What YOUR Favorite FFXIV Expansion Says About YOU

In this video I will be talking about what your favorite FFXIV expansion says about you. It’s fine if your favorite is not socially accepted as one of the better expansions, what matters is that you love and enjoy it.

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Songs used:
FFXIV – Vamo alla Flamenco
FFXIV – Prelude
FFXIV – Ravana Theme – The Hand that Gives the Rose
FFXIV – Force Your Way
FFXIV – Endwalker Theme
Qumu – Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Galaxy Remix
Husky by the Geek – FFXIV Dawntrail Song (Guitar)

00:00 Intro
01:17 Stuff after intro lol
03:01 A Realm Reborn
03:48 Heavensward
04:51 Stormblood
06:30 Shadowbringers
07:55 Endwalker
10:08 Dawntrail
10:30 Buhbye


15 thoughts on “What YOUR Favorite FFXIV Expansion Says About YOU”

  1. hard to choose between shadowbringers and endwalker but i think im on the cryfest that was endwalker. hard to describe the feeling i get in my gut/eyes when I hear the song that plays when you started talking about endwalker.

  2. Shadowbringers > Endwalker > Stormblood > Heavensward > ARR.

    Those are my preferred ones.

    The parts with Emet Selch are my favorites because in Shadowbringers you started off hating him, then fell in love with him and then in Endwalker you didn't want to see him go.😭

  3. Stormblood was easily the best expansion for everything outside of MSQ. Combat was at its best and we got a ton of great fights and interesting content. SHB has the best story but was a massive stepback in every other way as a game.

  4. Definitely SB for me. While it might had the weakest MSQ, everything else made up for and then some. The Trials were unique, the zones are beautiful, Jobs actually felt different from each other. SE gave us the best post-game experience with the Alliance and 8 man being fun but yet challenging. Eureka wasn't the best on release but got better over time.

  5. ShB cause I am a DRK main. But Stormblood was up there because it was different. I mean hey, I play Gran Turismo the most "boring" racing game but I enjoy it.

    I like Stormblood for the content it offers. The music was great and the journey was nice. The post patch story is objectively better than the main story that came before but I still had fun.

  6. For story, for me it's Endwalker > Shadowbringers(To choose between Shadowbringers and Endwalker is NOT an easy choice for me, I enjoyed the both of their MSQs all the same) > Heavensward > Stormblood > ARR

    Gameplay though, Shadowbringers > Stormblood > Endwalker > Heavensward > ARR. I'll admit I may be a little bias to putting ShB and SB at the top, but it's cause we got Eureka and Bozja, both pieces of content I thoroughly enjoy(Yes, even Pagos). While Stormblood's MSQ I found to be a bit of a miss coming off of the high that was Heavensward until post – Stormblood which is where I got really invested into the rest of Stormblood, it made up for it with gameplay.

  7. I’m one of those people who loved Stormblood the most, and no, not just for the post-patch content. While I agree that Shadowbringers objectively has the stronger story of any of the expansions, Stormblood just hit different for me. And I do think it was better than Heavensward.

  8. Honestly, I loved Stormblood (for context I joined during 5.2). As a Monk main (and was running Ninja as a back-up to not out level the MSQ on Monk), the story hit me hard. It felt like I was fighting for my character's home and led to me creating a headcanon backstory for said character where she WAS fighting to reclaim her home. So, I would rank StB over ShB because of the connection I felt to it via Calistie and her story.

    Endwalker's story is so good and honestly I didn't expect it to force me to look my depression in the eyes and make it blink. (The Endsinger fight specifically as Metion's words were what I have heard in my head for 25 years now.)

  9. I just finished Stormblood (about to start the post patch content) and man, it was bad…
    It started out alright with everything building up in Ala Mhigo. Then, we went to Doma and it all started to crumble for me. I was intrigued for a bit, but the MSQ quests got so incredibly tedious. It felt like I was back to grinding in ARR. And I never felt like the story I was working toward was relevant to what was going on in Ala Mhigo. I took a 5 month break because I was so burned out. Finally came back and finished it. It wasn't as bad once I got back to Ala Mhigo. The ending was fine. I'm exciting for what's next because apparently the post SB content leading up to SHB is really good.

    That being said, what Stormblood lacked that Heavensward had was a cohesive story and characters I grew to care about. I literally could care less about what happened to anyone that I got introduced to in Stormblood. But in Heavensward, House Fortemps came to feel like I was visiting my second family's home. Estinien really became such a cool character as he developed and I look forward to seeing more from him. And Ysale will forever be a memorable character that I wish I could have gotten more of.

    HW >>>>>> SB.

    The rest I still have to play. 🙂


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