quests. The game will FLOOD you with yellow quests, and if floating icons drive you nuts, they will bug the hell out of you, but yellow quests typically aren't important. They only give half as much experience as a main scenario quest does, and they're easily skipped. The primary purpose of yellow quests is to either serve as breadcrumbs to lead you to explore (like getting acquainted with the main city) or to give you world building details or interesting side stories. They're never integral and whether to do them or not is entirely up to your leisure.

    You also ask whether it's enjoyable to watch you wander around the city for an hour and, well, I enjoyed it at least. XD

    And just to repeat some advice a few others have said, try to find and attune to all the mini-aetherytes throughout the city. It will make navigating it much less of a pain for you when you don't have to walk everywhere. The city isn't exactly a bastion of proper city planning for walking.

  3. Skyen, I love your videos, trust me, I'm entertained. Your voice acting is wonderful, and I love your definite go getter attitude when it comes to quests you don't even need to do. I really, really hope you're having fun.

  4. There is no need to do quest that arent MSQ (main senario quest) youll get more than enouth ep. Doing all qeuests can be overwehlming and the nothin to have them go away is something I can relat to, unfortunetly it of puts the pacing of the story. But if you want to do them dont let me stopp you, some one who has done every singel quest in all Eozea, with flying most zones still took me 3 hours (with exclusion of the blue plus quest, recomend doing at least the so called job quests, you ll get new skills for your class from them).
    Dont make the same mistak as me and unlock tripal triad because than you have to beat alot of npcs in that game more than just once to get the icons awy too.

    Mentors are often worse players than other if they show the crown icon, it got the nickname BurgerKing Crown from the players. My personal experiance with the novice network was a lot of spam. In general you can ask anyone to help you out, most players are kind and helpfull.

    A small tip in advance for tanking: Trash mobs are more dangours than bosses, healers will love yyou when you use your damagemitigation in pulls. Some dungeons in the beginning are confusing so tho open the map can be helpfull.

    Hope youl having alot of fun. Welcome to the comunity 😀

    Hope its not too mutch and I dont sound enraged or something^^

  5. I will say you'll miss out on some fun quests if you only do Main Scenario and skip the side content (I desperately want to see you voice Huncbert Longhaft and his two honeys over in the Ul'dah 20-30 zone, for example), but the good ones are buried in a flood of fetch quests, so… valid.

  6. Im liking, im subscribing and im commenting! Love ffxiv and love Skyen playing it. Just a word of advice (which im sure many people have already said) those regular quests (without meteor border or plus symbols) are AMAZING experience for leveling up a secondary class if you find one you like!

  7. Definitely enjoying this so far! I promise the fetch quests get much fewer, used primarily for flavor/getting to know the populace as you go further. The function now is to get you to go just about everywhere in the city so you get used to it. Limsa being one of the more confusing because it has two large levels whereas Gridania is only only on one level for example.

  8. Ooo with quests like the lamp lighting there is an icon of the item you need to use next to the quest name on the right hand side of the screen, so you can target the lamp and then click on the oil from the quest hotbar. Another trick is you can use 0 on the numeric keypad to target your nearest intractable object 🙂

  9. I LOVE all of this! It’s pretty entertaining to watch! I can’t wait to see more!!

    Also, yeah! You have to do your Main Story Quest – MSQ! The smaller yellow icons are very, very ignorable! Your MSQ is going to be the icons that look like meteors, or at the top left of your HUD, you can see it here in this episode – It’s called “On to Summerford”. If you click that you’ll be directed to where you’re “supposed” to be at any given time.

    MSQ, and your Marauder quests! Your class quest (if available) will always be under the main story quest thingy. Always check the top left of the HUD if you’re ever lost as to what you “should be doing” next!

  10. you can skip most side quests the ones you should definitely do are the ones with a "+" sign those mean you unlock special features. Like when you get to lvl 15 and in the Drowning Wench in Limsa you unlock Challenge Log which gives you exp and currency boosts for completing weekly tasks.

  11. Hey, Skyen! Little tip for you, go into the System Menu (can just press esc), Character Configuration and on the left side you'll see the "Control Settings" tab, the first tab inside of that (General) will have the first setting be Movement Settings – if you change them to Legacy Type, pressing to move back will have your character run backwards instead of slowly walking. You might prefer this type of control instead of the standard type.

    And you don't need to worry what crafter/gatherer you get! You can have all of them if you want.

  12. I am quite excited to see how this let's play goes. Having recently gotten into Final Fantasy 14 myself, I hope to get a chance to watch your own Journey in Eorzea. The first part, A Realm Reborn, can get a bit slow at parts, but it gets outstanding near the end and beyond in my own opinion, excited to get a chance to hear yours if this keeps going!

  13. Can't tell if someone wrote this or not, but the Dutiful Sisters is the name of the Rogues group you can join later. You are able to join them (or any other job, if you meet the requirements, at level 10). Rogues later turn into Ninja at 30, which sport one of the highest DPS in the game. Definitely look into some guides if your curious about other classes/jobs.

  14. I can't speak for everyone, but I've definitely enjoyed watching you wander around Limsa clearing various sidequests. Similar to your Dark Souls series, it's really fun seeing what conclusions and opinions you draw about the world based on the information provided to you, even if it's in a very different way primarily through side quests. Your approach to games is very different and refreshing for let's plays and things, which makes pretty much anything you play very enjoyable.

    Other people have already explained the different types of quests, so I'll just say.. feel free to pick up as many or as few sidequests as you want. There's not really a 'wrong' way to do it, the game provides plenty of different (and honestly faster) ways of experience for alternate jobs so you're not really losing out if you did happen to level a second job in future. Alternatively, if you just wanted to play through the main story once on a single job and just experience it as another Final Fantasy game, which is a completely valid way to play it, then you'll never need the sidequests for anything else anyway.

    Most of all, I hope you're enjoying the game, and that the story does eventually draw you in as it has countless others.

  15. I'm really happy to see you playing FFXIV Skyen! I'm a pretty consistent viewer of your content and this game is very near and dear to my heart, so watching you just wander around and kind of soak up it's world is really nice! Very excited to see more of this.

  16. Skyen, I'm sure people have told you this already, but you should watch the A Realm Reborn trailer (and only the ARR trailer). It portrays events that are constantly talked about within the game. When ARR first came out it was the game's opening movie, so they expected you to have watched it already.

  17. Your voice acting is much appreciated and very entertaining.

    Crafting can get super expensive unless you can source your own rarities. I'd suggest at least reaching level 50 before even considering it.

  18. Does it looks to anyone else like his starter clothes are a skirt and a corset? I know it is suposed to look like gladiator armor or something but when he runs I always get the feeling of one of those cheerleader skirts lol, it's kinda cute.

  19. I'll always prefer you enjoy the game how you want. However I incredibly recommend that you greatly limit yourself to one or two small yellow side quests in between your main scenario quest and your job quests. As you've already seen you will be incredibly overwhelmed with all these small quest that don't push the story forward and don't give you a lot of experience. They help fill in some of the world building ,but they can be done at any time on many of the other jobs you'll want to try out as you level up .so there's no urgency to do them absolutely right now.

    Contrary to a lot of the memes, this game does not take a lot of hours for it to get good. They released a patch a few months ago to drastically change speed in which you level in progress through the story to make it a much more smooth experience. Basically sticking to the main story in your job quest allow you to progress through almost all of the base game without any grinding so any side quests you want to do are for your own curiosity.

  20. So a few fun tips to do with the interface…
    – You can click the blue text in the quest list to bring up the map, centred on the quest destination.
    – For quests that ask you to use an item on something, you can hit the item's icon that appears in the quest list text while targeting the object, rather than right-click interacting the object to bring up key items and right-clicking the item to use it.
    – When the map shows the entrances to adjacent zones highlighted in a window with the green quest clear icon next to it, that means the interaction that finishes the quest is in that adjacent zone, rather than where that icon happens to fall on your map (it's part of the text, not the map, basically.)
    – When a quest clear screen has the "Complete" button greyed-out and has some rewards under a bit labelled "Options," you have to pick one of the Options before it will let you complete the quest. It wasn't loading, it's just making sure you don't walk away empty-handed. This one is something you'll have to learn real good because later quests [and some mandatory quests at that!] give you level-relevant gear via that system.

  21. If you do all the yellow quests that you see you might get burned out quickly about the pacing of stuff, so here is a summary about the different types of quests available on this game:

    – MSQ (Main Scenario Quests): Basically EVERYTHING in this game is locked behind this. Since this is a story based game, if you fight a boss it's because the story lead you to it, and the same goes to most content in the game going from unlocking mounts to dungeons and such. This quests are the main source of EXP for your first class/job in the game, and you can get to max level by basically only doing those. Imagine the MSQ as a single player game that once in a while you do some multiplayer content by following a story which, by the end of it, you are presented with a lvl 80 character on an MMO's endgame.

    – Blue quests: Those are optional quests that unlock something, and usually that thing is a really good thing like a new dungeon, a new place to go and such. You should do those when you want to sidetrack from the MSQ first, since they also unlock good stuff. Your JOB/CLASS quests are also blue and appear on your top left UI, and should be seen as important as the MSQ itself, because they do make your character better by unlocking new skills as well.

    – Yellow quests: The most optional content. You do those only if you want to, and they usually don't give must have rewards, and usually have a good lore expansion bits and give you some itens and emotes for example.

    So you may focus on the MSQ and your job quests if you plan on evolving the story in the game, and do the other blue quests if you want something to unlock. Do the yellow quests if you just want to do those but never do yellow quests if your main goal is to evolve your character/story with items/exp or you might get frustrated with it.

  22. i have one character with almost everything at lv 80 and am playing through the story on a second character. i haven't done any of the yellow quests since i started out probably lol. but honestly it's really interesting to learn what's going on in limsa lominsa

  23. Just in case you were curious about why they made you go down the elevator instead if just walking out: every new character starts out in a small solo instance of their starting location, you needed to leave by elevator to get out of it. In uldah and gridania their adventures guild is in the main part of the city so it's less noticeable.

  24. Man, they really need to put up signs to tell you how optional the optional sidequests are. You really don't need to do any quest that isn't listed in the upper left had corner or is purple colored. All those yellow markers? Comepletely useless outside of some minor lore, which is vastly overshadowed by the main sequence quests. They don't even level you quickly. Crafting is also rather optional, it's mostly just good for making money instead of bleeding it. But you'll probably have enough gil to pay an omni crafter to make you what you need by the time you actually need crafted gear. Really, all the good stuff in ff14 is the main sequence quests, which, while they start out as fetch quests for the first day, quickly get better as you approach the heavensward expansion.

  25. Just for the fun voices later on, I think the goblin noises when they talk are supposed to be like the Darth Vader breathing noises because the goblins wear a kinda respirator thing on their heads.

  26. i’m glad you’re playing this! i’ve always been interested but don’t have the time/capacity to actually delve into it so watching you flip through menus and dialogues really lets me experience the game vicariously


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