WoW Refugee Reviews FFXIV A Realm Reborn | A Fantastic 72 hour Journey

Been having a blast playing FFXIV!! Might start becoming a problem if it’s not one already! XD

0:00 Intro
2:25 Questing
7:00 Dungeons
13:11 Story
16:33 Class Identity
21:42 Community
29:57 Summary/Conclusion

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32 thoughts on “WoW Refugee Reviews FFXIV A Realm Reborn | A Fantastic 72 hour Journey”

  1. Aight, you've been heard I swear!

    1st ► I understand that the reason Vets hazard newbies about ARR is because before a particular patch there were 100+ quests you had to do before Heavensward which are not there anymore. I've got it, know you've been heard and thank you for the info!

    2nd ► I know, I suck at playing SAM! I just started grinding the class cut me some slack lol, I've taken your corrections and tips to heart and will exorcise them going forward.
    Iaijutsu: 1. DoT | 2. AoE | 3. Big Chungus Single Target attack

    Glad everyone seems to be enjoying the video and engaging me in the comments, glad to see it 😁

  2. ARR has the unfortunate position of being a relic of the game’s horrible horrible beginning and miraculous recovery and being wholly designed for the PS3 era
    I’ve played through it twice before the 5.3 cut and thrice after the cut
    The trim is absolutely wonderful, I often find myself trying to remember what exactly was cut from where since it wastes your time far less often
    But that doesn’t spare it from being endlessly compared to Heavensward directly after, and the same fate befell Stormblood, being the expansion to follow up Heavensward and predate Shadowbringers, making its own flaws ever more glaring to the more veteran-y playerbase that seem to be set on beating the dead horse

  3. I'm a wow refugee as well. I am still in the ARR story but I have to agree with you. I was prepping myself mentally for a slog. But I had come to the conclusion most of those people hadn't played through wow story. As somebody who used to be really into wow lore, I read through everything. I actually think their later expansions they deliver the story better through the quests, so its not 100% worthless reading wow quests. However the story has gone in a direction I no longer enjoy so shadowlands has kind of kicked my interest out.

    Ff14, is better at delivering the story from what I've seen so far. The story isn't very dry and is pretty fun.

    I will say I have to disagree on the level scaling choice. I really don't like losing abilities if I play a lower level dungeon. I think wow does that better with letting you keep everything but scaling your power down. I also wish there were more race options.

    Haven't gotten to endgame so can't compare them yet myself. But honestly everything else I've experienced I think I enjoy more in ff14.

  4. I think FFXIV vets have the opposite of rose tinted glasses because of how much BETTER things get from here on. I still love Realm Reborn (played through it 4 times now) for all the groundwork and worldbuilding it does that will be huge later on.

    I do think we do it a disservice with how much we warn people of it being a slog. We're trying to set expectations a little low (after all, the Sylphs and "Tidus" banquet are slow points, as is the post ARR patch content despite all being important for later) so people don't expect critical acclaim out of the gate, but we go a little too heavy handed.

    8/10 for story on A Realm Reborn. Fasten your seatbelt and hold on to your butt going forward!

  5. Really? They don't say hi or gg in dungeons? They are toxic to each other. How is it fun running a dungeon when everyone is toxic. The most toxic player I ran into in ff14 was someone saying I should use the party finder for titan extreme. The trial ended in failure. I tried again a couple days later and we got thru it after 45 mins. I felt so satisfied after I did it.

  6. I run copperbell mines because it's it's fav and first time I learned of mechanics outside of fights. I run it in hopes I get noobs so I can lead them as a tank to some of the hidden chest.

  7. The way I see is that ARR is 8/10, HW is 10/10, StB is 9/10, and ShB is 11/10.

    So while ARR is the "worst of the bunch", 8 is a pretty good score, but in comparison, it just look less polished than the rest.

  8. funny enough…sometimes I have conversations that go beyond the end of the dungeon…..just hanging around at the final chest area and just talk…whether it be an information transfer to a new player or just general chit chat LOL For me, it's common courtesy to at least say hello and thanks 🙂 I've been playing FFXIV over 6 years and that common courtesy is always there. The way i see it as do many others that "we've all been where you are and we're willing to answer questions you may have". Aside from the fact that folks knew the old ARR before the culling of quests, there seems to be maybe a generalization (maybe unfounded) that "WoW players just want to kill things rather than read story" whereas the FFXIV story is really the meat of the game. The battles are important to but it's not the main focus. They are used to enhance the story.

  9. I've been playing FFXIV for about five years, and I have had exactly two (2) toxic encounters from random groups in that entire time, whereas toxic encounters in WoW seemed like a daily/weekly thing.

  10. new to ff14, one best moments for me was when I was doing some MSQ and having a hard time on monsters spawning fast before I can collect the Item the. some random Healer saw me (by the way I a gladiator) then this healer player just came to me started doing his healing to me while I kill the many monsters after I got the item I thank him… it was just a stranger and helping some random stranger..

  11. I'm generally a casual player who doesn't really do raiding beyond what's necessary for story, but I'm an "omnicrafter" (fully leveled all crafters/gatherers) just because I wanted to see all the crafting/gathering storylines (and have multiple combat classes levels up for the same reason and want to do them all at some point – the only ones I don't have at like 60+ now are Paladin and Dragoon).

  12. Probably my only real gripe with FF14 is that it feels like the classes (particularly DPS classes) are just a coat of paint over a stream of numbers (early on I didn't feel this way, but after playing a while it's like the illusion disappears). That's obviously true for nearly all MMO classes, but the one thing I'll grant WoW (and a game like GW2 or ESO from what I recall) is that there's more "mechanical variety" to class abilities. In FF14 it's mostly just different animations and particle effects + numbers. This also means that PvP is much better in WoW (though I don't really care much about PvP).

    I think this means that FF14 is much better balanced (there aren't really any "bad jobs" or jobs that are "meta" to the point that you're forced to play them), but this combined with the fact that all equipment are effectively just "stat sticks" makes stuff like getting good gear feel less interesting (though "good-looking" gear is still great).

  13. The main thing everyone needs to keeep in mind about the SLOG we talked baout for 2.0 ARR they updated the leveling process you level up faster and there was a reduction of about 15% in grindy pointless quests.

  14. i love ARR even when it was current before the expansions existed.

    Also that Satasha Hard dungeon boss fight against first boss Karlabos. Boss drops a dot on everybody then later drops their HP to 1 and the dot tick finishes them off. The healer is suppose to remove the dot debuff with Esuna, they didn't do that ever so y'all kept dying lmao. Removable debuffs have a white line above their icon. As a LV50+ healer they should know that by now O.o

  15. The wineport main quests made me laugh at one point. Just when I was starting to feel bored with it, the little lalafel basically said: "Yeah I know you're probably getting annoyed/bored with this but…" I had a good chuckle and instantly felt better about it. They come off really human and relateable at times. The cursing, slurring talk of drunken Liminsans and sailor types never failed to amuse me, as well.

    I was totally blown away by the profession quest lines!! No other mmo has made something like fishing so enjoyable! And now im a week in and I'm totally into sort of roleplaying this Roegadyn marauder who's a fishing, woodcutting, botanist, carpenter dude in his spare time! Funnily enough it was the marauder guild intro that made me think of going into woodcutting on the side, haha! What fun!

    I picked Marauder from the beginning because of the sort of pirate aesthetic; the class fantasy. I love the idea of a guy just fresh off the boat, ready for new adventures!

  16. FFXIV players are definitely spoiled by the content that comes later. A Realm Reborn is actually pretty good for an MMO story. Not mindblowing, but better than most other MMOs. Even though I played through it before they revamped the pacing and removed a bunch of quests, it was still interesting and fun. Long-time FFXIV players trash ARR so much because the story gets so much better in the expansions.

  17. As someone that started 2 months ago, yes, they downplay ARR a bit too much. But more than that they WAY over hype HW. The only expansion that I would call "amazing" is Shb. In HW I never felt inclined to save Ishgard. I enjoyed Stb more since it had parts that I cared for but it gets dragged down by the rest so both are only 7/10. Sure that's quite good compared to the 5/10 that is ARR but not deserving of the mountain of praise they get.

  18. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! I hope you enjoy Samurai as it can be some of the hardest hitting damage as a DPS.

    That healer being a curebot during the majority of your dungeon footage made me panicked so much.

  19. The EXP required to get through ARR was nerfed A LOT. I used to have to do the MSQ, every single sidequest, AND grind fates for a while just to level up enough to get the next MSQ. I basically fate grinded for 2 days to get from 45 to 50. Then the 2.X patch quests were long, boring, and sometimes just straight up insulting.

    I also just did not like the ARR story at all and hated the voice acting. Heavensward onwards was and is just such a massive improvement over ARR.

  20. Yes, we're spoiled and by slow/slog/grind it's in comparison to everything that came after in FFXIV. ARR's story, even in it's initial form. Still probably beat 80% of the MMO out there.

  21. If you enjoyed what ARR has to offer, oh boy, you're in for a treat.
    This was my first MMO that I actually pushed to end-game with. ARR at the time was something new for me and I loved it all. Then Heavensward came out… Man like what the hell how do you tell a story like that in an MMO and it only gets better and better. Then you compare all the expansions, all the stories to ARR and as a veteran you go "uuuugh, wouldn't want to experience THAT again". I guess we really are spoiled. But for you that only means you have A LOT to look forward to.
    Enjoy the game! It's real good, even if you stick around just for the story.


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