What your favourite FFXIV CONTENT CREATOR says about you PART 3 !


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@MegastarFFXIV – https://www.youtube.com/@MegastarFFXIV

Ever wondered what your preference in Final Fantasy XIV content creators reveals about you? 🎮 Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of FFXIV fandom and explore the personalities behind the screens! From the lore aficionados to the raid masters, each content creator attracts a unique audience with diverse tastes and interests. Discover what your choice says about your playstyle, your love for the game’s lore, or even your fashion sense in Eorzea! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, this video is sure to entertain and enlighten. Tune in to find out if you’re a savage raider, a glam guru, or a roleplay extraordinaire!

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15 thoughts on “What your favourite FFXIV CONTENT CREATOR says about you PART 3 !”

  1. I have been made aware that Megastar has returned to his Lalafell routes…I cannot confirm nor deny whether he in fact woke up with a popoto in his bed. And HEY im getting better at talking slower !

  2. I mean, I like your stuff but I can try to hate if you want:

    Your pantsless stance makes you look like an eternal baby with the fashion taste of a yaoi fangirl who peaked on DeviantArt in the early 2000s. You sound like a Glaswegian who decided to spike his meth with Redbull, coffee, and Monster just to see if he could hold off that heart attack-stroke combo until their next shift at that Wonka bullshit was up. Not surprised you like Cox, only surprised you got off of them long enough to make this video. Great job. Unless you were in daddy's lap the whole time, then compliment retracted.

    Really though, none of that is serious. You make fun videos, and I genuinely hope you make it to 1mil. You deserve it.


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