What To Sell Now for Patch 6.4! Big Sales, Mistakes, Presets + | FFXIV Gilmaking Guides

Hello everyone! Today I want to go over what to sell right now since patch 6.4 has dropped, what to hold off on, some of my mistakes, and of course wins, info about patch 6.5 and onward!

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💎 Chapters 💎

00:0000:35 – Intro

00:35 – Primer

01:10 – What’s Selling Good Right Now?

07:46 – Longterm Sales And What’s Good Later

09:48 – Biggest Sales Saddlebag Exchange Preset

11:36 – My Mistakes

13:11 – Closing thoughts and Thanks

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9 thoughts on “What To Sell Now for Patch 6.4! Big Sales, Mistakes, Presets + | FFXIV Gilmaking Guides”

  1. I wonder if some of the materia prices are out of whack because this is 6.4. I'd imagine they were much higher in say 6.1 or 6.2 as not everyone has had a year casually stocking up on them. Hopefully they rise again next week!

  2. not having to deal with bots or a huge amount of crafters from public macros has been great. i invested around 6m in solutions, aethersands, and level 86-90 intermediates (inspiration from your previous 6.4 prep video) and made over 50m in the first day mostly from intermediates and weapons. the best things for me were the str/dex/etc alkahests, which were selling all the time ay 80k+ for a while and they didnt need any tomestone mats to craft. the prices have crashed hard to under a fourth of what they were, but im glad i got the chance to take advantage of it

  3. Nice video, always informative and chill 🙂 Went for the high end Diadochos crafting but its a bit stressful to be paying out for all the tome mats hoping for the big sales. Getting some but I have to keep manually adjusting prices which is a pain. Going back to craft some Indagator stuff to see if that will sell faster. Probably will skip the big ticket items next time and just go for intermediaries to take the edge off of the rush stress.

  4. Another great video, thank you! 🙂 I've made 32 mil thus far from selling raw mats and crafting intermediates. However, I've barely sold any outside furniture and have over 600 items stockpiled on my retainers… xD Mostly trees, large garden ponds, wooden decks, etc. Maybe they'll sell better closer to the weekend as more people get into island sanctuary (I hope)!


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